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Open Letter To Linkedin Management

Open Letter To Linkedin Management

Dear Sirs;

I am writing to you as a longtime member of Linkedin. As I am now a Retired Pensioner, I have no need of Premium Membership but just kept myself at Ordinary Membership.

I am looking at Posts in Linkedin, and I see that some are even worse than what you can find in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc. I myself had posted items in LinkedIn, which were turned down by even Facebook!

Facebook and even Instagram have on line Regulators who even if the post was made would either cover it up with the option of The Viewer to either open it, after the caution has been made, or move on to other posts!

There are many posts like religious based that Facebook will not entertain. Linkedin on the other hand rely more on a Complaint Reporting System, which to your credit really works. As soon as the commplaint is raised, the offending article is removed.

I received a ‘Personal Attack’ by one purported to be an Omani Engineer HB yesterday. He went on in tirades attacking me on a very personal level of ‘My Failures’.

Anyway, it is upto oneself what you think about someone, his successes, his failures etc. You are entitled to your opinion, but when you express it in a public media, that is something else, completely different!

I could have copied down the insult and report it to The Cybercrime Division of The ROP Royal Oman Police ROP and register a case against this HG in Linkedin.

You are entitled to your opinion what you think of someone, whatever! But it is something else different to put it down in Social Media.

If I had reported this to The Royal Oman Police, he could face both jail and a prison sentence.

Even if you say you were annoyed that the person was complaining to someone else and that person was not all praises of names mentioned by the so called Author of a New Book on Entrepreneurship!

The complaint was more based on ommission of my name as an Omani Author Writer and Columnis – and not on a personal individual attack!

I reported the case anyway after asking HR People I know of the supposed place the person was working in Oman. They do not recognise the name anyway.

The English level used is of a high level and standard, which are few Omanis have, unless educated trained abroad or is a Common User of The Language.

That leads to the suspicion that the Writer might be a Foreigner, for all sets of purposes in supporting the New Author also a Foreigner, with a high best seller book! Wishing him all the best!

Incidentally, the same person had sent me an inmail looking for help for a jobin Oman, as his Company was going down under!

Most importantly, you can also support someone without a need of insulting another person – albeit he also being a Senior Person by Age and Profession. Which is alien to The Omani values, customs, traditions, heritage and culture – which leads more to the suspicion that a foreign link either abroad or in Oman.

I have personally taken it in stride to defend my fellow Muslims in especially Kashmir and in India with its Race Relations Act which does not recognise or acknowledge Muslim Minority.

Thus I am a Marked Man by these individuals.

I suggest that Linkedin start to impose stringent measures to remove and reject all posts which are

Religion based
Race, Tribe, Sect based
National Ancestry, Ethnicity based
Personal Grandisement, Recognition and Acknowledgement which are not beneficial to anyone else except the person himself only! The only person who is at advantage is the person who posts it!
These posts can go to Facebook and others.

These are some of my suggestions and recommendations.

I would like to remind all Linkedin Members that The Authorities are now looking at Linkedin also!

In the past they concentrated more on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

They are no longer asking – What is this Linkedin? People like HG please take note! Now before it is too late for us all!

Linkedin, please also allow more space and words.

Best Wishes and Regards

Majid Al Suleimany




In Memorium – Late Marehem Dr. Samir Al Kharusi RIP!

In Memorium – Late Marehem Dr. Samir Al Kharusi RIP!


Images – Late Dr. Samir Al Kharusi

It was around Maghrib Salaat Time Tuesday 18th February 2020 that I heard of The Short WhatsApp Message saying –

Breaking News!

Dr. Samir Kharusi Ex PDO Director has just now died! No further details received yet!

Then followed a string of other messages from different people – some giving conflicting messages on the place and time of the funeral!

In my mind, I thought if Late Marehem saw these kind of messages he would have been upset, because he was a Stickler for details, information and efficiency! He saw that not only within himself but also all those that worked under him!  Even in his private life!

I worked with Marehem Dr. Samir Kharusi Allah Rahmah when he was transferred to Administration then in PDO Petroleum Development Oman – and later as Human Resources.

We were the First Team to visit SQU Colleges etc. to recuit encourage support and develop Omani Youth.

Under him Omanisation was at its highest even in comparison to today. I am talking here of Real Omanisation where actually Omanis took over from Expatriates with definite concrete well laid out plans .

Most importantly, without compromising and also maintaining Company Efficiency Quality and Standards.

I personally have great respects and esteem for him because he was a straight forward person direct and without mincing his words. He was a sincere genuine person – with a good heart – though sometimes he was too brazen and direct – and something we still have to learn to and adjust in our Society!

