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The Burning World!

For Sunday – April 28th 2013.

Between Us Only!

The Burning World!

If you are (un)lucky like me, you will note that your Doctor knows more about you far more than you can ever imagine – sometimes to most discomfiting and embarrassing levels – even before you have fully explained to him your full symptoms! Normally I try to see him – but this time I was given instead a very charming (pretty) lady doctor instead! She then told me that she would have to do some tests on me – and if I was feeling being embarrassed by being seen by her – maybe I was emitting body signs unknowingly! Anyway, as I was being seen by her – in walks my usual regular doctor excusing himself why he could not see me – but in parting remarked – Not depressed again? Have you started watching the news again? I just dismally and nonchalantly smiled – and say nothing in return!

Syria 1

Burning Syria 1 – Images For Demonstration Purposes Only

I was teasing Great Madam Wife – GMW – that maybe I should write my 9th book – this time a Novel? I was telling her I wanted to write about the family seeing so many new films now made out of family based stories – but then she cautioned me that if there are some still not speaking to you – this time if you do – then majority – if not all the family – will not ever talk to you – especially if it is going to come out in a film! I have a very good story to tell the world – so I view at the ‘opportunity costs’ – as she is absolutely right here! So I end watching the news to pass my retirement time!

The other day a good Indian friend of mine called me that his company in Sohar was looking for a temporary HR Consultant – and if I would be interested? I had been to the place before – and seen ‘the pushing for getting jobs’ – so I politely and tactfully declined! At this stage of my life – and not being that healthy-wise – I do not need the hassles and the headaches – even if the pay is good. I assure you it is not a ‘question of sour grapes’ – but I remember what our late father used to tell us – The one who denies you beans – has just reduced your gas intake!

Syria 2

Burning Syria 2 – Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

The truth be said  that Al Jazeera Television has done us Arabs great and proud by its popularity and intake – and its coverages and programmes. I was amazed to hear that even in USA and Europe – if there is an issue – like the Boston rally incident – people have turned to Al Jazeera to get ‘reliable truthful news’ – and that is a feather in the cap for Al Jazeera Television!

Some of the Arab World programmes shown recently in Al Jazeera Television have shown the link of past history and incidents to current events and happenings – and that is quite expedient and revealing – at least to me! Their deep self soul search analysis and break down of events and happenings in history – and their linkages to what is happening now!

Syria 3

Burning Syria 3 – Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

In truth and actual fact, one is even shocked and baffled to the core as to why it took that long to unfold in what is really happening now on the ground! The reduced effect in enormity and delay in the repercussions and outcomes is shocking beyond belief!  The outcomes are to be expected and natural of wronged peoples – and the injustices and blatant disregard of human values and justices.

That even the coming of the Great Prophet PBUH – we still can do these things to one another! When a sceptic remarks that’ more Arab blood was spilt by fellow Arab guns – than from our adversaries’ – and you have no alternative except to agree with him – makes a triumphant victory for those bent to belittle and to discredit us!

Syria 4

Burning Syria 4 – Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Then I watch the news in the other places – the earthquakes – the floods – collapsed buildings – the rampage killings and destructions of innocent lives – including children and women – the destructions from falling missiles – and the slaughter of even babies and children – from the weapons coming out from the sky! The ironical and sad part is the person who has directed the onslaughts goes home in peace and comfort to his family – his wife and children – whilst killing of the other families and children – is just ‘carrying out orders – and doing one’s job’! Human beings are sickening – and worse than even the animals at their worst case scenarios!

Syria 5

Burning Syria 5 – Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Then there are the demonstrations for jobs – looking for jobs – afraid of losing jobs and benefits – looking for ‘more money’ – lost incomes, investments, savings and pensions. So many stories of once nice decent good peoples – now on bad times – and of such same people committing or tempting to commit suicides – because they have lost everything – and life is not worth living anymore!

Reminds me decades ago of a relative girl with a son – who called me in desperation – saying she was contemplating suicide – because she was ‘not happy in marriage and her husband – and husband family’ – but I did not take it seriously then – till I learnt the hard way too late that she actually did it! And all the time listening to ‘the inner voice’ of do not get involved – or the involvement could turn more serious and sour too!

