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Yesterday Saturday there was a book sale (old books at reduced prices) at Prisunic CCC in Qorum. I bought some books and some Picture Books for my grandchildren.

There I met one nice British Lady one of the Organisers! I introduced myself. See here also My Oman FM Radio Interview!

She told me – I never knew that there were Omani Writers and Authors that wrote in English – and even in serious subjects like Arab Management, Human Resources, Road Safety, Economics. Social aspects etc! Sorry – We have not heard about you!

Yet here I an Omani Author of 10 books – 2 in Arab Management aspects – 2 in Road Safety and 6 assorted topics under Between Us Only! Columns series books. They know me in USA and UK – but not in my own country! Sad really!

Today Saleh Al Shaibany wrote on the Omani Brain Drain of experienced qualified educated Omanis leaving Oman for better jobs prospects and pay to especially  UAE and Qatar. They even received three times Omani packages! Yet more and more expatriates are coming in daily! A bloody shame really!

What is happening to us? When will these bad hearts, envies, jealousies and plain Haassiyydds end?

I for one prefer how I get treated in my own country than new roads, bridges, highways, ports or train system.

Allah Protect and Preseve us only Ameen Amen

Open Message to Our Leaders – for the sake of our legacy, destiny and future – and future generations!

Majid Al Suleimany

With due respects and apologies.

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A Traffic Accident – A Poem by Mustafa Mohamed Said


A Traffic Accident – A Poem by Mustafa Mohamed Said (PDO)


فَجائِعُ الدُهرِ أَنواعٌ مُنَوَّعَةٌ                 وَلِلزَمانِ مَسرّاتٌ وَأَحزانُ

يا غافِلاً وَلَهُ في الدهرِ مَوعِظَةٌ             إِن كُنتَ في سنَةٍ فالدهرُ يَقظانُ 

Every morning thousands of people in Oman leave their homes on their way to attend their business with many youngsters  gong to school.  As they lovingly part from their families with a “see you later” wave, I wonder how many of them will not make it back.

With the continued increase in road accidents and the mounting number of fatalities one should thank God every time he or she arrives home safe.  True, our roads at the moment do not look very safe with the amount of road constructions going on but the fatalities seldom occur on these roads.

Rear end collisions are frequent and I do not know how one can avoid in becoming a victim while stopping at a traffic light or in heavy traffic.  From my personal observation I found that preoccupation, negligence and disregard to safety rules are the main contributing factors leading to many of these accidents.

The accident below occurred on 18th October 2010


Image Mustafa


It was a lovely, bright and sunny morn

As homes got emptied from old and young,

The father in his car blew a ‘cherio’ horn

The children’s satchels on their backs were slung


They boarded the school bus as an unruly crowd

Chattering and pushing to get the best seat.

Everyone laughing and talking shrill and loud

In their coloured uniforms, clean and neat.


Happy loving children; full of life and joy,

Carefree, unburdened yet from care and worry

Happiness overflowing from each girl and boy

Unaware that for some it will soon be a sad story.


For most of them school was joy and fun,

Games to play and friends to meet,

When all was over and lessons done,

Back to their bus, each sitting on its seat.


With funny mocking faces here and there

Their young faces aglow with joy and pleasure

They teased as children do without a care

They were their parents’ greatest treasure,


The sudden screeching of the brakes,

The swaying of the uncontrollable bus,

The screams of fear and the shakes,

God! Have mercy on all of us.


Then came the impact with a terrifying roar

As the bus ploughed into a stationary car,

It turned turtle and hurtled as it tore

Over a slope then rested on a sandy bar


What made the school bus to lose control?

Crash into two other vehicles; what a mess!

As it careened over the railing and then roll

Into twisted metal, gory bodies in distress.


The silence was broken with screams and groans

As the gathering crowd moved to rescue

The bleeding wounded crying in piteous tones,

Shocked and bewildered without a clue


Some lost their lives; nipped cruelly in the bud.

Most bleeding and groaning on hospital beds.

Their tattered clothes mixed with sand and blood,

And coarse bloody bandages on most heads.


Who can console the grieving parents now?

Who can assuage their bitter woe and pain?

Stop the parents’ tears cascading down; and how

They upward gaze and bitterly to God complain.


Day after day on the treacherous road is lost

A husband; leaving behind his kids and wife

Or some parents lose their only son, the cost

And burden they bear throughout their life.


Mustafa Mohd. Said      Ex PDO    Ruwi 23th Jan 2014

More Pakistan School Bus Accidents – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Accident 1 Accident 2 Accident 3 Accident 4

E Mail To The Press!

E-Mail To The Press

Pakistan School Bus Accident – Qorum Heights – 22.01.2014 – 3 died 3 critical

Dear All & After Compliments;

Reference your headline headings in all your newspapers.

