A Question of Payments!

For Sunday – June 30th 2013.

Between Us Only!

The Payments Issues!

A Question of Payments!

  • I propose that we abandon our relations entirely. I shall lose nothing by it, for my own emotional tie with you has long been a thin thread – the lingering effects of past disappointmentsLetter from Dr. Freud to Discipline Jung in association relationships breakup in 1913.
  • Pay The Worker Before His Sweat Dries!Islamic Hadith

I have been watching now with increasing alarm, tensions, aggravations and apprehensions concerning the situation vis-à-vis due payments to people – customers, clients and others – and sadly from even well-established supposed to be high profile places – and to the extent that the situation just stinks of just malaise, decadence and decay only! It is so pathetic, disheartening and disappointing that words can no longer describe the situation anymore – and has gone over board for any retraction or retribution.

A long time ago when the rumours were spreading that our Consultancy was closing down – we saw the true picture of people and what they really were ‘when the issue of money’ came in – and they showed us their true colours and mantle that they were hiding so long as the situation was rosy and good – and business was still going their way!

Payment 1 Payment 2

Images Payments – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

You may not believe this but in a way with the Arab expression ‘that from evil came great tidings’ – or as the Brits say – ‘the rainbow after the rains’ – to come into absolute shock and dismay of how nasty and ugly people can turn when money issues come in! There are no borders – and all the red lines are crossed – quite easily too!

In one of the situations that the East Africans call carving your face – kuchonga uso – a good friend of mine took me to one VIP business man with a lot of companies under him! He is surrounded by Expatriate Managers in his family business – and one who frequently even visits the home for dinner uninvited! We were at his house one day – me and my Indian lady Assistant – with even a previously arranged appointment to meet in his house!

We were put in the waiting room – and asked politely if we wanted any soft drinks, tea or coffee? My Indian Assistant as usual just asked for a glass of water – which she hardly drank – but that is a different story for now. The parting remark of the attendant was ‘boss and family’ were having dinner – and with my usual put my foot in my mouth style started joking ‘why boss did not invite us for dinner – especially as he knew we were coming? The poor attendant fidgeted quite intensively – not used to such wise cracks – and what to answer instead! Anyway, this great expatriate Assistant came out with him – after the dinner – and hopefully there were vegetarian food there too – or the person was not observing anymore!

Payment 3 Payment 4

Images Payments – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

This person from the beginning was against ‘helping us out’ – though he had admitted years later that he could – if he really had wanted! I reiterated to him that it was God’s mysterious ways of working – because that is how I had ended and moved to writing – and becoming an Author of 8 books, Columnist and Writer instead! Something that I had always aspired to and wanted as a kid – but knew my ‘father would have killed me’ metaphorically speaking – if he knew what was in the mind of his son then! For the rest of my life what he said to me I can never forget – though forgiven – when he abruptly said to me – Why should I help you? Tomorrow you will live in a posh area, drive a big posh car – and what will I get in return? You mocking and making fun at me?

Some years later – I never learn my lesson – a friend took me again to his office this time – for ‘finding me a job – to pay off my bills’ – and as soon as I had entered – and here the appointment was made in advance too – he picked up the phone – and was telling the person at end of the other line – He is here now – he is looking for a job – but I will not help him! I guess he was so excited to ‘fix me’ that he did not know what he was really doing – or the evil side of him got the better of him!  What hurt me more is not his words – but knowing whom he was talking at the other end! Though I too have forgiven – but the wound will never heal – and it is best to leave these things to Allah God only!

We are again talking of SMEs! But SMEs cannot stand late and delayed business payments – especially when it comes to postdated cheques! PDC – the famous that even the ‘guys that do not speak any English know what it means! Including delayed car installments payments. Again it is Ramadhan – and Great Offers all coming up – but the person who was expecting his payments – and did not receive them in time – is exposed and in great danger of his personal freedom, movement and liberty – if he has taken such a car on installments – and he did not get paid in time!

Payment A PAID

Images Payments – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

The lapse and delay in some especially public places can go over 6 to 9 months even – but the PDCs cannot wait that long. Like I had said in my last week article – The Land Rover story – ‘we have great ideas – but lousy not transparent implementation methods and systems – and not even ethical, not principled and not professional also! Unless these things really change on the grounds – we can all be given a copy of Animal Farm by George Orwell – as ‘standard business manual to read – and keep!

When I was working in my last oil company – there was standard regulation that Suppliers and Invoices etc. must be settled within 40 days – and it was implemented in the system as a follow up and counter check in the systems to follow. Yet in some of the places – even public places – you get excuses like ‘we are very busy – but we will pay! Or the more annoying ones – The person in charge is away – for whatever reason – and we will follow up when he returns! Does this mean that if the person is away – no payments gets done? Why not recruit more Omanis? There are a lot of Omanis qualified out there still looking for jobs – or for changes and better prospects!

