A Personal Message To My Fans and Readers!

A Personal Message To My Fans & Readers!

Dear All & After Compliments;

Ramadhan Kareem!

Whenever I go out (which is rarely nowadays!) and in social gatherings – I get the same questions – again and again – as to when my articles in Between Us Only! series in The Oman Daily Observer will resume? Or if I had tried the other newspapers like Times of Oman and Muscat Daily? I have – but did not succeed!

I used to write for Muscat Daily a few years ago with the Column Title At My Workplace! After a series of articles – and as I was under the impression of getting payments? – they said NO to me because they thought ‘I was just volunteering for free’! Nobody gives you lunch nowadays for free – so why with my articles!

Frankly I have tried hard with The Oman Daily Observer – but the new people there (The Old Guards and The Mafias Joint Scheme) are dead set against my articles – started with a ‘technicality’ to reduce my column schedule for only one per week! I had two columns – one Between Us Only! on Sundays and At The Workplace! (Offices Related) on Wednesdays. They started by removing the columns headings – so it showed I was writing two columns under one name! I refused to reduce my columns sequences – because we had a valid written enforceable contract – and two sides must agree to any changes! This was sidelined and marginalized – because no one in his right senses and mind can sue a Governmental Newspaper – and expect any favourite results – or inadvertently consequences and repercussions per se!

See what I am saying is this!

First – The East Africans say – If someone wants to insult you – he does not need to choose his words carefully! Because anything will do (go) – because the sole purpose is ‘just to insult you’! There is also the expression that if you are a guest in a house – the host does not need to tell you to go – and you have exceeded your welcome! Body signs and mannerisms would just do the trick for you to get the signals – that it is time for you to go now!

Also the expression – if someone denies you beans (mbaazi) he only reduces your gas (mishuuzi!) – with due apologies. Forget for now – Utakioona kilicho mtoa khanga manyoya! Now you will see how the turkey lost its feathers! Like most metaphors – it means something much bigger than just literal meaning!

Second – there is nothing that I have not covered in my 13 years duration with the said newspapers! Nothing – simply put! Even taboo subjects that most writers are scared to even border – let alone touch!

Third – All my articles are in my books. You can order them directly if you wish! Even the bookshops returned my books – and one is so notorious (expatriate) to even have called me to say – Come and take your books – they are just occupying space – and NOBODY wants to buy them!

This kind of thing can ONLY happen in Oman – because we are docile people – scared stiff of certain groups of expatriates that have come to dominate, control and rule us – that we bend backwards ‘in order just to look nice and sound pleasant’! – and we all compete for places to sound nice and good to them.

Mind you the majority of the expatriates are good decent nice people – who appreciate and respect the welcome and reception given to them as ‘invited guests’ in our country! But there are a few misguided and supported by some forces internally that think and act otherwise – and these are the people that do most harm and damages – and that includes stopping their few who dare to speak shut up – so we can still control and dominate them for longer still!

Allah God Help and Protect Preserve us all – Ameen Amen!

Fourth – You can still order my books directly as here below:-

Starting with the latest one

http://www.createspacecom/4304972         Wipe My Tears!

http://www.createspace.com/4153263        Short Takes 2 – Between Us Only!

http://www.createspace.com/4153269        The Sequel 3 – Between Us Only!

http://www.trafford.com/08-0890               The Sequel   – Between Us Only!

http://www.createspace.com                           Short Takes – Between Us Only! ***

http://www.myownmajid.com                        Between Us Only! Original – Blue Book.

Other Arab Management Books (2) and Road Safety now 3 – with Arabic Version – Behind The Wheel! here and at http://www.myown-ebooks.com and http://www.bethesafedriver.com

Fifth – Let me rest now! I am tired banging my head against brick walls – and making it red and bruised only! Besides, I am dead tired – and have learnt to let go of all the Excess Baggage I have been carrying for so long – and the losers is only my family and I!

I have learnt to accept my fate – and whatever will come – let it come now!