I reside in Qorum Heights (PDO) and all morning yesterday we saw from the roof of our villa all the ROP cars and ambulances on the road – sad and tragic really. Only some good senses of some good Samiritans stopped the case even getting more worse from confused and dazed children!

As you are all aware of this undeniable fact – and however you hate me and my guts – and all I stand for in life – one thing undeniable is that I am one of the few Omani and otherwise Columnists that had written quite intensively and detailed on Road Accidents – actually some of my first articles  sine March 2003! My books and columns easily verify this!

I am the only individual with a full website on Road Safety Awareness RSA – and put up by myself – with latest news posted even before they come out from The Press next day! Visit www.bethesafedriver.com – and my two RSA books – Behind The Wheel! and Being The Safe Driver! – also here at www.myownmajid.com

With exception of Muscat Daily (Mohamed Zafar) I had almost to beg some in The Observer to advertise on my above books – and in the end had to use my own columns to write on my books – yet still being edited!

Times of Oman refused to publish anything about my books because mainly who I am – but the excuse ‘was because you write for Observer – our competition’! Surprisingly Muscat Daily was more professional in looking at the overall interests – and thinking outside the box!

Today my columns were also being killed from the inside by new people and ideas (sic!) from some of them!

It is a sad day in Oman today when voices speaking out are being curtailed and killed this way – just because of subjectiveness, inward thinking and polarisation – and all the good works done by HM who himself personally talked about Road Safety – and his speech reproduced in my two books.

When such accidents happen now and in the future – please be kind enough to hold your head down in shame and guilt – because the Nation is given lower priority to people being biased and subjective and Polarised!

I take off my cap off to MD despite previous differences – anyway.

Shame on all of us! Shame!

See Here my first article whilst still working in PDO. This article was produced in 1982s

Al Fahal PDO Drive Safely Article

My First Columns articles! Please note the dates!

Yesterday my website got over 1000 hits on this same article in absence of news which came next day!

Need I say more?

Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – Amin Amen

Road Accidents Articles









See this also

See the article by Saleh Shaibany – it is also in my book! Previous School Bus Accident! 



Pakistani Students School Bus Accident Today in Qorum Heights!

After Compliments;

My good sister sent me these photos of an accident involving a School Bus carrying Pakistani Students today Wednesday Morning!

Unconfirmed reports give 4 deaths and about 17 in serious conditions. We heard the sirens all morning from our villa here in Qorum Heights (PDO).

May Allah Give Patience to those families with young children lost lives – and injured and maimed!

In September 2003 I wrote this Article – Accidents In The Waiting! talking about similar Road Accidents involving reckless and bad bus drivers!

More here and in my books – Being The Safe Driver! www.createspace.com/4097374 and Behind The Wheel! www.bethesafedriver.com and http://www.myownmajid.com

Allah Protect and Preserve us all Ameen Amen

With due respects,

Majid Al Suleimany

Images as received!



My Oman FM Radio Interview!

USA Golden SealB - PsychologyA - A Cry For Help!

See Previous Article – A Letter From The Fan!

My Oman FM Radio Interview

Under interactive guidance of Producer Hatim Abdul Salaam, I was interviewed Live on Tuesday 21st January 2014 from 7 pm to 8 pm with a five minutes break in between. It was Family Programme under the title of Embedding The Habit of Reading For The Youth.

The feedbacks were mainly all positive with one commentator (lady expatriate) commenting it was one of the best programmes she had listened to in a very long time. She is a regular listener to the programmes in FM Oman Radio.

After a brief introduction on myself and how I got into my hobby and passion of writing since 14 years of age, we went deep into the subject.

Areas of Coverage

  • This was my 4th Visit cum Live Transmission at the place!
  • How I became very much interested in reading and writing as a young boy of 14 years of age.
  • My first essay My Most Vivid Dream won a National Award in Tanzania in 19605
  • Author of 10 books – 2 in Arab Management – 2 in Road Safety Awareness and 6 others based on my columns in The Oman Daily Observer since 2003
  • Worked in Human Resources for 25 years in PDO and as Management Consultant for 12 years after Early Retirement in PDO and after my Management Consultancy firm had to close down for financial loss reasons
  • Have always liked writing – from School Magazines, Colleges, PDO, Other Places – and early days in Times of Oman with 2 main articles on Omanisation and Road Traffic issues in Oman
  • Moved to Oman Daily Observer as a Columnist (part time) since March 2003.