The sad and tragic part is that if payments are due to them and are delayed – especially the expatriate lots – the poor fellows – they get hit the most! Even they can freeze their salaries – until they bring the monies in! No wonder they prefer expatriates to these jobs – but even them are now resisting – because the situation has simply gone overboard – and no one is accepting this anymore!

I always believe this – it is far easier to destroy – and one smart aleck can destroy all the good works done by many for many years!

What more can I say now? Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

The Jobs Applicants!

For Thursday – June 27th 2013.

Between Us Only!

The Jobs Applicants!

  • Our young men have proven over the past years that they are people of resolve – Abdicating Emir of Qatar in favour of his son speech June 25th 2013.
  • Every day I wake up a little afraid. Only a fool is never afraid! – Ron Meyer
  • If you do not tell the truth about yourself; you cannot tell it about other people! – Virginia Woolf

I read now with great interests about The Jobs Applicants – and how that from the so-called for interviews lots – that many do not turn up even – or if the minority do – they turn down the offers as too little! And not to their expectations!

I do not know what has really happened or changed – but a few years ago the situation was not that rosy! Whatever jobs that were offered – people ‘ran to grab’ – the only issues remained of high demands and expectations – and of people moving around jobs – and changing for even as little as Omani Rials 30 in the ‘live examples’ per se that I had handled myself – and in trying to talk to them and to convince them ‘not to leave’ – because we had a career plan for them – and were looking at their best interests – even if it may take a bit longer!

Engineering Students

Learning on The Job!

But the wait was better – for their overall interests and benefits! Some of them listened – but many did not! Years far later in life I see them in the very same jobs and levels – whilst their peers that were more attentive to good advices and wisdoms – have moved on – to higher levels! To levels that even for some of them were pleasantly surprising – and least expected!

Craft Engineering

Engineering Craftsmen

I know personally of many cases that some that are now Senior Managers and Directors – but their ‘rolling stone gathers no moss’ peers are at best at middle levels – and that too if they are lucky! That happens to you when you leave a good decent place – for another with a few more Rials – and who are more interested in poaching others trained – to ‘boost their egos and Omanisation figures only – and not really interested in the person in reality – or what he represents.

Generally this happens in mainly expatriate management run companies – and everyone knows this! Does not even need to be said – but as the good Brits say – ‘that is how the cookie crumbles! Despite so many things happening – nothing much has happened in these places in reality – with exception of the new media gimmicks of ‘office parties and long services recognition awards – but apart from that nothing concrete or in reality! The PRO and the Clerk is still there – same levels – years on – years out – whilst his peer is a Supervisor, Asst. Manager – or even a Manager – in the place he left and quickly abandoned for 30 Omani Rials more! It is very sad and pathetic in reality!

Young Graduate

Young Lady Graduate

There is an expression that says – Do not kill the messenger. Over 10 years ago – in my first book I wrote about ‘The Rebellious Teenagers’ – giving live examples – but as usual people do not like these to hear these things – and want to be fooled by always hearing only good news – not the other lot! It is still there – and people can still read it!

In one acrimonious Management meeting – even before this – can you imagine? I had cautioned about the problems of jobs – and the flimsy excuses we were giving at the time of turning away job aspirants – and yet people will always compare ‘apples to oranges’ – when they see many other expatriates – and in large numbers – still working there! If I were in a place where people read my columns – and act on my advices – I firmly believe we could have avoided a lot of things. Yet in this meeting I was clearly sidelined and marginalised – and for a long time after that! For the first time that year I received ‘Just Satisfactory’ performance bonus – when in many years before it was in the superior levels – as a personal message and affront!

Science Lab Students

Science Lab Students

I find it very satirical that the same peoples that are now retired too – telling me that they ‘heard me loud and clear’ – and really appreciated my personal sacrifices vis-à-vis my career progression and prospects! But the part that makes me find it more jovial and pun – is saying ‘we were just following orders – do not blame us’! I guess even the Nazis cold tell the same to the 6 million massacred Jews in the holocaust – if they wanted to! Or in Rwanda – and so many other examples!

Going back to the Job Applicants. In one of the places I was working there was an Omani girl Engineering graduate and SQU too – who had applied for a Secretarial job that we had advertised to replace the expatriates – as ‘jobs reserved for Omanis’ – at least at those times! I asked her point blank if she was crazy or what? She told me – I come from the Interior – I know no one with W here – and even our own do not help us! And I am the only bread winner now – with my sick parents resisting the urge to marry me off to a richer man with 2 wives already – till I finished my studies!

Omani Lady Manager

Omani Lady Manager

When the good American CEO came on a visit from Dubai – I told him this heart rending story of this young Omani girl! The good man told me – You are the Country HR Manager – and make a proposal so we both can recruit her in the Secretarial Slot – but we will move her to look after Logistics and Inventory – which is the ‘nearest Engineering’ job that we had at the time! It was done – and she was recruited.