Spain Protests

Demonstrations in Spain

Whatever belief and religion you have – the fundamental and basic teachings and preaching are the very same – because subduing, turbulent violence, brutality and aggressive methods and styles solve nothing – as the programmes show! Past incidents of over 20 years come out in the open again – and again from time to time – ever again! Like I always say – the very same things – and sometimes the repetition just becomes stifling, mundane and boring!

Basically, we human beings have the same needs, worries, concerns and fears – as well as what we like and do not like! This is because the human being is essentially the same – regardless of race, creed, religion, color, ancestry, and ethnicity! And always stressing the need for change in a way and will that will foster more patience, tolerance, and understanding – between people, society and nations!

Like my good Indian friend says – something in Hindi – I forget – Karma and the other word – but something like ‘just desserts (sweet)’ coming to those that deserve it – and or as our good friends the Brits say – what goes around; comes around! Or the East African one – If you destroy someone’s house – your house will also be destroyed in due process! Sometimes after you have conveniently forgotten too! There is also this tell-tale sign of the end of the world – when somebody dies – and you feel jealous that it was not ‘you that had died instead’!

Now do you see why I was seeing the doctor now? May Allah God redirect us all to the right path and ways – Amin. Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Holier Than Thou!

For Wednesday – April 24th 2013.

Between Us Only!

Holier Than Thou!

Whosoever has in his heart, even a atom of pride he will not enter paradiseThe Islamic Hadith

Holier Than Thou – being self-righteousness – is a feeling or display of – usually smug – moral superiority derived from a sense in one that one’s beliefs, actions, or affiliations are of greater virtue and importance than those of the other person. It is the acting like one is superior to others, condescending, patronising, belittling and ridiculing others! Always exhibiting an attitude of being superior – of being virtuous; self-righteous and in being pious compared to the others. Like riding that high horse – looking down on people – and with their heads in the clouds attitudes, approaches and focuses.

Proud 1

Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

People will simply not change in this. This is a very big disease in society now – has always been – and will continue to be! With a few Baizas more in their pockets – people always change for the worse – not for the better. If there is one subject and topic that I have covered intensely – than this is one of them! 10 years later after my first column – and still writing on the very same topic now!

That tells and says a lot of things! Will people change? I do not think so – even if bad things will happen to them! Once they are back and have recovered – they are back again! Just the same way we drive! After seeing a nasty accident – we drive carefully – only to revert to our old selves – after some time – and distance! The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story – though Mr. Hyde always wins!

Holier Than Thou

I will agree with you fully that it is easy to preach – to practise is something else! Frankly, during to my heyday – when I started my consultancy business – and business was booming – I was accused by a family member that with my powerful SUV I was threatening a small saloon car full of youngsters – who had cut in front of me – and were joking and laughing aloud – that they had beaten me to the only left car park slot – though I had already indicated I was turning into it! Last two weeks I was laughing to myself – because this same person who was able to get a similar powerful SUV was doing the very same thing this time – only this time it was on a high way. I looked at him – and smiled – but said nothing! Why do so – when I needed the ride?


Sometimes people think that because they have been working for so long at a certain place – then they have become indispensable and irreplaceable! They think no one or anything can touch them. Especially if it is in a field that their services are really needed. It applies to both locals and expatriates – in rare cases even to those on visit visas – but do temporary and consultancy works in between. Or doing jobs that should by laws and regulations be done by locals – but instead they are occupying the positions!

Arrogant 2

Even if there are no such laws or regulations – but common sense and logic just dictates that these jobs must be done by the locals themselves! For their own protection, preservance – loyalty, well-being – and future, destiny and legacy. I really admire those countries that were (or still are) under boycotts – despite all odds they are still able to survive – and continue to produce – simply because they put their own people – first and foremost – and paramountly too!

Though I was a citizen in that distant land – but they had removed me from my first assignment to the more sensitive position in the Defense Department – because at that particular time – they were not sure of my loyalties – and compounded after the bloody Zanzibar Revolution sagas – and its aftermaths! They transferred me to the lesser Ministry of Finance – where I was seen as a ‘lesser risk’. Yet I handed the job over with no grudges – because though did not agree with them – could not blame them even! We do not do these things in Oman – though some may tend to argue privately and in confidence. Whatever the case – we need – there is need now – to prioratise – because of changing loyalties, affiliations, associations and allegiances!

