Not Recognising and Valuing Our Own Writers!

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System Failure! Not Recognising and Valuing Our Own Writers!

  • Life cannot defeat a Writer who is in love with writing , for life itself is a Writer’s love until deathEdna Ferber
  •  Simply calling yourself as wise men does not make you as such. People will judge you by your character and behavior only! – Famous

It is a shame to see that this conference was not used to incorporate All The Omani Writers, Columnists and Authors.

A good Indian friend called me to want to know more (maybe he knew already?) – but I replied to him that I did not!

If these sites will not make an impact – nothing else will!

My Books Websites –

Or is it crimes because we write in English?

These things of rivalry, jealousy, envy, polarization – and not recognizing and valuing our own – need to end!

I wrote to The Oman Daily Observer – who print my columns – and whom I have given complimentary gift copies to All in The Features Columns – including the Top Guys too! NO ONE RESPONDED – as usual!

It is a shame that these kind of things are happening in our country now – after all the things we have seen live happening in others – starting with just a school graffiti!

Bloody Shame on us!

Now we hear of Angola banning Islam and breaking down of mosques!

What is next?

As an Omani – Arab blood and Muslim – I hold my head down low with shame! Real Shame!

Maybe we do not meet the mark because we write in English? Maybe!

Allah God Protect and Preserve us All – Amin

Disappointed Sad Citizen

Majid bin Said bin Nasser bin Zahor bin Salim bin Ali bin Masoud Al Sulaimany

I guess this poor man – my late father – is turning in his grave!


My Late Father – PBUH!

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Winner of The USA Gold Seal of Literary Excellence 2013 – For An Omani???

What Women Do Not Say! Domestic Violence!

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For Sunday – December 1st 2013.

Cry 1 The lonely girl

Images – Domestic Violence – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Between Us Only!

What Women Do Not Say! 

Domestic Violence!

  • Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent! – Isaac Asimov
  • Never let a man put his hands on you without your permission! – Melda Beatty 

In my role as a Human Resources Professional – I have met many cases of victims of domestic violence – to an extent that if I were planning for a 11th book to be authored by me in this my line of books – it could be a topic by itself! Though frankly speaking my last book – Wipe My Tears! – has many articles of battered wives and on domestic violence. Even the front cover has a photo of a very pretty girl – but still yet crying!

Front Wipe My Tears

 The most tragic and sad part out of it all trying to justify why she had become the victim – for example he lost his job – his business is not doing well – or other such things! Yet still she will pretend that she is wearing the big sunglasses because ‘she banged her face on a car door’ etc – but does not want to show her scaled and wounded face – and body by heavy clothing!

People always ask me ‘why you do not drink?’ – is it because of the Religion? And I always strive to answer not to offend anyone from both camps – those who do – to be social! – and those who do not! The last group do not want to sit with anyone who drinks – but for I – there are no issues to sit with those that do – whilst I drink my own poison of sodas – or if possible fresh juices! That is until the abusive jokes start to fly – and I quit gracefully – before things get any more out of place and control in insults and affronts!

 DV 3DV 2

Images – Domestic Violence – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

The real reason I do not drink ever in my life is as a young boy getting this beating of my life from a relative who was so drunk and out of his mind – very abusive and aggressive after a few drinks – that he mistakenly thought I was his son – because we were playing together in football! His wives used to run away from home as soon as the call went out that he was now returning home from the bars!

Like we Arabs like to say – from the stomach of evil came good tidings – or the silver lining in the storm clouds! I made a vow to myself that I will never ever drink in my life – promotion or not – or asked to leave the company in my new job – because it started with my refusing to hold up in cheers a glass of wine – though I was ready to do so – if my favourite Sprite soda was in the glass – thus going half-way up to be modern and social!

Far later in my career life in HR – I came to realise which female staff to avoid for the day who came to the office as victim. Being victim did not necessarily mean being beaten and battered – but some husbands and fathers were equally good in using cruel hurting painful words as their tools – instead of the hands. The mouth was equally hurtful – if not more in some cases! But what if it is the husband – with the children – instead are the victims? Points to ponder in real life!


Images – Domestic Violence – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

A few days back I watched this television melodrama – Soapbox Mexico – Vicky’s StoryEmotions run high as a sexually abused woman who freed herself thanks to the soap opera has her story turned into an episode. Planning a special programme for the upcoming 13 anniversary of the soap, executive producer Alicia asks scriptwriter Araceli to find a case of a woman who has suffered abuse, and recovered, thanks to the programme’s message. Vicky comes forward, and Araceli adapts her story for the programme. In a deeply emotional demonstration of the back-and-forth between reality and fiction,

Vicky’s real story is played out on set. Her years of sexual abuse at the hands of a violent husband form the central theme of the episode and arguably reflect real life in Mexico where two out of every three women suffer abuse. Vicky saved herself because she called a helpline advertised at the end of What Women Don’t Say. The theme of speaking out and of breaking silence is very clearly and powerfully real ised, as Vicky makes an emotional visit to the set to watch the last scenes of her story being filmed. Another famous series is the Turkish one titled Kismet produced from Turkish women writers’ contributions from real life true stories and incidents.