Omani Lady Engineer Image – For Demonstration Purposes Only – For All The Images Above.

Yet this same girl had gone to many local Engineering Companies – run by expatriate Management. And they told her the very same thing – we do not have any Engineering jobs now – but we can take you in Admin. Admin being the dumping grounds for University graduates – and these same firms are everyday now in the days in various campaigns – and winning all kinds of ‘home country awards’ – and for what? For deceiving and hoodwinking peoples – because like in this case they would have had to train and educate her – and there were no ‘good American CEO and caring local HR Manager’ around! Forgive me – for blowing my own trumpet!

What more can I say now? Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

‘Old Wine in New Bottles?’

For Thursday – June 20th 2013.

Between Us Only!

‘Old Wine’ in New Bottles!


Or Things Have Never Changed!

The Oman Daily Observer of Thursday June 20th 2013 – http://main.omanobserver.om/node/168461

Before I start on today’s topic – I need to make some important pertinent points before I begin!

Firstly, I have tried my level best to avoid writing on this topic in order to give a chance and break to the new emerging enterprises in Islamic Banking. I thought to myself it is too early now to start to criticize and accuse – give the guys a break! A chance and an opportunity to do their thing – First and foremost! At the back of my head dawned the thought that people like always to criticize – and even our Great Prophet tried his best – but still was not able to succeed!

Images – Islamic Banking – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Islamic 1 Islamic 2 Islamic 3

It also dawned on me that you simply cannot please everyone. If you try – you will end upsetting everyone instead. The great Lady Margaret Thatcher used to say – or to words that were similar – Those who sit on the fence get pelted by both sides! So you need to stick with one side – and hopefully pray that you have made the right choice! Admittedly business is business – first and foremost. And there has to be a framework and guidelines too for modus operandi.

I was also driven to remember my good relations with my Bank – and how they have assisted me greatly. A human being must always remember the good and kind things done to him – otherwise he is no longer a human being. Also one must learn to forgive the bad things and parts – even if it will be very difficult at first to forgive! But one must forgive too – even if the forgetting may take longer – or may not come out after all!

An employee of Bank Negara Indonesia (BN Islamic 5

Images – Islamic Banking – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

I had also contacted on my own some Banking Senior peoples I knew – and gave them what is the beef all about! What is eating people and upsetting people too! There was a column here written too by one who himself works in the Banking sector – so what I am going to say next gives credence and credibility too.

What is our main fundamental problem? Like in my article May 2003 – The Land Rover Story – Episode 12 –  Book One – July 16th 2003 – Good Ideas but (bad) Implementation – this over 10 years ago – I said the very same things. We have good great ideas – but we fail miserably and dismally in implementation – and putting things into perspectives and in practices.

The usual jealousies and envies always crop in – plus being polarized, subjective – and not seeing the bigger picture – or thinking outside the box! The Shell International Company has a slogan for it – The Helicopter Quality! Seeing the picture from above – and you being detached from it! My usual M style here – just to divert a bit – my ex boss got very upset with me when I said that helicopters have the knack of crushing down – and if one knew what was keeping the helicopter flying – one would never go up in one!

Long time ago, when I wanted to start my Consultancy business – it was suggested to me to try one of The Youth Funds – but I was told that I was over 34 – so could not be considered! When I tried other places I was told I was over 50 – so could not be considered either! I wrote an article on this too – over 10 years ago – titled – Sorry Sir; You Are Over 50!

It talked of failing miserably in business – and as an Omani HR Professional trying to get a full time employment after that – and that too failing – and after opting for voluntary retirement at 50. Though you had over 10 to 15 years of still good needed experiences – and working capabilities – but nobody cared or bothered – you as being the local!

Islamic A

That is unless you sweetened the bitter pill a bit – by ‘sugar coating’ of saying you are ONLY looking for a Temporary or Project job! Though admittedly, there are still professional expatriates crossing seventy – and still working! It seems that once you are reaching 55 and as a local – it is better not to bother people – and just go with what you need for you – to the graveside and wait for your time to leave this world! Scrap and useless!

Admittedly, with the recent developments there has been seen some few areas of improvement. Like still allowing you the Credit Card at limited levels – unless you have solid collateral. Or some restricted facilities till in many cases to 60 years old – and some few to 65 – like the new Islamic Banking – but that too after much W and pleadings. After that age – the book is thrown at you – because it is believed you can drop dead at any minute – so take care my friend! Leave us alone!

No one knows how long we will live – or what is going to happen to us in the future! Long time ago, I signed a Bank Loan for a young Omani at 28 years old – 2 weeks later he died in a tragic road accident. He easily got a personal loan – and a large amount too – that I would never had dared to take at his age!