Sequences Topics of The Interviews

  • Why to encourage writing and the benefits and advantages of writing
  • Even our Great Prophet PBUH was told `Read’ ‘ – in the Holy Quran – and the advent and start of Islam! See here – Read! In the name of your Lord and Cherisher – Sura 96 – Al Alaq – The Clinging Clot.
  • Travel as far as to China to gain knowledge! – Islamic Hadith
  • How we can encourage more reading especially starting with the young children first
  • The negative effects of Not Writing!
  • Issues in Writing and Reading – and possible solutions
  • Why more support, encouragement and assistance is required – and not to look at the issues narrow minded by looking at it in money terms and profits only!
  • Diverge into English and not concentrate only in Arabic
  • Enlarge the scope of support to not only (fine) arts but also in writing and reading
  • Giving more attention and in valuing more our own Writers, Authors and Columnists
  • Move from only currently looking at outside country (Foreigners) and in concentrating in picture books, poems, cook books, subject topics etc – especially if written and compiled by Foreigners
  • Serious Reading and books that ‘make you think’ need more emphasis and support
  • Encouragement by small incentives for children reading in the family by family themselves – and things like making Home Library – even if start with few books first
  • Others related


  • I cannot live without books – Thomas Jefferson
  • I spend a lot of time reading – Bill Gates
  • If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading – or do things worth the writing – Benjamin Franklin
  • You do not have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them – Ray Bradbury
  • Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money – Jules Renard
  • Life cannot defeat a Writer who is in love with writing – for life itself is a Writer’s love until death – Edna Ferber
  • Many Others!

My Books, Columns and Writing Websites

If you have listened to the programme and have feedbacks to give – please write to me at majid@mymajidwrite.com

The Books – For Direct Ordering.


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A Cry For Help! – Arab Management A Cry For Help!


The Sequel – Between Us Only! The Sequel


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Behind The Wheel! (India) www.myownmajid.com


Between Us Only! (Oman) www.myownmajid.com
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A Message From A Fan!

A Message From A Fan.

Please Keep Your Head High, Sir!

D - The SequelC - Short TakesE - Between Us Only!3 - BUO TS 32 - BUO ST 2Wipe My TearsUSA Golden Seal

Yesterday night a group of us good getting together friends were having a meal at this Arabian Restaurant in Ghobrah and the subject starting moved to your columns articles. And your call about more Omanis to be needed represented in the especially English press and media as it is now being controlling and dominated by Indian people mainly and also some British peoples.

You also called for more stronger quality powering Omani Managers in the Press and media. Believe me Sir that people mistake us to be not knowing and not smart people and they can fool and play with us. But if they cannot learn than they will never learn in future. We are not stupid peoples. We aware and knowing too.

So Ustaadh please rest now. You have said it but they ignore you and not listen. You have done your job and duty as few Omanis that really care and feel. You take rest because you are now done and take rest Sir. Look after family only now.

Like you always tell us to take care! Ever admirer and fan to you Sir. We will never forget you till end of us.

Please forgive my English.

Omani (Youth) Fan…

Importance of Family!

Family 2Family 1

Images Family – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Importance of Family!

One of the subjects that I have written intensively is on Family Theme. There is no need to invent the wheel – you can find some of them here by search ‘Family’ ‘Families’ or go here –





More here at www.majidall.com and at my books website at www.myownmajid.com

Family Quotes

  • A farmer who had a quarrelsome family called his sons and told them to lay a bunch of sticks before him. Then, after laying the sticks parallel to one another and binding them, he challenged his sons, one after one, to pick up the bundle and break it. They all tried, but in vain. Then, untying the bundle, he gave them the sticks to break one by one. This they did with the greatest ease. Then said the father, Thus, my sons, as long as you remain united, you are a match for anything, but differ and separate, and you are undone – Aesop (similar Arabic, Pakistani and East African)
  • None but a mule denies his familyArabic
  • It is not possible for one to teach others who cannot teach his own familyConfucius
  • Family is the most important thing in the worldLady Diana
  • All people are relatives, therefore expect only trouble from themChinese
  • Family are about love overcoming emotional tortureMatt Groening
  • If your nose stinks – you simply do not cut it!My Late Father
  •  With just a few coins more in their pockets – so many people change – for the worst!Me!
  • The fabric that bites your skin – is the same one that you are wearing!East African

Family Images – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Fam 1 Fam 2 Fam 3 Fam 4 Fam 6 Fam 7 Fam 8 ?????????????? Fam 11 Fam 12 Fam 14

Family Images – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

The 50th Anniversary of The Bloody Zanzibar Revolution!

The 50th Anniversary of The Bloody Zanzibar Revolution!

Today 12th January 2014 is the Fiftieth Year since the bloody ethnic cleansing Revolution in Zanzibar – and that is also full of deceit, double dealings, betrayals and letdowns!  

On the morning of Sunday January 12th 1964 – we heard shots from the suburbs family rented house that we were staying in MwembeTanga Mapembeyaani in Zanzibar. My late Mother had this very strong intuition – May Allah Bless her and my father – and all the parents – for eternal peace and the highest of heavens – for my late Father to come in! He was chatting with our neighbour who was in all aspects a full fledged local African – near a Telephone booth.