We are used to nice sugary coating before the bitter pill – but he will come direct to pill – which some people hated and loathed! Unalike his some of his contemporaries who were plain rude and arrogant – and until today 30 years since I had left the place, though I have forgiven – but I have never forgotten to this very day!

Then there were some of his contemporaries who were polite and gentle in words – but simply plain bad and evil in intention and in action

I give him Special Credit and Recognition for breaking up The Expatriate Mafias then with links to the Old Guards who were targeting Omanis especially if you were vocal.

Of course he had enemies within The System and Outside who did NOT want rapid Omanisation under him. He also inadvertantly upset those Omanis who did not like his direct approach labelling it as plain rudeness.

Out of all The Omani Directors in PDO then if there was a Popularity Contest he would have won easily without any doubt.

One time I was joking with him when he wanted a Personal File (Staff Personnel) of one lady Staff – I joked him and said – so the rumours are true – you have fallen in love with this girl! That was the only time I found him bashful and silent! He married the girl later on!

Yes he was also particular for money details! Like one time I asked him for his donation for an Expatriate Staff leaving! I told him I am collecting 20 Rials for Senior Staff and 5 Rials for Junior Staff! I thought he was joking – but he was dead serious! Take the 5 Rials – and get out from here! I am not giving more than 5 Rials – whether Omani or Expatriate! 🙂

At one time when I had approached him to ask him about my due deserved promotion – which were given to other colleagues but me! He told me brazenly – your Top Boss will not promote you – he hates your guts and ‘your big vocal mouth’ – what will 43 Rials add to your life! Go back and work – Leave it to Allah SWT!

He was extremely upset and said when I told him I had decided to opt for Early Enhanced Retirement instead as they have refused to promote me! He told me openly brazenly – you are making a big mistake in your life and to go for this. Also not the right time to go into business now! He was also owner of some businesses.

Long after my Company collapsed and I went into writing he teased me – finally you got into your hobby of writing! The Society is still not used to writing like you do – especially when you are complaining – or writing on things beyond your time!

He was  keen in Astrophotography, watching the stars – the ones in the skies! – he coyly remarked to outsiders! 🙂

check these sites

Others in Google

He was always against Favouritism – even within his own scope as then the Elites in PDO (The famous Airline Thing!)!!!

He always urged the students to be especially good in English – Oral, Writing and in Speech – so you can remove the ‘excuse’ of you not being recruited!

A colleague who worked intensively with him remarked to me –

RIP –  Inah Lillahi Wa Innah Ilayhi Rajioon.

From Allah we come; and unto Allah we all will return!

Very sad news indeed. Unlike his contemporaries during his tenure in PDO, Samir was genuine, sincere albeit openly direct at times to a point of this aspect of his behaviour often being construed as abject rudeness. And yet, paradoxically, at the back of his chest was a truly golden heart. What he did to foster and accelerate Omanisation in PDO is cherished by many and the tireless effort he exerted on this noble cause, will be one of his greatest legacies. May his soul rest in peace in Jannat Naeem, Amin


My wife Safiya Khalil Al Suleimany was his Executive Secretary in PDO for a number of years before he too went for Early Enhanced Retirement

One time I used to complain bitterly in The Social Media! The type of person he is showing exterior perhaps not to care – but inside burning for you in care – he called me asking me

What happened to The Guy I used to know who was always laughing with a good sense of humour? Why are you so sad unhappy and bitter! Enjoy your life – your family and your health – get away from things you can never change in life! Be that happy person, again!

If I had only listened to him! Regrets! Regrets! Maybe I would not be so sick and ailing now with all the complications and ailments! It is not too late – anyway! Maybe this will wake me from the deep sleep and doldrums!

If you Google  Samir Kharusi – you will get more stories about him – and some which he writes candidly openly about his life, aspirations, hobbies – his life as a Student (tough life!) and his Retirement Life! He decided to reside in Barkah near Yasmeen Garden because he ‘wanted a quiet life away from the chaos, hassles and traffic of Muscat City!

May Allah Rest his soul in Eternal Peace in This World and The Next, Remove from him The Punishment of The Grave, and Open For Him Janaat Al Firdaus AMEEN AMEN


With Sincere Genuine Apologies To All

Majid Al Suleimany




Pensioners and Retirees Need Medical Insurance Cover!

Pensioners and Retirees Need Medical Insurance Cover!

Between Us Only!

22nd August 2019

It is understood that the Pensioners and Retirees that are mainly in PASI have No Medical Insurance Cover. The Writer stands corrected if it is otherwise!

I think it was Pervez Musharraf ex Pakistan President who had said that peoples need more on food, housing and shelter more than anything else compared to high rise buildings big projects and infrastructure etc.