I have been known to have said so many times in the past – I told you so! But you did not listen to me! I can still say that once again – if needed to be said!

The Romans have said – Those that the gods want to destroy – they make them not see, hear or speak! Or us Arabs – There is no one so blind but with eyes – but cannot see! So deaf but with ears – but cannot hear! And so dumb – but with a mouth – but cannot speak!

A good friend (British) once advised cautioned me – if you were in Saddam Team – you would have ended shot – as the first ones too!

Let me rest now. I am now 65 – with different priorities – and the paramount now is my family – my children and grandchildren!

Please forgive me and with my due sincere and genuine apologies!

Take Care!

Ramadhan Kareem!

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

Wipe My Tears BUO ST 2 BUO TS 3 The Sequel Short Takes Between Us Only!

Hi MAJID – Sincere thanks go to you and your commitment to safety, improved learning and guidance.

 Take care – Regards,

Raoul Restucci – MD PDO!

Bye For Now!

Some of the Real Life Road Accidents Stories in the book!

 Some of the Real Life Road Accidents Stories in the book!

Full Cover

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Final Cover  cover-back





Hi MAJID – Sincere thanks go to you and your commitment to safety, improved learning and guidance.

 Take care – Regards,

Raoul Restucci – MD PDO!


خلف عجلة القيادة

ماجد السليماني

 Behind The Wheel!

 Majid Al Suleimany

Some of the Real Life Road Accidents Stories in the book! 

  • How The Idea Originated!
  • Rest In Peace – RAW!
  • It Is In The Book – It Is All About  Driving!
  • Please Pay Attention!
  • All In Red Blood!
  • See Me Fly!
  • Watch That Stop Sign!
  • A Taste of Patience! The Mohamed Al Araimi Story!
  • The Sad Lonely Boy!
  • Don’t Die Young!
  • It Is Terrible!
  • Very Sad To Share!
  • When The Younger Ones Go First
  • Children All Alone Now!
  • Are Your Children Safe?
  • The Angry Driver!
  • Don’t Drive Tired!
  • Suicidal Tendencies!
  • The Old Man Alone Now!
  • The Gone For Ever Smile!
  • Mummy, Daddy – Please Wake Up!
  • No Man In The House Now!
  • I Am Just A Killer!
  • I Can Hear You; Doctor!
  • NDE – Near Death Experiences!
  • Out From The Behind Seat!
  • Parents All Alone!
  • The New Driver!
  • The Teasing Teenagers!
  • The Flying School Bus!
  • Still In Shock!
  • The HR Manager – Staff Warning!
  • Come And See My New Car!
  • The Dead Father In His Dreams!
  • ‘Wrong Car’ Had Saved His Life!
  • It Is a New Car Model!
  • Road Argue Time!
  • The Van versus The Bus!
  • It Was The Wrong Turn!
  • The Scolding Father!
  • The Fly – It Caused The Accident!
  • Newly Wedded Funerals
  • When The Young Ones Go First!
  • Night Time Travels
  • The Young Reckless Driver
  • The Friends’ Son!
  • Wrong Job Relief!
  • The Elder Son Is Gone!