My late Mother told me – tell your father to come inside NOW! So I shouted to him. Lucky for him he heeded the call and came in. A few minutes later – these Africans neighbours of ours lay dying – after being fatally shot by some rogue elements (fellow Africans too!) They were randomly shooting at everything and at everybody!

That morning my brother and I had an argument. So he tore at the picture of a Chicken Cock I had put up! That weird action saved our lives – because all those houses that had this picture – representing the Ruling Party were butchered in their homes… Read on! 

Revolutionairies[1]Zanzibar_revolution_graves2[1] Zbar%20riot%20c1961[1]44050[1] imagesCAUX6C1F oman-zanzibar[1]

  1. Images – Zanzibar Revolution 1964 – Killers and Killed!


Extracted from – The Glass Is Bent! – Book 9 – Short Takes 2 – Between Us Only!

4 - ST 2 BUO

Short Takes Two – Between Us Only! 

***Aged 14 – 12th January 1964*** 

The shot rang out! They have killed my son, the Mother cried out to the rest of the Family huddled inside. Everybody was crying! We have lost our son, the Mother cried to the Father. The shot rang out again. It was all quiet outside the house, nobody knew what was happening. The one who said he was a Police Official and had lost his job – because of you peoples – had taken the boy outside. I want your eldest son, pointing his pistol at the family. I want to ask him some questions.

When a loaded pistol is pointed at you, there is hardly anything you can do, even if you are many. Besides, this was a new experience the family had never met before. An armed man who comes into your house, and wanting to kill someone because you come from that group of peoples who had made him lose his Sergeant job – though he was not an Islander, but came from the Mainland. From even a different country for that matter. And another faith too!

Like they say, what goes around comes around! If you do good things to peoples as part of your family’s focus and aspirations, you will be recognized – and good things will come back to you. The other armed men were now shouting to the Ex Police Man, what are you doing to the boy? They are innocent peoples, they respect everyone. Besides, they just came to this place. Leave him alone. They were pointing guns at him. Give us your pistol, they said to the man. The man gave it up unwillingly. They hit him by the butt of the rifle. He fell down. Now run they told him – or we shall shoot you next. Like also in each basket, there are good and bad fish or fruits – take your pick!

Your son is alive – the men told the family – Do not cry! He shot at him, but he missed him! It is God’s wish to send us to save you all. You need to come with us, to come to the refugee centre. This town on the outskirts are no longer safe for you peoples. The boy went in, they all hugged him – including his younger brother who was always picking fights with him, trying to undercut him being the leader of the pack! 

***Now – 7th June 2009**

Now – I was watching this film. Just a few days before my birthday two days back. The bullied man was saying to the ‘stronger man’. I do not care, you know what? I am happy as what I am. As I am. You think you are better than me? No, you are not. I know what I am, I do not need to think of who I am. I am proud of myself. I know my strengths and my power points, my shortfalls – and whatever you want to say about me. Do not expect me to be like you, and follow you? You think you have won? That you are master of your fate? No, you are just kidding yourself. You only think in your mind that you are better than me, but you are not. You cannot create me, nor can you change me. I am what I am – like I said am proud of myself!

I sympathise with the man. I remember that day clearly. When my strongest of the country adversary – not sober and completely not in control of his faculties – said to me – Do you know why I hate you as your boss? Do you know why? I said, No Sir – I do not know why! Then he retorts – what kind of a person are you? Always trying to look good and be nice? Always the Actor? The one who is always after a popularity contest? To impress and show off to peoples. Pretending you do not smoke. You do not drink. You have no other vices? Whom are you trying to kid? I know you well. 15 years ago this was!

And then that call at 2 am at night 15 years ago again. I am going to board my plane now, the expatriate British man said. Please M – Do Not Change! Remain as you are. Follow your ethics and principles in life. Your focus. You think you have lost? No, you have won. You are far better than all the rest of all the competition to you put together, including even the top ones. They wish secretly they were like you, but cannot be. You care and feel for people. They know it, and cannot accept it. I can tell you now – one I am not sober, and two I am leaving your country forever. I respect and esteem you a lot, forever you will be on the top of my honours and respectable list. Please don’t change!

5 years ago in that other place, it was the Messengers of the place (from another country).Always the lower echelon who felt more. Two weeks ago in my own country, as I was leaving the place, one of the Expatriate Directors came to my room – he caught my hand and kissed it. He hugged me tightly! He then said almost the same very things to me. He was sad and desolate that I was leaving so soon.

I still have it in me – to touch everyone in one way or the other! That is me, and will never change. Hate me – like me – that is M for you!



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