Arrogant 1

Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

I am talking here more on expatriates in such sensitive strategic positions more – unless there are real identified practical and needed reasons for continuing in keeping them in those positions. Last two weeks,  I read a letter from an irate Omani youngster – who is Media qualified – but still looking for a job – whilst we have so many expatriates in these positions. I got an email from a highly qualified Omani young girl – and still looking for a job two years on. She either gets ridiculous offers from not only expatriates – but from our own – afraid that this girl may prove to be a high flier – and their future boss even! How long will this antipathy and indifferences continue? I ask you?

A lot of good things have been done – and are still being done! A few years back I was stuck in a traffic jam with my then American CEO. As we watched – we saw two delegations from two opposing different countries pass in front of us. The good man remarked – You should be proud you are Omani! This is the only country around that can talk to both sides! I held back a tear – because who cares? It will just be wasted – again!

Unless and until, we do identify the ‘Old Guards’ in our midst – and start releasing them off for early retirements for example – things will just not move forward. There has to be meeting of the minds for things to move. In my earlier articles – I cautioned about ‘The Insiders’ that are people that are careful to oversee that nothing has changed – or moved forward. These are like the ‘cancerous cells’ in our body – and must be treated and or be removed – either tactfully and diplomatically – or in other ways and methods – if there is simply no changes!

And things have first to start with these characteristics of being holier than thou’ – or we can do whatever we want – because we are needed – and nobody or nothing can touch us!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own. Carol Burnett

The Blood In All Of Us!

For Sunday – April 21st 2013.

Between Us Only!

The Blood In All Of Us!

Frankly and honestly, I do not know about you – but I have yet to see green, blue or yellow blood! It is all red blood! If I show you a jar of blood and I ask you to guess whom it belonged to – your guess is as good as mine!


The other  week there was a good article by one famed Omani Columnist in the other newspaper about problems and repercussions in Mixed Marriages – between locals and foreigners – and how they are not able to survive the onslaughts and pressures  that they usually get from within the family and from outside the family! It depends from one situation to the other – but in many cases than one – it is the family ones that finally cracks open the marriage – even if there are children involved in the marriages!

This same week my sister-in-law – my younger brother ex wife – a British girl from Yorkshire – passed away in UK. The sad part is that the children with their children too splitting in loyalties and affiliations – with half taking on the S family surname – whilst the other taking the mother family side! Sadly my brother was not such an observing religious type – so those who followed his steps were equally not religious and observing – though the Muslim names had remained!


From The Archives

It reminded me of a film of ex Yugoslavia – based on real facts – where some ‘Muslim’ women were rounded up by the Serbs in Srebrenica during the bloody civil wars there decades back. The ‘comfort women’ were ‘shocked’ for such round ups – because they even ‘did not know they were Muslims’ – apart from the similar names – because they ate pork, did not fast – and alcohol was just a glass of tinted water! They enjoyed life to the core – like their ‘other fellow citizens’ then! Even in physique and resemblances too! And what if the differences are not even national – but more in ethnicity – like in the preceeding case?

There was a documentary in Al Jazeera Television I had seen a few days back about the bloody massacres in Rwanda – titled (A) Letter From My Child! It is about Shyaka – a 13-year-old boy with a disarming smile – is only now a few years younger than his mother was when she was raped in 1994. He is one of the estimated 25,000 children of the 500,000 women who were raped during the Rwandan genocide.

Although it is illegal, many raped women in Rwanda had abortions. Some killed their newborn child. Others abandoned their child. Most of the mothers who bore these babies never told their children the truth. Goretti – Shakya’s mother – is one of them. Shyaka is a smart, inquisitive teenager who has been asking questions about his father for some time now. And there are quite a few people in Goretti’s village who know what happened to her. People who know that Shyaka is the result of rape.


Image Shyaka – A Letter From My Child!

Beatrice Mukangenzi, a family friend explains: “When the children ask what has happened, a lot of mothers feel they have to lie. One says this, the other says that. But all of it is a lie. “The children feel that their mother lies because she’s not at ease. That is why children continue asking until they hear the truth. Talking about sexuality is a taboo here in Rwanda. Rape is not a subject that is talked about …. It’s sad. You are the victim … but when you’re raped, it’s as if it is all your fault. So a lot of women hide what has happened to them because they are afraid to become totally ostracised.”