1 - Behind The Wheel Cover

PP Native Cover.4097374.indd


  • مذاق الصبر، قصة محمد العريمي
  • ملاحظة الناشر:
  • مقدمة كتاب “مذاق الصبر”، رواية محمد عيد العريمي
  • بقلم: الزاكي عبد الحميد
  • كاتب وناقد من السودان
  • قصة محزنة جدًّا
  • انظر حول مركبتك قبل قيادتك
  • لا تُمت صغيرًا، لنتدرّب معًا على القيادة الآمِنة
  • هذا الحادث وقع في عمان
  • هل أطفالك في أمان؟
  • تفاصيل الحادث
  • الابتسامة التي رحلت للأبد.
  • أمي أبي، أرجوكما استيقظا
  • أنا قاتل!
  • أستطيع سماعك يا دكتور
  • تجربة الاقتراب من الموت
  • من المقعد الخلفي
  • السائقة الشابّة التي حصلت على رخصة القيادة حديثًا
  • المراهقون المشاكسون
  • التحذير الذي تلقّاه الموظف من مدير الموارد البشرية
  • رجاءً تعال وشاهد سيارتي الجديدة
  • عندما رأى أباه المتوفى في منامه
  • السيارة الخطأ أنقذت حياته
  • إنها سيارة جديدة
  • شاحنة صغيرة مقابل حافلة
  • كان انعطافًا خاطئًا
  • إنها الذبابة! الذبابة هي التي سبّبت الحادث!
  • جنازات الأعراس
  • عندما يرحل الصغار أوّلًا
  • السفر ليلاً
  • السائق الشاب المتهوّر
  • أبناء الأصدقاء
  • الاعتقاد الخاطئ بالراحة التي يسبّبها التهرّب من العمل
  • لا غناء تحت المطر بعد اليوم!
  • إنها السيارة القادمة من الجحيم!
  • مركبة تعليم القيادة أم الانعطاف الخاطئ؟
  • قُتِلا عندما كانا يبتاعان كتبًا دينية
  • لا ينبغي أن يحدث هذا لسيدة طيبة مثلها
  • شجار بين زوجين ينتهي بالموت
  • تُركت الجدة وحيدة!
  • لا يا أمي لا
  • حادث السيارات السبع
  • لأنك دائما تفعل خيرًا
  • راكب الدراجة الهوائية
  • رحلة الحج التي انتهت بالموت
  • مَن أولى بالعناية في الحادث؟
  • الكلب هو السبب!
  • قتلتها عيدية العيد!
  •  هل كان طريقًا مختصرًا؟


Short Stories


Full Cover – Arabic Book – Behind The Wheel!

Full Cover – Arabic Book – Behind The Wheel!

Full Cover

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cover-front  cover-back 2 - Behind The Wheel Cover PP Native Cover.4097374.indd



Looks great I think!

Please LIKE and SUPPORT.

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany




خلف عجلة القيادة

The New Arabic – Behind The Wheel! Book Under Process of Publication!

Final Covercover-back 

ماجد السليماني

أن تكون سائقًا آمِنًا

  • أُخِذت بقراءة الكتاب، حتى إنني أعدت التفكير في ما اعتقدت أني كنت أعرفه عن السلامة على الطريق. رئيس تنفيذي لشركة بريطانية
  • تأثّرت كثيرًا بما ورد من قصص مأساوية مرعبة في الكتاب. مدير عام عماني

تشير الإحصائيات إلى أن سلطنة عمان من بين البلدان التي تشهد أعلى عدد من الحوادث المرورية والإصابات الناجمة عنها على مستوى العالم. ومع انتشار السلوكيات المتهورة في قيادة السيارات فإنه من الأهمية بمكان البدء في تغيير الثقافة السائدة في استخدام الطرق. يقدم هذا الكتاب الجديد والرائد البراهين الدالّة على أهمية التزام قواعد السلامة أثناء قيادة المركبة.

يحفل الكتاب بالعديد من القصص المؤلمة والمؤثرة مُبيِّنًا مخاطر الطريق والثمن الباهظ الذي يدفعه السائق جرّاء تقصيره. ومع تأكيد كبار المسؤولين على أهمية السلامة على الطريق، آن الأوان ليكون سائقو المركبات أكثر حذرًا في القيادة. إن هذا الكتاب القيّم؛ “أن تكون سائقًا آمنًا! خلف عجلة القيادة! سرد جديد عن السلامة على الطريق” من شأنه أن ينقذ حياة الكثيرين في أنحاء البلاد.

يفتح هذا الكتاب أعيننا على أهمية السلامة على الطريق والقيادة الآمنة، وذلك من خلال مجموعة من القصص الواقعية يسردها ضحايا الحوادث المرورية الذين يرغبون بنقل تجاربهم للآخرين ومشاركتهم الدروس والعبر لتثقيف سائقي السيارات في كل مكان في الوطن. يجدر بكل من يمسك بعجلة القيادة أن يقرأ هذا الكتاب الذي لا يُقدّر بثمن ويمكنه أن ينقذ الكثيرين.