It is well established that these Pensioners and Retirees have been loyal dedicated contributors to the Nation building and Renaissance as to what it is today! There is a famous saying that in a house where the Elder is respected and treated well, then there will come blessings to that house! It is also well established that the Pensioners and Retirees pre 2014 are suffering now to make ends meet – as there have been articles by others also on the very same pertinent point!

With a few exceptions like PDO, Defence etc. where Pensioners and Retirees can still get full Medical attention – but that too there are some few differences in some of the places in comparison to the still working Regular Staff! But even here it is being understood and that in some places are limited only to the Staff – and not his family!

It is true that like places in PDO, they have gone a long way of taking care of The Pensioners and Retirees by giving them equal facilities, services and treatment in The Company Hospitals – and can be referred to outside hospitals for Specialist Diagnosis and Treatment – but this is an exception to the rule – where many other Retirees and Pensioners are not so lucky! The PDO Pensioners and Retirees have to be grateful with the services being provided – with weekly Consultants in different areas of medicine and fields visiting the main Company Hospital in Mina Al Fahal.

The truth is that in the same instance in a few years down the line and in the other places where these things are not there, the same staff will face the same situation and circumstances – poetic it be for those now managing, monitoring and administering the policies and procedures!

People cannot afford The Private Hospitals with hidden costs in diagnosis and even in treatment – and going abroad is even costlier and expensive – and only few people can afford to do so!

With also now the stricter processes of admission in Emergency sections in Public Hospitals – and longer queues that can be seen and for follow-ups in Operation Departments – and those who are the sicker lots are even more at disadvantaged and suffering even more!

Sometimes people prefer to suffer in agony and silence at home than to try admission in Public Hospitals – even in the Emergency wards!

Even in the regular check-ups and follow ups in the Public Hospitals can now stretch anything from 3 to 6 months – sometimes even longer due to the congestion of patients vis-à-vis available services to provide! Even the Medical Staff are stretched by overloads of work and the numbers of patients to attend to and in provision of services required!

It is also well established that the older generations of over 50s are also growing up equally fast in comparison to the other generations – with many younger generations still looking for jobs and to get married and to settle down – with exorbitant costs in dowries and marriage celebrations that can even stretch to OMR 20, 000 in some few cases! Which is a heavy load to the average working youth – who prefers to wait longer before getting to even think of getting married!

Far Eastern countries like Malaysia and Japan treat their Elders with respect and in best provision of services – in even offering them jobs like Advisors Consultants Mentors etc. – or in part time jobs or working from home! All these are not available to the home Pensioners and Retirees with very few exceptions!

Most of the Elders Pensioners and Retirees can still contribute to the Nation – if the opportunities and chances are given to them! With these extra money in their pockets they can serve themselves better including their families too!

It is also well established that if today there were Elders Old Homes Take Care Centres, a considerable number of The Retirees and Pensioners will be dropped in these places by their children! Many of The Pensioners and Retirees stat alone – with only few exceptions that you will find accommodated at their children homes!

There are even some rumours of same old aged Pensioners and Retirees being mistreated by their children who see the grandparents – or even parents – as a burden that stops them from enjoying life and freedom – or perhaps the nagging part and the constant need of attention emanating from The Retirees and Pensioners!

There have been many cases of the Retirees and Pensioners of not being able to get money and support from their children – perhaps because they have put their lives to higher costs and expenditures beyond their means! There have been articles written before on this particular dilemma facing The Young Workers now – with some with very good salaries and benefits – but end by mid-month with no cash for even basic needs and requirements!

It is well understood that in the current economic situation it maybe difficult – or I would say harder to do – but the point needs to be said as in my introduction of the loyalties commitment dedication services etc. given by The Pensioners and Retirees – and it is high time that their lots and conditions are looked into – especially in seeing they are treated as Pensioners Retirees Post 2014 – and in provision of some Medical Insurance for The Retirees and The Pensioners for those not able to get Medical attention and care!

With Sincere Apologies,

Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

Mobile 95207511 (WhatsApp)


Letter To Observer by WhatsApp.

Asalaam Aleikum

When I wrote that article and sent to you I was not considering myself only but all Omanis Retirees and Pensioners facing the same problems.

I went this Sunday to Royal Hospital Acute Medicine Internal Medicine and for normal Medical Procedures I was given dates from February 2020 to July 2020 things like Ultra Sound Kidneys.

PDO Clinic do not have these kind of Medical Procedures.

Yesterday I was referred to a Commercial Medical Centre in Ghobra and they are focussing more on getting extra monies as I said too in my article.

This leaves The Omani Retiree and Pensioner at great disadvantage and misfortune.

At least in PDO we can get some slight advantage but still we are far behind in comparison to Regular still working Staff covered by Insurance .. but not us!

A few years from now when those policing these policies will find themselves The Truth of what we are now as Retirees and Pensioners are going through.

You and I have responsibility infront of Allah SWT and Our Islamic Religion to highlight these issues.

