Trials of Life – Do Not Give Up!

Trials of Life! Do Not Give Up!

My Late Mother PBUH and My Father PBUH Dream!

My Most Vivid Dream!

Asalaam Aleikum!

Yesterday I had a very tearful crying weepy dream of my late Father and Mother Allah Rahimuun!

Before the Zanzibar Bloody Revolution 12 January 1964 I was chosen to go to Form 1 Standard Nine in King George The Sixth 6 Secondary School in Zanzibar! The announcement was made on Friday January 10 1964 – and 2 days later The First African Ethnic Cleansing Bloody Revolution came!

My name was removed because they thought I was Royal Family because my number was 102 and I just used Majid Said as my name!

Later on in March I returned to Mafia Island Chole Tanzania to my old school Aga Khan School where I had to repeat Class 8 because Tanganyika did not recognise I had passed on to Secondary School in Zanzibar.
My Headmaster P S Rangar Singh told me he had tried hard but can only be alllowed to repeat Class 8 despite syllabus being different to Zanzibar.

I was reluctant to repeat Class 8 but in the end had to just give up!

On the day I went back to class 8 – I had cried very much and my heart was broken! My Mother Allah Rahmah hugged me crying with me!had  I was surprised that even my Father cried too in his own way!

Next day I started to repeat my class 8 in Mafia. Al Hamdu Lillah with flying colours – I had passed my Final Exams and went to Form 1 in Dar es Salaam – Commercial Capital of Tanzania!

The rest is history!

Yesterday night Subhanna Allah was Repeat Scene of that night of my crying!

I do not know what dreams really mean – but just to say Al Hamdu Lillah!


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