مستلهمًا الحادث المروّع الذي ألمّ بعائلة زميل لنا في العمل يسعى الكتاب إلى تشجيع القيادة الآمنة حول العالم. ويأمل الكتاب من خلال سرد قصص الحوادث المرورية والخسائر الناجمة عنها أن يلقى صداه لدى القُرّاء. إن القيادة المتهورة دائمًا لها عواقبها سواء نتجت عن الحادث إصابات أو خسائر في الأرواح أو الممتلكات أو حتى صدمات نفسية. يمنح هذا الكتاب قُرّاءه الأسباب المقنعة ليكونوا سائقين آمنين.


Behind The Wheel! – Being The Safe Driver! 

  • Gripping read that made me rethink what I thought I knew on Road Safety Awareness! – British CEO
  • Touched my heart with such rending tragic horrifying stories – Omani GM

The Sultanate of Oman has one of the highest numbers of automobile accidents and casualties in the world. With such rampant and reckless automobile behaviors on the rise, there has never been a better time to change the culture and safety of our roads. With this groundbreaking new book, drivers across the nation will finally have proof in hand as to why they should drive safer.

Filled with heartbreaking and emotional true stories, this illuminating book shows drivers everywhere the dangers of the road and the true cost of negligence. With high-ranking officials across the country acknowledging the importance of road safety, it is time for drivers everywhere to be more careful and drive safer. An invaluable road safety tool! Being the Safe Driver! Behind the Wheel, New Road Safety Novel can save lives all across the country. 

This eye-opening book emphasizes the importance of road safety and careful driving through a collection of real-life stories from accident victims who share the hard experiences and lessons they learned in order to better educate drivers everywhere. A vital read for anyone behind the wheel, this priceless book has the ability to save lives!

Inspired by a horrific crash which took the lives of a coworker’s family, Being the Safe Driver! Behind The Wheel! strives to encourage safer driving across the world. Filled with dramatic, true stories of accidents and loss, the book’s poignant moments are sure to resonate with all readers. Whether an accident results in injury, property loss, or simply a shaken emotional self, reckless driving always has consequences. From horrible injuries to destroyed families, this enlightening book does a fantastic job of giving all readers reasons to become safe drivers.

1 - Behind The Wheel Cover    Being The Safe Driver - Front


Need To Be Really Serious!

1 - Wipe My Tears A - A Cry For Help!
The Need To Be Really Serious!

On 7th June 2014 by Allah God Blessing I became 65 years old! Allah God Is Merciful! Allah Is Compassionate! Ameen Amen

A very good Indian friend of mine called me to wish me birthday greetings and to talk about the advertisement I had put in the newspapers as below –

Omani HR Management Consultant Expert Advisor UK educated and trained retired PDO 25 years experiences all aspects HR Training Development Omanisation etc. looking for temporary job 8 to 1 pm or Project work majid@majidsuleimany.com

Typically, he asked me if anyone from his company had contacted me – because being in Management – he knew that they were looking for a full time experienced HR Professional (Omani) but have still not found one that was meeting their requirements and expectations! He wondered aloud with me as ‘to why they did not grab this opportunity’ being thrown at them? I said I would not do – but he should know better as he was working for the Company – and he was in Management himself!

Frankly, I have received some offers that included:-

  • Selling Life and Insurance policies.
  • Logistics (Temporary job) related.
  • Sort of Senior PRO job (Temporary) – You have driving license Omani?
  • Customs Clearances job!
  • Other jobs not related to Human Resources
  • Petty offers for real HR jobs that they will not even pay lower end Visiting Consultants and Experts – but can be offered to Omanis – by fellow Top Omanis Owners, Managers – and also Expatriate ones too!

Nothing has changed much on the ground – and the mindsets have remained unmovable and unchanged – despite changes all around them – and all the rhetoric and façade of pushing Human Resources, Training and Development, Omani Recruitment and in Omanisation aspects!