The boy remembers that his mother used to beat him frequently – sometimes for no apparent reason – except for the love-hate relationships of the mother to the son – the internal conflict of being and remaining maternal  – and the son as a result of ethnicity rape case – and it reminding her about it all the time when she sees her son – and especially when the son misbehaves!

The boy writes – Dear Mum – When I became 9 years old … I started to think about my father for the first time. Because all my friends talk about their fathers – except me. I have nothing to talk about who is my father really is! . I asked you then for the first time about my father. I ask you: where is my father? I want to see my father. I hope you will be able to answer me! “– Shyaka, 13 years old writes to the Mother. The mother cannot read English – so the letter is translated by the aunt for him! Is Goretti going to answer the letter from Shyaka and tell her son the truth about his descent? Do not want to surprise you with an answer. Just watch the programme – or Google it!

It is very sad pathetic story of human injustices, paranoia, animosity and hatred of humans to one another – that even makes animals to be far better species than what we really are at our best! We see the same scenarios unfolding now in Syria – and that is the saddest and most tragic part out of it all now!

We used to joke sometimes – in bad taste – to our late father – his real namesake like him and the names – is half foreign! The poor old man smiled – but you could see he did not like the joke! But what else could he do – but just grin and bear it! It is surprising how death can easily bring families in together – from all the corners of the world – even if briefly – until the next time.

Frankly the children can understand – but it is more confusing to the grandchildren! One of them was crying to me – Granny – the children in school tease and joke at me. They tell me – go away you Arab! But I am not Arab – am I Granny? No – I ruefully say to him – you are not! Even if it is a half-truth! What else can I say to him?

Sister in law – H – you will always be my family! Rest in eternal peace – Amin Amen Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

New Book – Between Us Only! The Sequel – 3!

New Book – Between Us Only! The Sequel – 3!

The Book Extended Description

 BOOK 3 - ID 4153263

Between Us Only! The Sequel – Three! has been adapted from Majid Al Suleimany’s successful newspaper columns in The Oman Daily Observer. Utilizing the very best work from the columns he penned over the past four years, Al Suleimany touches on a wide variety of vital and riveting topics. The subject matter will be of interest to everyone from teenagers to grandparents, and from humble clerks to CEOs.

 Between Us Only! The Sequel – Three! focuses on the study of humanity, human needs, human interaction, society, and economics, as well as other areas. In fact, the author covers all socio-economic-political aspects of society, with an emphasis on working environments such as office space.

The author also addresses society as a whole, and the dire repercussions and consequences of bad ideas and thoughts that can be harmful to society in the broadest sense. Though many topics apply to Oman and GCC countries, the collection of columns organized by Al Suleimany offer a universal appeal because, in his view, society and family are quite similar.

According to the author, “We have the same needs, worries, concerns and fears—as well as what we like and do not like. This is because the human being is essentially the same—regardless of race, creed, religion, color, ancestry, and ethnicity!”

 The book will encourage soul-searching, deep analysis, and a quest to make the world a better place. It has been penned directly from the heart of the author to the reader. It carries many emotional personal family stories and encounters—including work experiences as a highly-qualified human resources management consultant.

 The book moves quickly, advancing without boundaries, and is careful never to get bogged down in politics. While critical, the writings are also realistic and practical, and stress the need in society for change in a way that will foster more patience, tolerance, and understanding.

 Yet Between Us Only! The Sequel – Three! is not without controversy. For readers who wish to study Arabic (and Islamic) approaches to the Middle East, the West, and other religions, the book makes excellent references relating to the post-September 11 world. The increases in religious fundamentalism and radicalization in society, and the fact that many youngsters are on board with these aspects, are also taken to task.

 The author, through his writings, offers up a tome that is part prayer and part preaching, desperately hoping for a change in the world that will produce a new and more positive direction. “Live and let live in peace, harmony, and co-existence,” is Al Suleimany’s mantra.

Bad Hearts At Work!

For Sunday – April 14th 2013

Between Us Only!

Bad Hearts At Work!