We are now again talking of SMEs – but there is this expression – once bitten twice shy! Frankly, at one time I had even considered to do very drastic things that would have disappointed everyone – even those that hate me – and treat me as an adversary. Only my upbringing – and family support – and few friends one had – and my Religious Beliefs had stopped me! It is terrible when you fail in business – and you have no W – that is why even today the idea of business again will never enter my head! Once bitten – twice shy!

The other day, I met this guy at the Social function. He was saying to me – Write about these things! And a friend on the side volunteered for me to write on ‘writing off citizens’ loans’ – until one cynic and sarcastic guy said – This will never happen! They may even prefer to count the money – and throw it in the sea’ – as our good Pakistanis like to say – than to give it to you! Why should people ever think like this?

Unless people really are pragmatic and wise to see the bigger picture – to be objective and see and think outside the box – you will excuse me by saying I will always remain sceptical and cynical of all the ‘New things and changes’ – because like I had said in The Land Rover Story – All this is more due to the ‘red tape’ and the difficult bureaucratic policies and practices – many that are unethical and unprofessional too!

Lack of patience, perseverance, compassion, humanity, feelings and understandings. Worse are even that everyone now is joining the league ‘to beat up and batter’ the poor local Omani investor in the market – especially if you have no money – and W! Imagine this was over 10 years ago when I wrote this!

The Policies and Procedures Manuals – many outdated and out of fashion – need to be revisited. The Financial Institutions and The Monitoring Bodies and Associations need to come in to keep abreast with the latest trends, traits, changes, outlooks and perspectives! And being more pragmatic, ethical, professional and compassionate!

God Gave us eyes to see; ears to hear and a mouth to speak also! The word Islam means Compassion too – and not everything in life is money – or can be counted!

May Allah God Guide us to The Right Path and Ways – Amin. Amen.

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

With sincere and due apologies….

My Arab Psychology Book Wins US Golden Seal Award!

Full Cover SoftMy Arab Psychology Book Wins US Golden Seal Award!

The US Review of Books!

It is from the womb of art that criticism was born – Charles Baudelaire

The US Review of Books connects worldwide Authors and Publishers with Professional Reviewers. It is an independent free running body – and the books and Reviewers are chosen at random order.

My books USA Trafford Publishers sent me this note – which is very good news on my Arab Management book – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! – Context and Perspectives. My book had won The Golden Seal Award – and is shortlisted for the prestigious Eric Hoffer Award.

See The Golden Seal Stamp on The New Cover – plus Write up back cover by them!

The mere fact it reached this stage – and competed against books from well known world Authors and Writers – and some of them being great Researchers, Professors and great Literary Artists is an achievement in itself – as it was my first Arab Management book! More information at www.myownmajid.com – I am pleased to share with you on our success!

 B         The Book Review

The book was reviewed by one John E. Roper – USA – Quote –



“It is only by building on existing strengths, and moving forwards on established capabilities that economic maturity can be achieved and rising living standards maintained.”

Writers approach their craft with a variety of motivations. Some search for fame, others for fortune, and still others because spinning words together is one of the few things they are really good at. Some, though, write because what they have to say is burning inside them, and the only release is to share with others what has so inflamed their emotions. Such is the case with the author, whose passion for his people and his culture has driven him to speak out against the problems within Arab management practices so that, as he says, he can one day tell his grandchildren that by writing books he did something about them.

The author approaches his topic as an insider. Having worked extensively in the global business environment and in human resources in particular, both with Arab and international leadership, he has seen firsthand the shortsightedness, prejudice, paranoia, and autocratic tendencies of many Arab managers as well as the unfortunate fact that motivation and morale are frequently higher among Arab employees when someone other than one of their own countrymen is in charge. These observations have gnawed at him, and he questions not only why the situation within the corporate world is like this but also what can be done about it.

As an Omani, the Author offers great insight into his own country’s management issues, but he is quick to point out that many of the observations he makes can be applied to businesses throughout the Arab world. While the subject matter of this book will mainly appeal to readers approaching it from an Arab perspective, students of international business can also learn a lot from the author’s research – Unquote

C         What The Book Had Said!

As aforementioned, the book is about Arab Management issues and aspects – with personal experiences, exposures and examples of the Author stretching over 35 years experiences in Management and Human Resources – and as a Consultant, Advisor and Expert for over the past 10 years in a number of companies.

Book Theme – This is a no punch spared, no barrels held, no frills and no play stuff book but to be as open, frank, sincere and honest as far as is possible – in deep soul search and self-analysis – so it can be a learning process for this generation – and for others to come in the future.

Continued – Author’s Note – For a long time now, I have been putting off the idea of writing this book – though it had been on my mind for a long time now. The mere idea of writing this book scared me to bits and pieces – for many valid and pertinent reasons.