As a LinkedIn member, I get so many requests from young Omanis for connections – ‘Looking For A Job’! My heart breaks out and burns when I look at their profiles and I find that many are educated and qualified – but lack work experiences! Still yet no one has come forward to offer them a break or an opportunity! I know of certainty of my niece educated and trained in Oman in a Omani College with Omani Credentials and Qualifications in Human Resources – two years down the line – with No Job Offer – despite HR being the rage – and most talked after subject – even before SMEs and Self Employment per se!

Many of them have had their families educate and train them – or now have to pay back Educational Assistance loans that they have taken from the Banks – which places a heavy burden on their families – causing rifts and strife at home – even bordering domestic violence syndromes! Some have lived very difficult and hard lives – in order to survive in teaching and educating their children! Some have even sold their villas and extra cars in order to improvise and survive – with no let out or light at the end of the tunnel! With family strife – and breaking up of the families – and their youngsters jobless wandering off ‘to lost give up ways’ – bad company, drugs and violence trends!

Every day I look at the newspapers – and find adverts from ‘Visiting Oman’ Applicants looking for a job – many of them highly qualified and experienced – and who are ready to accept far low packages offer ‘if they work at home’ – or not formally linked to the employing companies!

The bitter truth is that many of the General Managers and CEOs are Expatriate controlled – and even the few ones by locals are by The Old Guards that prefer ‘no rocking of the boat’ – and want expatriates under them so they can ‘control them’. Similarly the Expatriate ones want meek docile not strong characters Omanis under them – more as a window shopping exercise – and for façade, showoff and rhetoric mainly!

That is why they prefer to promote ex HES, PRO and Admin Clerks as HR Managers – so they can do their bidding – and can agree to be controlled – both by The Expatriate Mafia = and The Weak distrusting Old Guards – that simply do not value our own – and like I always say in my writings – like that General that ‘shoots at his own troops’ or ‘friendly fire’ in military terms! Forget about ‘collateral damage’ for a change!

How long can these things go on before the cinder fire burning heatedly deep inside explodes?

Yet we see all around the havoc and destructions live on Television – from neighbouring countries to far – some brewing internally – and some already on the surface – starting from a minor thing like 20 students graffiti to ‘destruction of the whole country’ – to farcial elections of new leaderships in failing environments – with more to come still?

Like the Arabs say too – No one is deaf but with ears but cannot hear – blind with eyes but cannot see – and with a mouth but cannot speak! Or allow others to speak! Or as The Romans say – Those that the gods want to destroy – they make them not hear, see or speak!

If things can be done to Senior Qualified Experienced Omanis – even in High Places – that should know better – and lead by examples – away from repeating things in rhetoric and façade – acts and pretenses – like in Animal Farm by George Orwell – the Fundamental and Big Question to ask here is –

How can the Young Omani fare in The Private Sector with everything working against him all around!

You be The Judge – and You Answer The Question!

No wonder they wanted to Kill off my columns as soon as they could!.

This is My Last Call! I am really – really – really tired banging my head against brick walls – and making it swollen and red only – and The Real Loser – again and again – is me personally and my direct family only!

We Need to Be Really Serious – before it is too late for everyone – and we lost that thing that we dearly loved and valued – by not preserving it – letting it grow and prosper – by our selfishness, bad hearts and intentions – by polarization – and failing to  –  

Stand as One! Under One Flag – One Nation – One HM! 

Destroying all his Great Works – and failing to appreciate and value his personal sacrifices – that has made us today hold our heads high with dignity, respect and esteem! 

May Allah God Direct us all to The Straight Path and Way – Ameen Amen 

I did not put any pictures – because ALL THESE THINGS I HAVE SAID BEFORE! 


Take Care! 


Majid Al Suleimany

June 9, 2014





Majid Al Suleimany Websites!

Majid A  Majid B

Majid Al Suleimany Websites – Active!

June 7th 2014.