Accepted that it is quite unfair and unethical to generalise some life issues and aspects – but there is nothing that shakes me to my very foundation and breaks me into smithereens – than to find this thing as the on-going in thing nowadays especially! That is supposed to be so-called ‘some observing and religious people’ having the most mean, envious, jealous and bad hearts that you can ever find on the face of the earth!

Thus making just a mockery and façade of their practices and as being completely irrelevant and different to the real truth and reality! Give me an unobserving drunk but yet who has a good clean heart any day to these said individuals! You may well say that I am getting old and over sensitised – perhaps with bad experiences I have even become bitter, cynical and sceptical even – but if we real soul search and analyse ourselves – I think many people would agree with my sentiments and feelings here.

bad 2

Of course there would be some that would say – you have said it all before – so what else is new? Move on – let things be! You can simply never change some – unless they really need and call out for help! A good friend of mine even cautioned me that you are now becoming like those old type of records (18 and 43 rpm) that have been played for long repeatedly – and the music that comes out – unalike the new CD gadgets – of ‘losing the original touch’! Forget it – you have done your bit! Give us new topics – or move along!

Do people remember your personal sacrifices in order to see there are ethics, professionalism and transparencies – justice and fairness – at the work front? Not at all! The same people that you made sacrifices to are now teasing and talking about you behind your back! Just wasted efforts – wasted dedications and loyalties only! No one bothers to acknowledge – or to remember! If you are looking for reward or acknowledgement – then get it from The Good Lord only – and from no one else – family, relatives and friends included!

bad 3

Frankly, I can recall real live examples that I had encountered in my career life. Both deal with expatriates and as I came into the Companies. In both cases, the complaints were against in one a Very Senior Manager (my direct local boss!) and where they had complained to even the CEO- but nothing had happened. They thought my coming in ‘would solve their problem’.  In their words – you look like a person that one can talk to’ – unalike the rest! The complaint was the Top Guy making ‘continuous  very nasty racialist jokes’  on one ethnic expatriate group. The joke had lost its ‘original touch and taste’ and was now just annoying and upsetting them intensely!

The other was how Junior Expatriates were treated by The Senior Management vis-à-vis their contracts, renewals and terminations.- unalike the more senior ones! Please keep remembering the point that I was new and on a temporary contract in both cases. Not on full time contract basis. Despite all odds against me – I was able to solve both the problems despite these. That is what distinguishes a real competent professional ethical  HR  from the rest of the crowd. So whilst it is so easy to judge others and go by heresay – it is important to do your job in HR as being ‘the Company’s Conscience Keeper’! Both incidents are in my Arab Management books including many others too! My website

bad 1

All Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

It seems to be the in-fashion thing nowadays that the more bad things you do to others the more up career-wise and rewards you get nowadays. That is why people like us would always suffer. But I am afraid and scared of my Allah SWT God always – even if I remain unremembered and forgotten – and to rub salt into the wound – ridiculed and poked fun at!

This article is dedicated to one great high profile lady – whom I really respect and admire – and whose husband had died recently from complications of being diabetic. May Allah God give you patience and forbearance in this tragedy and May Allah God rest his soul in eternal peace in this world and the next – take him away from the punishment of the grave – and open the doors of the highest heavens for him – Amin

You will forgive me lady F – I really had tried to get him the job – so he could come back to Oman and be with you in his last few years before dying – but it was not left for me alone to make the job offer – though he had a better job offer in the same profession in the other GCC country! What more can I say now?

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money. Jules Renard

All The Combined Works!

For Sunday – April 14th 2013

Between Us Only!

All The Combined Works!

Even if emotionally precarious and not yet crippled!

    • Never play with the feelings of others because you may win the game – but you will surely loose the person for good! – Anon
    • Treat others as you want them to treat you because what goes around; comes around! – Arthur Wing Pinero
    •  Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money. Jules Renard

It has been said so many times before that there is nothing for surety and permanent in life except God and Death only! But then we human beings become ungrateful and disconcerting when good things have happened to us. We become proud, contemptuous, conceited, patronising and condescending – and our heads are held high in the clouds – and look down on all the others – and as if nothing untoward will ever or can happen to us! We become so sure and confident on this – that we just do not care or bother about others – and even those that look up at us – and those in need and support – and those less fortunate than ourselves!