I did my part as in Level 2 of Imaan to talk and say about the issues facing us as Pensioners and Retirees vis a vis Medical and Care issues.

I was not looking for money nor popularity or fame to highlight these issues facing us Omanis now after we served dutifully sincerely and loyally our Beloved Nation.

His Majesty has always encouraged us Omanis to come forward and say what we need or feel .. his speeches are very clear in this one.

You know your role and responsibility in highlighting these issues.

Anyway, I did my part and in front of Allah I am not afraid to say I did try to say on the sufferings and pains being undergone by Pensioners and Retirees in Oman now in general terms with very few exceptions and limitations


Sincerely Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

There Is No Urgency!

Episode 67.

There Is No Urgency …..!


From The Book – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! See Images!

Also The Book – Between Us Only! Original Reproduced! See Images!

Both books published in September and April 2009 respectively! Over 10 years ago – and still not much has changed! Generally speaking, that is!


It was a great chance and opportunity to meet peoples of all kinds. I had made many friends, and I was also running away from others who wanted to be ‘friends’ too ……. In reality, I had just become a victim of circumstances and situations beyond my controls. In my life, I have always aimed to maintain my principles, standards and levels – part of my life’s focused principles!

However, on this particular topic, let it be said that many of the business peoples used to complain openly and brazenly to me. I do not know what I have in me, even in my work situations. I got attracted to such peoples like a fly to the dirt! It was a great learning experience to me.


When I was working for this oil company in one of the Gulf States, I was booked in an International Five Star hotel for a period of almost 6 weeks before they had given me family status accommodation. It was one of my most enjoyable parts of my life, because in addition to being allowed to use all the Company facilities, it was a great opportune and chance to meet many peoples from different parts of the world with different business ideas and proposals. My workmates – who were staying with me in the hotel – actually got somehow into sponsorships of businesses – they were locals (and some AGCC) from other parts of the country and they were too put in the same hotel.

It was a great chance and opportunity to meet peoples of all kinds. I had made many friends, and I was also running away from others who wanted to be ‘friends’ too – because these kinds of friends usually lands one in more problems and repercussions –devoid the few enjoyable times with their friendship!. No need to elaborate – except the point that in all my life trying to be clean and being principled, I did not want to start to ‘go bad’ at this stage. Besides yours truly is a very honest, faithful and loyal person by nature! Just a victim of circumstances and situations beyond my controls. I have always aimed to maintain my principles, standards and levels – part of my life’s focused principles!

Many of the business peoples used to complain. I do not know what I have in me, even in my work situations; I get attracted to such peoples like a fly to the dirt! It was a great learning experience to me. I am not writing about myself – please bear with me and for the benefits of the business community and others too who may benefit from my writing today – here are the common complaints (maybe it will make too in the business magazine, even if my ‘busted’ business did not!)

The complaints and grudges were mainly in:-

1. There is no sense of urgency, people just take their leisured times and conveniences to respond to proposals – or even acknowledge correspondences, what have you. Various chasers have to be sent before even this acknowledgement can take place! Sometimes despite various follow-ups, there is still dead silence.

2. Appointments are made from abroad. The trip (the whole of it) is planned along those lines. Sometimes to make the trip economical, a number of other places are to be visited that are arranged. So a fall in one has a rolling effect and repercussions on another.

When they arrive, 80% of the appointments (this is what they say!) are not kept. You have to wait sometimes 2 to 3 hours to get only a few minutes though you had planned for an hour or more in the first place. If the appointments could not be met, why were they not informed before they had left (to cancel the trip or postpone it) or at least to inform the local contact addresses given?

3. Most of reasons given for not meeting them are weak and lack credibility and foundation. They are ‘local’ issues mainly which could have been discussed or tackled later.

4. After making the proposal and all the supporting documentations etc. you get a polite response – we shall study the proposal and come back to you. Nothing materializes even after a considerable lapse of time. When you follow-up, the answer is still the same – we have not made a decision yet! Keep following, and then you get signals of ‘No’ (my last year article – learning to Say No – Part of the culture, customs and behaviours of not finding it easy to say straight to the face – No!)

5. There is no urgency in making decisions, even if the project has been accepted – or even has started. You have to be very patient and in your very best – as everything is painstakingly slow and deliberately postponed and delayed in taking decisions. The loser becomes you – if you keep pushing issues at stake!

6. The goals posts keep changing with flimsy and minor excuses. You never know what stage and status you are in, because ‘back to the drawing board’ are always the occurrences! Or what actually is required of you.

7. There are clear and open hostilities, personal differences, subjective ness, bias, indifferences etc to see – even for a First Time Visitor. That runs even in the so-called Management circles, for that matter.