As Arabs, work is worshipped (Islamic Religion calls on us to respect work like as if it is in praying!). We are also brought up to be polite, courteous and decent (at least a majority of us). Abrupt, ugly, rudeness and distort are discouraged. Also it is not easy to say NO – as part of the culture, customs, traditions and heritage. So what went wrong here – especially in Management circles? Why are we behind the rest of the world, despite all our riches and resources?

I hope you will enjoy the book. I have tried to be as frank, open, forthright, honest, sincere and genuine as I can – as Readers who know me can give credence and credibility to me and will vouch and authenticate my works.

I have not spared myself, so there is just for it to be honest, sincere, genuine and hard hitting – sparing no one. Just No One!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

June 18th 2013

Not Designed To Compete! www.bethesafedriver.com


Not Designed To Compete!

My Road Safety Website –


  • Posted on June 16, 2013

After Compliments;

From My Heart!

You simply cannot change the hearts. minds and souls of people that are jealous and envious of others – and some that I would even go far to say are polarised influenced and racialists – even if they pretend that they are not!

Some centres are well known for their prejuidiced and narrow minded outlooks! Trying to change these people is like banging your head against brick walls – it only gets swollen and red for no added advantage or profit!

When I had designed this website – with the help of my Daughter Engineering Graduate – it was not intended to compete with the bigger NGO ones. It was merely to support my book Being The Safe Driver! Behind The Wheel! The New Road Safety Book – www.createspace.com/4097374

Being The Safe Driver - Front

Oh My God!this-final-book-cover-300x21511.jpg

I was very much hurt and pained by receiving some comments like – Do not expect any kind of support from us because you are not a NGO – and we do not support Individual Schemes like yours! I have also tried to keep in contact and in touch with some High Profile VIPs – but have been largely sidelined, marginalised and ignored!

They only want to remain alone in the news! Nobody else to come in!

I do not know how long these bad hearts and approaches will continue – these jealousies and envies?? It is a bloody shame – a disaster.

I did not write the book or create this website for ‘favours’ from anyone! Trust me when saying this!

I did it because I believed in the cause very strongly. It is my contribution to The Society – to give what I can give and afford to give! If some want to think differently – they are welcome to do so. No one can stop one to think what one wants – or intends to think or do!

Besides I am a 65 years old Omani – retired and with minimum pension income. I wrote the book after seeing this poor young Omani girl at 28 years die tragically with 9 members of her family in a terrible horrific accident!

And seeing the horrible tragic everyday news of Road Accidents fatalities and injuries – everyday in the news! I said – I am an Author! I should write on this! The book idea then formed – and my contribution to Society.

I am not HSE – nor an Engineer. It was the most difficult book for me to write – over 6 months! It is a subject I am not familiar with – and hardly know!

May Allah God Guide us all in the Right Path and Way – Amin Amen

I was very much pained and hurt by some crude remarks received by some after the books were published (USA and India Version). What for? And why all these things? Because it was me who published the book? And the website?

Yet these same peoples go to pray – as if butter will not melt in their mouths!

I am not after Fame and Popularity – if I were I would not be in this position today.

As a result I will not update this website with the Latest News – because my work is already done. Appreciate it or not!

Cover the others as much as you want! I am not jealous nor am I bitter – but my conscience (and heart!) is clean.

Allah God Be With You All – Amin Amen

But it is still so sad and disappointing – that is why we will never succeed or progress. The jealousies and envies will always control our minds and thoughts – and the things that we do! Thinking always Inside The Box and Can Never See The Bigger Picture!

Shame really! Bloody Shame!


Majid Al Suleimany – June 16th 2013.

Extreme Cruelty Capacity!

Extreme Cruelty Capacity! – The Oman Daily Observer – Sunday June 16th 2013

A           The Syrian Situation

It is very hurtful, painful, sad and tragic to see people that have been co-existing and living together for ages in peace, harmony and understanding go on the rampage in massacres murders in cold blood – sparing no one including 14 year old boys, women, children – and even babies!

Syria A

Soon to Be Slain – Syrian Carnage – www.majidall.com – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

What has the world come to now? That we have forgotten all the preaching and the coming of our great Prophet PBUH – our Religion, Teachings and Beliefs? Those people that should know better – including the Religious Leaders and Elders – let alone politicians alone – and those standing to gain and benefit from the continued fighting – and instead of bringing people together – we add fuel to the fire by causing them more divisions, disasters, calamity, havoc and catastrophe!

Syria 1 Syria 2 Syria 3

The Syrian Calamity – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

And for what? How long will you live in the world? Wait for your eternal damnation and hell fire from the moment you are in your grave to eternity and hell only! Live it to Allah God – because Allah God is The Best Judge – Amin Amen.