Like so many times before – people have said the very same things about writing – that writing is the only profession that people do not consider you ridiculous if you do not make any money! I would know with boxes and boxes of unsold books at home returned from the bookshops because they need to make more space for other books where at least they get no complaints if the books are returned – and where more credit facilities and times are given than yours truly!

Time and time again I have said the very same things – I stumbled into writing – it is more a hobby and passion for me than considering it as a career or business opportunity. Let alone the returns being long and tedious – it is also unreliable and undependable. In my job as a Human Resources Consultant,

I was shocked beyond belief to find that even professionally qualified writers in jobs make lesser money than even well placed PROs for that matter! People look down on writers as something just average and mediocre at best – even if odd hours are put in – and the job is at the higher risk of job scales in personal dangers, harm – and even your own life too. If you read about what they write in places like Journalists Without Borders and find the number of people that have their freedom – and even lives – lost because of their writings – and what they believe in! There is no tool that can easily enrage and infuriate people than what is being written – and what people can read.

Sometimes the scheming and curtailing can be like in dramas and plays – and has to be done to show it being ‘decent, clean and neat’ – so other angles are looked at to pin you in. Even artificial and trumped up charges are being made – or even closed cases are being revived – just to pin you down and silence you!

That is why there are many emotions and traumas with Writers – and especially if the family are not supportive and backing the writer. Things said why do you waste your time in writing more new books – when the old ones are all over the house and not sold! I guess that is one way of looking at things in short focuses of money and profits being the trump priority cards! And focuses and outlooks!

Or when a foreign person calls you a local writer to ‘come and collect your (un writeable) books – because they are just occupying space – and we need to stock other books instead. That is why I wrote my article last week of ‘Biting The Hand That Feeds You!

It soon leads to troubles in relationships and in dealings – and even more worse when those that are in the same pot holes like you in writing feel they are better off by getting regular salaries in twisting and distorting what you have originally written and intended! I think we have seen those plays and dramas that even before it starts we know what the end will be – because we have seen it all before and just happening as expected to happen.

BUO BOOK 1 - short takes

Between Us Only! Short Takes – Two!

Having said all that I am yet still pleased to announce my two other new books – after The Road Safety one – Being The Safe Driver! – The books are a combination of all my articles in all my columns after the last Sequel Book 5 years ago – titled The Short Takes Two and The Sequel Three in the Between Us Only! Series.

BOOK 3 - ID 4153263

Between Us Only! – The Sequel – Three!

I am very confident, sure and certain that a time will indeed come – even if far away that future generations may ask where are the full works of MAS – and I want my great great grandchildren to be able to show – here they are – perhaps a Charles Dickens or George Orwell of the future! That time will come for sure – and I will be smiling in my grave – not turning! And those that are now famous and rich flying private jets and big houses and cars will have nothing to show – or be remembered by – but just their left bones in their graves!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Great Books For Every Reader! Ingram Trafford USA

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Great Books for Every Reader

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 A - A Cry For Help! (2)

A Cry For Help!

Arabian Management Services—Context and Perspectives

Majid Al Suleimany

SOFTCOVER l 9781426920622 l $54.00

PAGES: 556

A Cry For Help!

Written by Majid Al Suleimany,

A management expert provides a frank and honest discussion addressing the increasing extremism, fundamentalism, and radicalization in management styles and aspects of companies that belong to the Arabian Gulf Cooperation countries

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Biting The Hand That Feeds You!

For Wednesday – April 10th 2013

Spotlight – The Oman Daily Observer

Between Us Only!

Biting The Hand – That Feeds You!

And ending with licking the boot that kicks you!

In writing especially my book titled – A Cry For Help! – – I was astounded and shocked beyond belief to find that some few expatriates in good positions and in our country having rather very poor, dim and narrow minded extremely prejudicial biased and racialist outlooks on the country! The more shocking part is that they are courageous and brave enough to say all these things without any fear or inhibition – the audacity of it all! They do not even attempt to cover it with a sugar coating – but give you the pill bitter as it is! I wrote the book – but it was just like talking to brick walls – and just wasted futile exercise for simply nothing! Even one Western CEO admitted to me that ‘he could not believe such things happened in Oman – you do not desrve such things to be done to you!