8. You will be told – we have received regulatory and statutory support to proceed on the project – only you find it the hard and bitter way later that it is not so! Even the permission was not requested or the ‘contact/influential person’ on the other side is no longer available or has been assigned to another Department – and no longer useful!

9. Money payments is always a problem. You will be told – do not worry it will come, just few days more. Those days can stretch to weeks. Even months! You cannot start anything without being paid first – or there is real intention to be paid!

10. You will get others ‘who are also interested to join’ or asking you to abandon the original sponsors for new ones (choice to accept and betray – or stick to your business principles and ethics!)

11. Avoidance of conflict – is common and part of the nature. You will get by signals only that people are not happy or angry with you – unless one local member is straightforward and forthright (rare occurrence!). You are a guest (see 4 above).

12. When they come to visit you at your home countries, expect them to get subjective, personal interests, unethical and unprofessional ‘outside business’ requests (politely put!) It can be even be on other Company executives met in the meetings.

13. When you come here, they will send a driver or lower rank staff to meet you and show you around – some of them have even communications problems (language) and do not visualize the importance and profiles of the people visiting – for examples a local driver met a President of a Japanese large firm /enterprise. The driver did not even help in carrying his suitcase (or at least pretend to volunteer!).

14. Bias and subjective ness is often the case. More attention and emphasis was made to an European in the visiting team, though he was insignificant and Junior by rank, to the Singaporean who was three times his boss!

15. There is no agenda of meetings. If you are enterprising to make the minutes, disagreements will always arise of points agreed. (Vehement rejection of being taped and recorded, and for fear of proving these points are not even shown in such disagreements!).

16. ‘We have not agreed to these only, not these’ – are common expressions. This especially when it comes to makes advances / payments (or we did not understand this clause well, otherwise we would not have agreed to it!)

17. Lack of professionalism, ethics, etiquettes in business negotiations and dealings. Even that dinner planned before the business meeting could turn ‘sour’ by coarse shallow behaviours of some, especially after the Dinner!

18. They may act polite and courteous, but are always suspicious and not trusting by nature!

19. One in the visiting team spoke fluent Arabic, they would have nothing of it – but kept speaking to him in English, till the poor man gave up.

20. If you tried to speak in Arabic and had made a gaffe, they did not contain themselves not to laugh and sneer at you… For example one had intended to say – I see your wife is pregnant, ended in – I see your husband is pregnant (to the man about his wife – your husband is pregnant! – with Arabic feminine and masculine Grammar!)

21. They interrupted you whilst still talking and explaining things – and you lost tract of what you wanted to say in the first instance.

22. Show off wealth and power was dominant, the visit to the family farm and villa was always in the Agenda.

23. Subordinates and workers were treated improperly and harshly in front of the guests, especially the dispensable ones!

24. They looked down on Thank You notes after the occasion, and do not expect any from their side.

25. Many others – but for space reasons not included.

Finally the joke? There is some work that needs to be done? The Asian Manager says – Then I must do it! Whilst the Local would say – If it has not been done, why do you expect me to do it?

So dear Business Man / Lady – maybe I have been useful to day? You can e-mail me – just in case and for my Bank Account details! I cannot lie, I do NEED the money!

…….. End …………..

More on my books here at




Goodbye; My Very Good Friend and Brother! Sheikh Seif Al Harrasi!

Goodbye My Very Good Friend; Sheikh Seif!

Sheikh Seif Salim Issa Al Harrasi!

Friday March 22, 2019


Normally at around 10 pm each night, I simply switch off my phone from Sound to Just Silence as I usually get disturbed a lot by phone calls from my Books Publishers in USA and Amazon – as for them it is still working hours! Sometimes the calls come from Singapore and UK also more!

It is very disturbing when the phone rings and you have an Oxygen Mask on to get your sleep! I was about to do that again for this night when several WhatsApp messages started to come in my mobile phone saying that my very good friend and brother Sheikh Seif Salim Issa Al Harrasi had passed away whilst undergoing Medical Treatment in UK.

It was last September 2018 when I had met Marehem Sheikh Seif Al Harrasi at Muscat International Airport as we were in the same flight to go to Zanzibar! He was very much perturbed, concerned and disturbed to see me in a wheel chair – as being handled for my flight trip – as I could not climb the steps of the plane in boarding! What happened to you Dear Sheikh Majid – he lamented!

So we got talking about the good days in PDO and as I was explaining to him about my holidays trip to Zanzibar with Madam Wife! He asked me which hotel I had booked into because as usual hospitable kind person that he always was – he wanted to invite me for a few days stay in his villa in Bweni I think!

I remarked to him that he looked sort of worried and sickly – and he calmly told me we shall talk afterwards my good friend! It was only later in the plane we were in Business Class and he was in Economy that I dared to joke with him ‘to spend some more money to enjoy’ joke! He handled the slur very well with his great sense of mirth fun and joke saying why should he and ‘you do need the bigger seat’ in Business Class – whilst I do not!

