Open Letter To Linkedin Management

Open Letter To Linkedin Management

Dear Sirs;

I am writing to you as a longtime member of Linkedin. As I am now a Retired Pensioner, I have no need of Premium Membership but just kept myself at Ordinary Membership.

I am looking at Posts in Linkedin, and I see that some are even worse than what you can find in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc. I myself had posted items in LinkedIn, which were turned down by even Facebook!

Facebook and even Instagram have on line Regulators who even if the post was made would either cover it up with the option of The Viewer to either open it, after the caution has been made, or move on to other posts!

There are many posts like religious based that Facebook will not entertain. Linkedin on the other hand rely more on a Complaint Reporting System, which to your credit really works. As soon as the commplaint is raised, the offending article is removed.

I received a ‘Personal Attack’ by one purported to be an Omani Engineer HB yesterday. He went on in tirades attacking me on a very personal level of ‘My Failures’.

Anyway, it is upto oneself what you think about someone, his successes, his failures etc. You are entitled to your opinion, but when you express it in a public media, that is something else, completely different!

I could have copied down the insult and report it to The Cybercrime Division of The ROP Royal Oman Police ROP and register a case against this HG in Linkedin.

You are entitled to your opinion what you think of someone, whatever! But it is something else different to put it down in Social Media.

If I had reported this to The Royal Oman Police, he could face both jail and a prison sentence.

Even if you say you were annoyed that the person was complaining to someone else and that person was not all praises of names mentioned by the so called Author of a New Book on Entrepreneurship!

The complaint was more based on ommission of my name as an Omani Author Writer and Columnis – and not on a personal individual attack!

I reported the case anyway after asking HR People I know of the supposed place the person was working in Oman. They do not recognise the name anyway.

The English level used is of a high level and standard, which are few Omanis have, unless educated trained abroad or is a Common User of The Language.

That leads to the suspicion that the Writer might be a Foreigner, for all sets of purposes in supporting the New Author also a Foreigner, with a high best seller book! Wishing him all the best!

Incidentally, the same person had sent me an inmail looking for help for a jobin Oman, as his Company was going down under!

Most importantly, you can also support someone without a need of insulting another person – albeit he also being a Senior Person by Age and Profession. Which is alien to The Omani values, customs, traditions, heritage and culture – which leads more to the suspicion that a foreign link either abroad or in Oman.

I have personally taken it in stride to defend my fellow Muslims in especially Kashmir and in India with its Race Relations Act which does not recognise or acknowledge Muslim Minority.

Thus I am a Marked Man by these individuals.

I suggest that Linkedin start to impose stringent measures to remove and reject all posts which are

Religion based
Race, Tribe, Sect based
National Ancestry, Ethnicity based
Personal Grandisement, Recognition and Acknowledgement which are not beneficial to anyone else except the person himself only! The only person who is at advantage is the person who posts it!
These posts can go to Facebook and others.

These are some of my suggestions and recommendations.

I would like to remind all Linkedin Members that The Authorities are now looking at Linkedin also!

In the past they concentrated more on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

They are no longer asking – What is this Linkedin? People like HG please take note! Now before it is too late for us all!

Linkedin, please also allow more space and words.

Best Wishes and Regards

Majid Al Suleimany




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