A - A Cry For Help!

The Book – A Cry For Help! –

Recently I read two articles that still continued to shock me to the core! One article was one where a columnist (foreign) was indicating why he chose an airline that was not national to go home on holidays. Mr. Columnist has full rights to choose whatever airline you wish – but do we need the citizens need to know why the preference – and if there is anything you wanted others to know is between you and the National Airline (Oman Air) – we are passengers like you – and talking to us will not change anything – unless that is you want us too to follow you to abandon our national airline – for whimsical reasons!

The other was coincidentally a good Indian Columnist with his heart in the right place – and in remembrances – chiding a Westerner Blogger who is at the same time a Teacher in English at the University level in Oman – and residing in Oman – ‘is apparently full of malice and hatred for Palestinians and Arabs. His generalisations are morbid and so are his attempts to distort truth. Or what else can the reason be for such malice towards the Palestinians..? A good question indeed – and thank you very much for the bold daring action! I hope nothing would happen to you – we can only pray for the risk taking!

I thought these things had now stopped post The Arab Spring Uprisings – but you will forgive my ignorance – because I have been out of offices for quite some time now – and do not know what is really going on now! Incidentally, I am also being protected from hearing and getting bad news from my ‘caring advisors’ – because the last bad news nearly ended me in being hospitalised – being acute diabetic and with eyes problems on top!

I was actually talked out of ‘doing some rather unexpected actions’ on my part out of desperation and reciprocity seeking! What turned the tables for me is hearing my 5 year old granddaughter asking her Mum – Why does Granny look so sad and unhappy? Why don’t you ask him, retorted her Mother> The girl replied – I do not want to hurt his feelings more – and that did it! Our late Mother always used to tell us that sometimes messages that need to be given to us comes in the format of the innocent angels saying unexpected and unbelievable things to us! Just to caution and guide us accordingly!

A long time ago I was invited –n with other Staff – to a family home of one expatriate. I needed to go the gents – so I told my host my dilemma. I found it strange that he had to consult his Madam Wife first before showing me which toilet to use – which I found later belonged to the housemaid! The stranger thing happened next! As I was returning to the sitting room – I saw this big African parrot in the kitchen. Feeling like a cup of water I took a glass – and was drinking it when this upset and annoyed hostesses was drilling me what I wanted in the kitchen? This is not a place for guests! She verbally reprimanded me! Then she said ‘really awesome nasty things’ to her husband about my intrusions! Dinner was not served – but I pulled Madam out – and in the car explained to her why!

Next morning my good Western CEO wanted to know what happened at his deputy house? So I asked him point blank – do you really want to know to take remedial action – or just as a matter of courtesy – and nothing else more? So I told him – when I realised he really wanted to know! Soon we were on the loud speaking phone format with the chairman – who was kind enough to say to me – I want the CEO to know too – so we will speak in English! The poor Invitee did not know what hit him next – how it came into being – but there was a letter signed by him the CEO – and co-signed by me – The Head of Human Resources – for ‘regret that your position will no longer be required due to the emergence of two departments – and the other guy heading the department!

I guess as he was in the plane with his family he wished he was not so hospitable to invite the others to his house – company rented anyway! Sadly he had a very high well paid job – that he threw away – just because of his ‘biases and prejudices’ – and sadly and tragically against the people and the country that offered you the job in the first instance. I think he thought he was still in the other GCC country where such things still exist – but thank God – the doors are closing now in Oman!

A long time ago an Arab President had said – The friend of today can be the enemy of tomorrow – and the enemy of today can be the friend of tomorrow! With shifting allegiances and alliances – we need to prioratise – and watch things out now – who are our real friends – and who are not! We owe it to our destiny, legacy and our future too!

In one of the companies that I had worked – there was a circular for expatriates being posted to a certain country – that went through the Arab Spring storm! It just said – be careful of the office driver, the gardener, the cook, the office mate (locals) – because ‘they all work for the state’ – and will try to entrap you! Thank God I feel great and elated that we have a wise and benevolent leader – and the people are generally receptive in welcome and in hospitality – and importantly respectful of ‘the invited guests ‘ in our country. We have even changed our weekends to remain accommodating! What more do you want?

Take Care!