Trials of Life – Do Not Give Up!

Trials of Life! Do Not Give Up!

My Late Mother PBUH and My Father PBUH Dream!

My Most Vivid Dream!

Asalaam Aleikum!

Yesterday I had a very tearful crying weepy dream of my late Father and Mother Allah Rahimuun!

Before the Zanzibar Bloody Revolution 12 January 1964 I was chosen to go to Form 1 Standard Nine in King George The Sixth 6 Secondary School in Zanzibar! The announcement was made on Friday January 10 1964 – and 2 days later The First African Ethnic Cleansing Bloody Revolution came!

My name was removed because they thought I was Royal Family because my number was 102 and I just used Majid Said as my name!

Later on in March I returned to Mafia Island Chole Tanzania to my old school Aga Khan School where I had to repeat Class 8 because Tanganyika did not recognise I had passed on to Secondary School in Zanzibar.
My Headmaster P S Rangar Singh told me he had tried hard but can only be alllowed to repeat Class 8 despite syllabus being different to Zanzibar.

I was reluctant to repeat Class 8 but in the end had to just give up!

On the day I went back to class 8 – I had cried very much and my heart was broken! My Mother Allah Rahmah hugged me crying with me!had  I was surprised that even my Father cried too in his own way!

Next day I started to repeat my class 8 in Mafia. Al Hamdu Lillah with flying colours – I had passed my Final Exams and went to Form 1 in Dar es Salaam – Commercial Capital of Tanzania!

The rest is history!

Yesterday night Subhanna Allah was Repeat Scene of that night of my crying!

I do not know what dreams really mean – but just to say Al Hamdu Lillah!


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Make time for the Children (Grandchildren)!

Make time for the Children (Grandchildren)!

Today I was so busy compiling my files for presentation for a case being made against me. It is immaterial that the case is old and defunct and that it is about a situation facing my Consultancy that went bankrupt 15 years ago in 2001 but still being hunted and being pursued because those involved can do so!

As you might have noticed I have upset and annoyed quite a large number of people by my Truthful Honest Writings in my books and in my Columns … which were killed off anyway 2 years ago after running for 12 years! Some of these people are rich and pwerful and want to draw blood from a stone and put me in my place as unrecognised marginalised diminished and with no status and using full force of the laws against people like us to be put in our place!

You rocked the boat and you washed the dirty linen in public and refused to push the dirt under the carpet!

How long these things will go on with The Old Guards joint with The Mafias carry on? You are a better Judge than me anyway!

My grandaugter came to the house brought by her Father but I had no time for her. She was visibly upset saying Babu Grandfather I want to play with you … and I was so occupied and put her away to go watch cartoons TV in another room.

I talk about Angry Quick pass sentences Judge and here I drive away my daughter without hearing her!

If God Allah Repriminded Prophet Daud David who am I to do exactly what David Daud RA did! Or even The Judge?

I still feel awful to have been a bad not hearing Grandfather. I took Early Retirement after I upset my young daughter shouting at her because she wanted a Compas Box .. she lost one I had bought for her one day before!

I realised then I was a bad man and Father … and it was all pressures of work … because they were making me again to report formally to who was my Assistant and whom I had just promoted myself one year back.

Again to punish because I dared open my mouth and fight for The Youth in Omanisation Recruitment Training and Development. In my own way – there would have been no need for the Panic Button as is now the case!

10 years after Retirement the punishments still come through and I again appeal To Those With Consciences to stop these ugly games trying to find excuses to hurt maim and pain!

I am sorry anyway now … and now more to my Grandaughter Sibel … I have been a Bad Grandfather… but no excuses pressures again.

Sincere Apologies

Majid Al Suleimany

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Last Image – As I was in Acute Medicine Intensive Care Unit ICU in Coma State Royal Hospital December 2015 to January 2016.

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The Holy Prophet Dream! Or Was It Just Coma Related?

In Coma & After Coma Images!

Coma Majid  After Coma

The Prophet Dream! – Or Was It Just Coma Related?

The story is true! One has been careful in relating to sensitive and in Religious issues! I am a Religious Observing person. In addition to this. I do not drink, smoke – or tell lies! Those who know me well can authenticate and confirm on this!
Only Allah God Knows best in such things – As it is said – To Him we had come – and to him we shall return! Ameen Amen!

The good wife I had told her the story afterwards – and she told me you murmured something to the extent whilst in your coma – as she was in trying to comfort me!

Truthfully, the mind is known to wander during a coma incident!

Some may be dismal and just tell you! These things do not really happen! Your imagination has just run wild! Or you must have dreamt the whole thing yourself only! No it was real! – saying more to myself than anybody else! If not worse of accusing you of manipulation, lies, deceit – and even blasphemy!

I had just kept quiet! What is the use? Who will believe me anyway? That this really had happened – and the Great Prophet PBUH actually did come to me? In my coma?

He had actually come to me – Asalaam Aleikum! Peace Be Upon You! The normal Islamic greeting! I am The Nabii – I am (The) Prophet Mohammad! SAW! PBUH! He kissed me on both cheeks! He then told me – Do not be afraid! I can confirm to you – Nothing will ever happen to you – Unless Allah SWT Allows it to happen to you! So remain steadfast – Be strong and Be The Believer Always! Have full faith and trust in Allah SWT only!

All your life you have spent helping people! Fighting for their rights! Seeing you give them their rights – and or helping them as best as you can! All these people are praying for you today! So have faith – and just Do Not Be Afraid!

He then disappeared. I was coughing up –and staring around! He woke up – The Omani young Nurse shouted to the Doctors!

Actually one time during the coma – The first question I had asked – in opening my eyes – and looking around! Why is everyone crying? Have I died? The good Indian nurse told me – Go back to sleep! Do not distress yourself!

About two days later I woke up from the coma! The Doctors and nurses were all around me! My good wife was there too!

Everyone I had told the story started to cry! Some could not take it – they went out from my bed crying! After being moved to the lesser than ICU ward!

Do you believe me? It is up to you! I have A Story To Tell! And I am speaking The Truth Only!

Who could have imagined that the dirtiest part of the products of your body – your blocked urine – could end you in enlarged prostate and threatened kidneys – one swollen and to about to rupture? To even ICU?

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Majid Al Suleimany

February 23, 2016