Burma 1 Burma 2

The Rohingyas in Despair – www.majidall.com

B        The Rohingyas of Burma

All over the world people are protesting – even from those countries that were once a model, symbol and example to others – like Turkey was! In Spain, Greece, all over in parts of Africa, Latin America – but where the silence is more chilling is what is happening in Burma with the Rohingyas – and a lesson in life to the so-called Religious Leaders and Campaigners – when desperate people clinging for a last hope – even run for shelter to the very same places – where they could be easier and faster be coldly be massacred!

Yet everyone is more interested in their (Burma) economy and opportunities for investment – rather than people and human rights and values! After all – who cares for the Rohingyas – they are poor people – with no oil or anything else to give! Shame on men! Shame on humanity!

C          The Slain British Soldier – Lee Rigby

1 - Lee Rigby

The Brutal Senseless Despicable Slained Soldier – Late Lee Rigby – www.majidall.com

A senseless cruel despicable act! The killing of one innocent person is like killing a nation!

We hear it being said everyday – day in and day out – but we have become so deaf we cannot hear anymore – so blind we cannot see anymore – and so dumb that we cannot speak out anymore!

We do not need such converts – Return from where you came from!

4 - Scene

Crime Scene – www.majidall.com

3 - The Victim Family

The Victim’s Family – www.majidall.com

2 - Brandishing Killer

Confronting The Killer! – www.majidall.com

After working a day at the Tower of London, British soldier Drummer Lee Rigby was returning to his barracks in Woolwich when a vehicle swerved and struck him. Two men came out of the vehicle and attacked him with cleavers causing him “extensive and serious injuries.” The two men moved his “apparently lifeless body” and remained on the scene until police arrived, when “both were incapacitated and detained.”

A Michael Adebowale, 22, has been charged with murder and with unlawful possession of a firearm. He was discharged from a hospital last Tuesday and has been held in custody since at a police station. He made an initial court appearance last Thursday.

This has nothing to do with Islam; this has nothing to do with our religion. This has nothing to do with Allah. It has nothing to do with Islam. It’s heartbreaking, it’s heartbreaking. – Ahmed Jama, a 26-year-old Woolwich resident said – as he laid flowers down at the scene as a sign of respect to the families involved.

We would like to emphasize that Lee would not want people to use his name as an excuse to carry out attacks against others – The victim Rigby family said in a statement issued last Friday

He loved life and he loved people – the family statement said – he had many friends from different walks of life — some with different religious beliefs and cultures. But this made no difference to Lee. He always treated others with the greatest of respect – the family said.

I watched the Rigby family ruefully cry on Television. When the Mother said – We were all worried when he was in Iraq and in Afghanistan – but when he returned home – we thought he would now be safe! Poor lady – she made me cry too! She forgot the evil cruel minds and hearts of some men – with great capacity of being cruel, destructive and hurtful.

People need to come to their senses now – before it is too late for mankind! However many missions you send in unmanned drones flights attacks – however much intrusive and penetrating you are in personal freedoms, values and liberty – there will be no peace in this world – when flimsy excuses are given to attack others – and use the clout of threats, divisions and embargoes still continue unabated!

When people are still displaced in their lands – and others from far away with no rights at all – come to occupy their lands – and 65 years on still live in tents and are still being displaced! Use all the acronyms and bad adjectives you want to describe and define things – but the truth still stands – and will still remain the same!! Open for all to see! Hear and speak too!

The sooner we realise all these things – and come quickly, sensibly, pragmatically and wisely to our senses – the better for everyone! And for the world too!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Good News! My Arab Management Psychology Book!


From Trafford USA Publishing!

The USA Review of Books!

Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!


B - Psychology Book


Dear Majid Al Suleimany,

We would like to congratulate you for qualifying for the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence.

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The US Review of Books

Psychology of Arab Management Thinking

by Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

Trafford Publishing

Reviewed by John E. Roper

“It is only by building on existing strengths, and moving forwards on established capabilities that economic maturity can be achieved and rising living standards maintained.”

Writers approach their craft with a variety of motivations. Some search for fame, others for fortune, and still others because spinning words together is one of the few things they are really good at. Some, though, write because what they have to say is burning inside them, and the only release is to share with others what has so inflamed their emotions. Such is the case with the author, whose passion for his people and his culture has driven him to speak out against the problems within Arab management practices so that, as he says, he can one day tell his grandchildren that by writing books he did something about them.

The author approaches his topic as an insider. Having worked extensively in the global business environment and in human resources in particular, both with Arab and international leadership, he has seen firsthand the shortsightedness, prejudice, paranoia, and autocratic tendencies of many Arab managers as well as the unfortunate fact that motivation and morale are frequently higher among Arab employees when someone other than one of their own countrymen is in charge.

These observations have gnawed at him, and he questions not only why the situation within the corporate world is like this but also what can be done about it.

As an Omani, the author offers great insight into his own country’s management issues, but he is quick to point out that many of the observations he makes can be applied to businesses throughout the Arab world.