Another person who does not have his traits and senses of humour could have put me in my place – but he was an exceptional human being first class high profile person the world is proud to have in a human being! One time he called me and I was not sure who he was and he was suggesting to me a business contact when my Management Consultancy MMDC was operating! Yes that is another trait of his to assist and help other unasked unassisted! So he repeated a nickname that would have identified him – joking – Guess that will make you happier – and remember who I was!

I asked for his apology but he just pushed the subject away – what is a joke and tease amongst brothers and friends! I noticed him only once when I was in HR when an Expatriate was misbehaving in his Department – and even here he was more remedial corrective rather than accusing and abusing!

A few days in Zanzibar, he had sent me a WhatsApp message saying he was returning to Oman because he was very sick! He wished me well and to enjoy my holidays and try to be careful on certain issues and things that many visiting the islands are not aware of – and we become naïve and trusting and we think we know everything and do not need to be told or to be reminded of!

In Zanzibar he had built a nice beautiful villa at the coastline – and he had appeared in The Oman Ramadhan Television Programmes a few years ago – where he featured centrally and immensely – explaining the beautiful historical relationships between Oman and Zanzibar!

I am sure that there are many also in Zanzibar who will be crying a lot today on hearing his death – his deep ties and commitment to help and assist those lesser advantaged – especially by his kindness and generosity to the local populace! Especially in Religious Affairs and in The Holy Month of Fasting of Ramadhan! Pray that his kin will continue with his good works In Shaa Allah Yaa Rabbi!

A Great Man Has Come – And Now He Is Gone! But we will always remember and pray for you – Our Very Good Friend and Brother!

May Allah SWT Remove The Punishment of The Grave for you – May Allah SWT Open The Highest Heavens of Firdaus For You – May you rest in eternal peace in this world and the next Ameen! May Allah Give Sabrah Patience and Imaan to your Family Ameen!

Till we meet again In Shaa Allah – Goodbye My Brother and Best Friend!

Majid Said Nasser Zahor Al Suleimany

Muscat 23rd March 2019

Finalisation Touches to Masjid Istiqamah JoJo Mafia Island!


Finalisation touches to Masjid Istiqamah JoJo Mafia Island

March 7th 2019

The Final Video

On Thu, 7 Mar 2019, 18:59 Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany, <> wrote:

Finalisation touches to Masjid Istiqamah JoJo Mafia Island .. Al Hamdu Lillah

The New Photos

Why do they call you ‘Magic’?

Why do they call you Magic?

January 18th 2019


When I was studying in UK in the 1970s, there were some British girls in my class! They found it strange that I was not following them like the other foreign students in my class! It had nothing to do with British girls or not, but I was always a Loner and keeping to myself alone!

You can feel hungry always, and look at the Menu! But ordering the food can be something quite different! You can also see smell the food – but partaking it can be quite something different! Excuse the pun – and the rhetoric here!

Anyway, the braver of the girls (and the more forward! Sic!) asked me lots of curious strange questions – like how many oil wells your family owned? Or how many wives your father had? And even the brazen one – how many wives you had? As if I was already married for that matter! But the more smarter ones for sure were those who noticed I did not wear any rings – and probably, therefore, a good catch!

There were some for sure who thought I was weird – and something fishy and weird for that matter! Thank God that some dared not ask me what was in their minds – because I would not have known what answer to give – or how I would have reacted to such probing intrusive personal questions!

So the conversation and questioning went on something like this!

Let us call her Amanda – actually there was a girl by that name – and she was really pretty tall and all the ‘catching stuff’ per se!

Amanda – Hi! What is your name?
Me (sigh) – Majid!
Amanda – What???
Me – Majid – Spell – M A J I D!
Amanda – What??? Oh! What does the name mean?
Me – It means Glory in English!
Amanda – Oh! So you are Glory? You do not look like one! Sorry!
Me – (Quiet) – I was about to give a crude reply like – call me whatever name you like stuff! Sort of think! Sic!
Amanda – You know what? Cannot comprehend that name! Difficult! What else can we call you?
Me – (Quiet!)
Amanda – now joined with the other girls! You know what? We shall just call you Magic!

Magic it had always remained – till the last day of the College!


Now you know why I ended as Magic! Magic it has always been – at lease nearer to Majid than any other English word to my name!

(* Apologies to those who had thought perhaps deeper more sinister meaning of Magic than the crystal clearer one above!)

* Magic Man was also used!


B           My paternal grandmother – Seyyida Saluma bin Ahmed Al Wadhahiya!