S / N Majid Al Suleimany Websites – June 7th 2014 Theme – Type  

Website Address

01 Majid Al Suleimany Books – 1 www.majidbooks.com
02 Majid Al Suleimany Books – 2 www.myown-ebooks.com
03 Majid Al Suleimany Books – 3 – New www.myownmajid.com
04 Majid Al Suleimany Columns – Original www.majidall.com
05 Majid Al Suleimany Family / Personal 1 www.majidsuleimany.com
06 Majid Al Suleimany Family / Personal 2 www.majidalsuleimany.me
07 Majid Al Suleimany First Website www.alsuleimany.com
08 Majid Al Suleimany Opinion www.majidsn.com
09 Majid Al Suleimany Professional www.mas-trac.org
10 The Road Safety Awareness Website www.bethesafedriver.com
11 My Short Takes (Stories)! www.myshorttakes.com
12 My Articles & Writings – 1 www.majidwrite.com
13 My Articles & Writings – 2 www.mymajidwrite.com
01 Between Us Only!

N.B. – Closed down due to Columns have been ended in The Oman Daily Observer!!



02 Majid Al Suleimany Personal www.majidalsuleimany.com

All My Websites – Active

Download Above File.

Happy Surfing! Enjoy!

Today I am 65!

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

The Top VIP Called Me!

A Call From A Top VIP!


Psychology Book A Cry For Help - THIS A Cry For Help Trafford Great Reads cropped-usa-golden-seal.jpg  PDO Talents Day PP Native Cover.4097374.indd 1 - Behind The Wheel Cover

I was really impressed yesterday when one VIP (Public) whom you have to address with His Title first called me and told me that he was looking for my Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! here in Oman but was told that the book WAS SOLD OUT!

Similarly for A Cry For Help! Both books are Arab Management Books by me!

Frankly I have got emails – but never a call before!

I was overwhelmed!

So I told him I have a few copies at home and will deliver to him. He insisted to send his Driver – and pay for the books – which I affirmatively rejected.

I delivered the books to his Office. From Security to Reception to His Office – it was overwhelming warm and kind reception.

His Secretary in parting said to me – Thanks for the good services to our Nation! 🙂 !

I was really overwhelmed!

Frankly The System Works! Even if belatedly…!

On Saturday 7th June 2014 Saturday Insha Allah God Willing I will be 65! The Best Early Present For Me!

Take Care!

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany



Please Support Us Omani Authors and Writers!

Please Support Us Omani Authors and Writers!

Special Recognition for my A Cry For Help! Book

Communications received from Trafford Publishing USA that they are investing 50% for Strategic Marketing and Advertising of my Arab Management Book – A Cry For Help! – Context and Perspectives! – Arabian Management Series by Majid Al Suleimany – published by USA Trafford Publishing!

This is the confidence that they have on the book!

As a special concession they have agreed that my 50% – USA Dollars 2700 can be split in 3 installments.

As you all know I only live on my Pension Salary now! 😦 !

I am also looking for support for my Road Safety Awareness books –

Being The Safe Driver! – http://www.createspace.com/4097374http://www.bethesafedriver.comhttp://www.myownmajid.com

Behind The Wheel! – http://www.createspace.com/4655681http://www.bethesafedriver.comhttp://www.myownmajid.com

For The Banks and Financial Institutions etc. – the CSRs of Corporates – please note that not all things in life is Money and that there are National Worthwhile causes that may be too slow and even may not generate even any profit – but the cause is still worthy of mention, recognition, merit and award.

I wrote an Appeal Letter to two high Prestigious Banks – and they just ignored me! One was an Islamic Bank!!!

May Allah God Direct us all to the Right Path and Ways Amin – Amen – and Restore our Compassion, Imaan, Faith, Mercy, Kindness and Compassion AMEEN . Especially in the coming Holy Month of Ramadhaan – Ameen !.

If you feel that you want to help or contribute write to me in the Emails below –




A Cry For Help USA Golden Seal

A Cry For Help - THIS Psychology Book PP Native Cover.4097374.indd 1 - Behind The Wheel Cover