While the subject matter of this book will mainly appeal to readers approaching it from an Arab perspective, students of international business can also learn a lot from the author’s research.


Jean Sabela

Customer Service Representative

Author Solutions

1663 Liberty Drive

Bloomington, IN 47403

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The Bigger Picture!

For Thursday – June 13th 2013.

Between Us Only!

The Bigger Picture!

The Old Styles and Ways Do Not Work Now!

Before I start on the main topic, I do not mind sharing with you on my experiences what I call as ‘The Changes That Have Come In The Society’ – just to illustrate and demonstrate on the points that I am going to make next.

A         The Bigger Picture.

The Great Minimum Wage Debate – First of all – one important thing – that we so-called Writers and Columnists have to put at the back of our heads when in writing – is this valid and pertinent point. You must realise that all the points that you are raising for and against a particular point or aspect is that people have already thought and considered on those points – including the ones that I am making now! There is no inventing the wheel – nor is it because that we thought about it and in making the point – we are the only smart intelligent people to have thought of such things – and the others are bumbling fools!

Images – Looking At The Bigger Picture – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Changes A Changes B

Images – Thinking Outside The Box – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

It is true, though, that we have full rights to express ourselves – our thoughts, worries and concerns. No one is denying this. But not everything in life can be counted – there is always a need to look at the bigger picture – or think outside the box even. It maybe a decision that has many wants and faults – but under the circumstances – it is the best decision that you can make. I had made similar assertions in my last two weeks article ‘Ending Relationships’ – so I feel no need to repeat it all over again here. You can find the article here in my website above.

B         The Changing World and Environment

You may well look at this as something minute and trifle – or if you want to go sceptical and sarcastic – by saying there he goes again – talking about himself! But it is the truth – that pragmatic and wise people are those that can see changes coming in – and have learnt to adopt and welcome these changes – and in making them work for you – instead of against!

My granddaughter who is only 5 was looking at my Images in my phone – and she asked me a question that took me a long time to answer – after it being repeated for an answer. She asked me – Granny – why in many of your photos you look so sad? She was the same girl who was so delighted to see my column photo – and telling everyone prepared to listen to her – Granny is in the newspaper!

Changes 1 Changes 2 Changes 3

Images – Changes ! – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

I look at this scene and compare it to my children – yes my children’s scene was still far better than mine with my parents – but there is nothing in comparison here! The grandchildren generation is more inquisitive, searching and demanding! They have the knack to want to know – and to tell their story – and to be heard too! That is where the main difference is!

C         Things Will Never Be The Same Again!

In our time – if a grandchild even dared to ask the same question – he or she will get a slap ‘for insulting granny’! And that is where our main issues and troubles begin – by looking at things from our perspective and our backgrounds vis-à-vis them! The old guards outlook! The old conservative outlooks. A different perspective and outlook from reality in the grounds.

As an ex Human Resources professional – I have seen the differences in reality on the grounds during my tenure and life in HR. Those Staff that we recruited in 1970s are not the same that I recruited 2 years before I retired – and certainly vast different from my tenure as a HR Consultant 10 years on – till I decided to quit for good 1 and a half years ago! I still get temporary HR project works now and then – but I politely and tactfully decline – after the ‘nasty experience’ of being surrounded by demanding dynamic youth – You are the Consultant – where are the jobs?

Changes 4 Changes 5

Images – Looking At The Bigger Picture – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Yes they may be accused of being far from reality – and having high expectations and demand! Like my good granddaughter volunteering to buy me a car at the age of 5 – I will buy a big car for you! – And after asking me – Why don’t you go out granny! Children have the knack of picking out pieces of conversations – and memorising them.

Even if I thought of it – I would never first dare ask the question – let alone volunteer to buy a car for my grandfather – because of instead of him laughing and taking it all in – I would be lucky to get the retort – first finish school and college – get a good job first – and then consider to get me a car! If not at least one of the more late conservative grandfather giving me a nice slap in the face – if not him then my late father or uncle!

D         The Simple Basic Truth

The simplistic but yet basic truth is – the society has changed. Find all the excuses you want. The both two working parents! Being looked after housemaids! The housemaids becoming the role of housewives – whilst the wives are more interested in the offices than homes – because the former is where they get their salaries from – and the later is all headaches! Blame it on the satellite and dish television. Blame it on the Internet – Facebook – Twitter etc. Find all the scapegoats and excuses – but the bottom line is that society has changed – so more the Youth!

They do not only speak Arabic – but they speak good English too – even some French and German. They are interested in other people – their languages – their outlooks and perspectives. Yet they are very nationalistic – patriotic – and demanding. In one of the places I was working there was a sign outside the door – written in Arabic and in English. It just said – Sorry No Jobs To Offer. As I was getting out from the closed entry offices – this youngster comes and confronts me – Uncle – he politely says to me – I can read the sign. But you forgot to add the same sentence in Hindi – because I can see a lot of them there working in the Offices through the glasses! I looked at him for a long time – till the poor boy started to fidget – because I had no (satisfactory) answer to give back!