I always used to ask my late Father Sheikh Said – PBUH Allah Rahmah – how he felt when his Mother – my paternal grandmother – was married to someone else after asking for her divorce – when my Grandfather Sheikh Nasser Zahor Al Suleimany – Manah – Nizwa – PNUH Allah Rahmah – went to Africa from Oman – staying there for too long whilst he married other women – leaving grandmother alone for a long time!

The great lady got only one other son – my Ami Uncle Sheikh Ahmed Salim Al Wadhahy (still living!)
So I used to ask my Later Father Allah Rahmah – when he was alive – how do you feel about your only brother – Mother side?

He looks at me weirdly – but avoids telling me what is really in his mind – till one day in his better moods tells me – I do not blame my Mother – but more my Mother!


C          ** My Maternal Grandfather – Sheikh Hamed Zahor Al Suleimany!

Full story in my Book Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!
But briefly – my Mother had also only one brother from her Father side this time!
Poor man – ** he never married again after my mother – but my grandmother surely did!


Frankly, I like both – but B more compared to C!

So in short we are such a unique family – at least you can call us as that!

More of such stories in my Between Us Only! books series!

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My Late Parents – Allah Rahimuun – Peace Be Upon Them!


Return To Lost Paradise! The Story of Zanzibar! Closure – The Zanzibar Bloody Revolution!

Writing My New Book – Return To Lost Paradise! The Story of Zanzibar!

The New Book (56) – Return To Lost Paradise!

The Story of Zanzibar!  Closure – The Bloody Revolution!

Books by Majid Al Suleimany –

Also at

October 12, 2018

After Compliments & Dear All;

The 55th Anniversary of The Bloody Zanzibar Revolution!

Celebrating the First Murderous Ethnic Cleansing in Africa!

Against a duly elected Government under the so-called British Colonialists Protectors!

The Bloody Massacres of Fellow (Arab Asians) Muslims by Africans mainly supported by (few) Christian as led and behind the scene supporters – both local and external including Zionists and Western – and others!

So sad and tragic!


Today 12th January, 2019  is the 55th Anniversary of the Bloody Zanzibar Revolution that saw the massacres of mainly Omani Arab Asians in Zanzibar and the violent overthrow of duly elected establishment by democratic election means – even if there were gross mistakes and miscalculations by that Government during its short period of existence!

Writing The Book!

I am on my way writing my 56th Book entitled Return To Lost Paradise! This is after my recent visit to Zanzibar in August 2018 and my only second visit after The Bloody Zanzibar Revolution of January 12 1964!

The Later Part of The Book will be about The Bloody Zanzibar Revolution – its impacts, consequences and The Aftermath – and my Observations from my visit and what I saw in Zanzibar inter alia the following –

• The Zanzibari (African/Muslim) Taxi Driver showing us an area saying to us – This is where the Arabs Live now – an area where Arabs (Omanis) have come back to build new villas and many staying there after Retirement and or Businesses Closures! He has just forgotten that his passengers were Arabs (Omanis) in his emotions showing you the place!
• The Hotel Staff – mainly Christian Mainlanders – who can be ‘friendly normal people’ because you respect them and perhaps some may say cynically ‘because you tipped them right!’
• Some of the Zanzibaris Africans admitting ‘they survive on handouts from the same people we killed in 1964 – who now make our lives more easier and comfortable – especially during the Holy Month of Ramadhan Fasting!
• Arabs who have contributed to The Development and Expansion of Zanzibar – like the Hotel Verde Resort – The Bakhressa Group of Companies!
• Omani Entrepreneurs doing preferred business in Zanzibar despite all odds – like incompetence, maladministration, bribery. Corruption, lack of trust and faith – and the likes!
• Despite The President Orders – people still ask for tips – not only insinuate – but actual ask – including The Traffic Cop – who asked me – Are we going to talk or not?
I value my life and freedom – so Í talked’- the first time in my life anyway to a person in uniform! I have seen videos of repercussions – and did not want to make myself a victim of Viral Video!
• Army Practising (New Recruits) harassing an Arab Lady who took photograph of them in practise – but were smiling cheerful to Europeans Ladies – even trying to look pretty on the pictures!
• That is the same way as it is said – The British et al did not Protect The Rest of us at and during The Bloody Revolution! The First Ethnic Cleansing in Africa!
• The Visiting so many Arab Delegations from Oman and Other Countries!
• Those so-called Arab Socialists – Comrades – Communist Socialism Sympathisers who all went to live abroad – especially in UK – the same place that The Zanzibar Ruler now also lives – what a coincidence! Or Karma does work?
• Taking a theme focus outlook to try to repair modify adjust etc. based on Nelson Mandela’s South African Reconciliation between Africans and Whites!
• Majority of Zanzibar peoples are Muslims – and to bring in people together as Muslims – and to look forward in The Future – rather than The Past – where mistakes lay on both sides – and stemming from My Book – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! – which won The USA Gold Seal of Literary Excellence USA Review of Books – Amazon USA.
• Arabs building Masjids and Islamic Quran Learning Centres – despite some even whose families were killed, harassed etc. in The Bloody Zanzibar Revolution!