It is at such times that I wished that I had all the money, power and authority to recruit as many as I could – even if it brought down my own Consultancy by being kind and generous – because we simply could not afford it. You may call me naive – but I think ‘being afraid’ was more appropriate – or if we want to go wishful thinking – wise and pragmatic!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

June 11th 2013

My Other Column Website at www.majidall.com

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My New Books Stocks Have Arrived Now!

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Majid Al Suleimany




June 11th 2013

No One Has Called!

For Sunday – June 8th 2013.

Between Us Only!

No One Has Called!

Sometimes, I feel it is just easy to empathize with people that lament ruefullyThere is nothing new here – it is all the same ‘old wine in new bottles’! I can appreciate the frustrations – because I have seen it all myself. Lately, the situation has just gotten worse – not for the better. It all goes in line with this increasing lack of care and feelings – and aloofness! People have lost interests in their jobs – and you have more ‘zombies’ at work than real caring and feeling people – and that are really concerned about their image, reputation and standing! The outlook of nobody cares – so why should I?

The sad ironical and tragical part is of having the latest technology and gadgets in place – but in reality nothing works. It was better in the old days of going through the operator – and if he or she likes you – or knows you – or the ‘W’ thing – you get connected to the right section and people – and he or she may even ensure that your problem or situation is solved – by being personally interested! But even in those old days – if you upset or annoy him or her – you may be transferred to an unmanned number that there is always no one there! The phone will ring and ring – and then you end using obscenities and foul language – and end up more like that 4WD stuck in the sand – the more you try to pull out – the more you get stuck in the sand!

Call 1 Call 2

Images Call Centre – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

You would have expected that with an automated answering system you will be better off – but you can get moved to number to number – and before you know it – taken out of the system even – with no one there even prepared to have given you at least the opportunity to be heard! There is nothing more annoying than to be played lousy music tune – with lapses of statements like – ‘Your call is important to us. Please wait for someone to answer your call – as the lines are all busy’ – or something similar!

If the music is good and you like it – than that is fine – you can give it a go to try to wait and be patient! The most upsetting part is using ‘religious hymns’ in the system – and especially good messages and themes – that are more played out than really adhered to or practised! Besides the point – not all who call are local – remember the 35% of the people being non locals!

Call 3 Call 4

Images Call Centre – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

So you are now very upset and angry! It is time to visit the website – and tell them what you really think. The connect is more interested in what you think of the website – rather than ‘what is really eating you – because the Call Centre does not really work – and you have been moved from place to place.

In one incident I remember I ended up with the Human Resources section – because I wanted to complain to someone about how I ‘got treated’. Luckily, I knew the guy at the other end – and gave him ‘my beef’ – and he helped me out! But it soon then turned sour when the cute voice called me again ‘to rub it in’ – Sir, did you get someone to complain to? – she sneeringly and smirkely added in! Just to show the level of carefree and indifference. I did not have the heart to call back to HR!

Call 5 Call 6

Images Call Centre – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

So now you decide to use and send an email. Trust me when I tell you this! It simply does not work either! Especially if you are like me and ‘copy others’ – this seems to upset and annoy them more. If you call now and make reference to your email – you get a sarcastic reply – I thought that you had sent it to (boss) – and I thought he (boss) was going to reply you. You did not address it to me – did you? Oh did you mean only to you?

If the Big Boss knows you well – and he is afraid that you might write about it in your column – his secretary or if you are lucky you will get an email answer – I have asked H to call you – and see what we can do for you? You wait a few days. H has not called – No One Has Called! You write back – No one has called me! 10 days later a young girl – junior of H then calls – Yes what can I do for you?

Call A Call B

Images Call Centre – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

The voice looks young – but for sure she must have seen my file – and know that you are an elder person – but the way she talks to you is as if ‘you are a mischievous annoying person’. That is it – it soon leaks out finally in desperation – you did not need to write to everyone and copy everyone – the Call Centre could have easily solved your problems, Uncle! At least – finally!

Survey form with a tick placed in Outstanding checkbox queue-cropped

Images Customers’ Satisfaction  – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

The other time I had an issue I decided to go and visit – rather than use the phone. I met this beaming nice gentleman – he quickly solved my problem! But even here he curtly added in – M – emails do not work! Next time you have a problem – call me on my Mobile GSM – or leave a message. Better still – just drop in! Anytime! Yes thank you – but what about the Call Centre? M – You were in HR – you should know better!

Message received – loud and clear! Over and Out! No one has called – but I did call! And did visit too! Anyway – yesterday I became 65! No need to raise glucose levels or get more grey hairs now!

Take Care!

Majid Al Suleimany – 65 years old today ! 🙂