Zanzibar Hospitality sector being dominated by mainly Mainlanders and Christian – fewer Zanzibar grown!

Backpack (White) Tourists after Zanzibar men (including Masai – I saw even a Masai women in a possible three tie-up!

Housemaids etc. being appointed for the jobs in Oman GCC in the very same stock houses that were killed in cold blood!

The eBook – Revolution in Zanzibar – by John Okello!

As I had always thought the Africans and not even The Comrades alone planned the bloody Revolution but greater forces at play of our so called British Protectors but more some hidden elements who led behind the scene all the toppling of a legitimate government even if badly managed and focussed.

The book reveals it very clearly .. QED

I stopped reading the book at page 119 when he damns indicts himself by saying

I felt that many of the Zanzibar Africans could not be trusted since they were strongly connected with, and even related to the Arabs on the island and might well be spies and preparing to reveal our plans in order to get permission from the Arab Commanding Officers.

He then authorises to KILL ALL ARABS from age 18 to 55

In the end All Arabs sighted were killed … and women rapped ..killed with their babies born or still not born

He prophesies what will happen to him after the Revolution … but sadly he did not do so when he joked to Iddi Amin consorts that Uganda had now two Field Marshalls … his own epitaph of the lies he webs!

Anyway let the Zanzibari people wake up to the realities of the first ethnic cleansing in Africa .. the massacres and cold blooded killings?

Was the Revolution a success? Certainly not now with CUF and the desire to secede and to separate.

And disenchantments and disfranchisements even amongst the Strongest Supporters – internally and externally – and even behind the scenes to this very day!

Added Note!

The Western Media were more apologetic thinking it will curb Arabism and Islamic influence – it ended with the country turning extreme Socialist (Communist!) under a so-called Christian Catholic President (Union) – and the visit of Chou En Lai The Chinese Communist Regime leader to the islands – and Cubans and Che Guevara!

The LOSERS were everyone – including behind the scenes supporters of violent overthrow of a democratically elected Government under the so-called British Protectorate! And constitutional Sultan being Arab! So sad and tragic!

• Etc.

Related Topic Link –

The 50th Anniversary of The Bloody Zanzibar Revolution!

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Best Wishes & Regards

Majid Al Suleimany

Majid Said Nasser Al Sulaimani

Omani Citizen.

October 12, 2018

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okello – revolution 1

okello – revolution 2



Islamic Projects (Sadaqa Jariya!) Requiring Financial Support and Assistance in Tanzania!

Sadaq Jariya Islamic Projects Requiring Financial Support and Assistance in Tanzania!

Asalaam Aleikum & After Compliments;

The Sadaqa Projects: –

• Building New Masjids (Mosques) in Locations Grown Up – where there are none now! People have to travel some distances for Congregational Prayers!
• Water Wells (Kisima) where water is a dire need and requirement – as above!
• Renovating Derelict Need to repair renovate Old Masjids!
• Similarly for Water Wells Repairs and Renovations!
• The Holy Quraan Teaching Centres – Islam is growing up rapidly and increasingly as people turn (return) to growing populations in Islam and Converts to Islam! Especially for their children!

• Small to Medium Social Projects!

Including caring and looking after Orphans (abandoned children) their care look after and education etc.

The Islamic Hadith tells us all on the Benefits and The Rewards of Sadaqa Jariya (Social Contributions) – like getting 7 grains for one planted! The Left Hand should not know what the Right Hand gives etc. Build a Masjid now – and get one palace for you in Jannat (Firdauus)!

Giving Sadaqa Jariya is not only for the rich – but even one who has example spare (can save!) OMR 50 Rials -and can contribute 20!

You can follow all these in The (Recognised) Islamic Sites and Google!

Build up your case and defence for The Day of Reckoning and Avoid the Punishment of the Grave!
Not to show off but more in portraying seriousness and what has been already done – pleas follow the link before!

Final Completion of The Masjid Istiqamah JoJo Mafia Island Tanzania Project – November 23, 2018!

We are trustworthy reliable lots – and with people on the ground who have already completed successful works records that can be provided, if required and or if need be!

You can write to me at this email address – or send WhatsApp Message (preferably in English) to my GSM Mobile Number +968 95207511

E-mail addresses –

Allah Maakuum – Allah SWT Be With You All Ameen

Majid Al Suleimany

Majid Said Nasser Zahor Al Suleimany
Best Wishes and Regards
Muscat – Sultanate of Oman
January 8th 2019

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