Yet another series that I really liked to watch is Desperate Housewives! It is an American television comedy-drama-mystery series. The show followed the lives of a group of women as seen through the eyes of a dead neighbour who committed suicide in the very first episode. The storyline covers thirteen years of the women’s lives over eight seasons, set between the years 2004–2008, and later 2013–2017 (the story arc included a 5 year passage of time). They worked through domestic struggles and family life, while facing the secrets, crimes and mysteries hidden behind the doors of their — at the surface — beautiful and seemingly perfect suburban neighborhood.

As a Writer, Author and Columnist – I get many emails from my lady fans about their family issues – and many border actual physical abuse – let alone of verbal words – which are more common. There is a famous East Africa expression that goes like this – The real man comes out when he (suddenly!) becomes rich – and the woman when her husband has become poor, needy and dispossessed!

Some of the cases are so unbelievable – that the other day in a social occasion a prominent and famous person was asking me why I was looking intensely and staring at him – in slipping up in my thoughts! It is really shocking some of the cases – but as I had pledged confidence – sorry I am not telling – at least for now!

Some More Sayings

  • There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds! – Laurel Hamilton
  • One thing that you cannot hide is when you are crippled inside! – John Lennon
  • If anyone hits me, they can expect to be hit back, and harder. I never turn the other cheek, because in my experience that doesn’t work – Alice Bag

Take Care!

By  Majid Al Suleimany

November 27th 2013


A Death In The Family!

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Between Us Only!

A Death In The Family!

  • To a father when a child dies, the future dies; to a child when a parent dies, the past dies! – Red Auerbach
  • It is after death that we measure men! – James Barion Hope

It was really touching to see the human race coming together as one to give peace and diplomacy a chance – and for human beings to come together to discuss their own problems and issues face to face vis-à-vis – and come to an amicable solution for the interests and the benefits of all and for human kind as a whole! Even if there were no winners or losers at the end – and difficult and hard decisions had to be made! I was really traumatised – and can only hope and pray that it will eventually work out! Quiet diplomacy has won the day again! It was only my wish and prayers that some had really watched – and had learnt the lesson!

Last two weeks, I received a What’s Up message from one of our distant relatives in the Interior – of someone with similar tribal name having expired! The presumption was automatically that there had to be some relationships – even if far and isolated! The Western world specifically does not know or appreciate this ‘extended family link’ in our lives – especially when it comes to applying company rules and regulations – like obligations of attending funerals etc. Even if – and although the modernity application was used – from the old days and ways of telephone usages – or sending of emissaries to deliver messages!

A few days back, we received a similar message – but this time from India that our uncle had died there. Though since he moved there from the distant land – there was no real contact until his death. Then one questions oneself whose fault it was really that this so happened? Amazingly, all these type of questions only come out – when death has struck – and everyone feels remorseful and guilty! For a temporary phase and time only – until the next time! Having seen how people drive once back on the road – where only a few minutes back we had buried someone as a casualty and victim of a road accident!

Funeral Pyre

The Funeral Pyre – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

When I was a young boy, we used to have a small library in that distant small island. Trust the colonialists’ wives led by The District Commissioner (DC) to be so forthcoming and charitable to even organise to have books to form a library where – even students could borrow books! Post independence the library took a natural death with one by one of the books just ‘mysteriously disappearing’ from the shelves! It was written by me in my article – The District Commissioner’s Wife! – several years back!

One of the books that really had a traumatic affect on me at that time was titled A Death In The Family. Even today after more than forty years it still does – and I still remember that book! I do not know who in the end took the book away from the shelves – but what a pity – and shame on him or her for denying others to share the book from the library!

Islamic Grave

Islamic Grave – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

About The Book –  A Death in the Family – by James Agee and Steve Earle –

Forty years after its original publication, James Agee’s last novel seems, more than ever, an American classic. For in his lyrical, sorrowful account of a man’s death and its impact on his family, Agee painstakingly created a small world of domestic happiness and then showed how quickly and casually it could be destroyed.

Funeral A Funeral

Images – Funerals – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

On a sultry summer night in 1915, Jay Follet leaves his house in Knoxville, Tennessee, to tend to his father, whom he believes is dying. The summons turns out to be a false alarm, but on his way back to his family, Jay has a car accident and is killed instantly. Dancing back and forth in time and braiding the viewpoints of Jay’s wife, brother, and young son, Rufus, Agee creates an overwhelmingly powerful novel of innocence, tenderness, and loss that should be read aloud for the sheer music of its prose.

In his Pulitzer Prize–winning novel A Death in the Family, James Agee reconstructs through the lens of fiction the real-life car accident that claimed his father when James was not yet six years old. Leading us from the evening of the phone call that sets the tragedy in motion to the funeral that strives to bring the calamity to closure, Agee offers a plot that is simplicity itself, and the occurrences he describes are perhaps no different from those that would transpire within any family that has had a member suddenly stolen from its midst. Despite its seeming straightforwardness, however, A Death in the Family is a novel of surprising profundity and aching lyricism.

A triumph of literary style and psychological acumen, A Death in the Family excels in its brilliant attention to the too-often overlooked nuances of thought, speech, and action that comprise the true fabric of being. One of the most intensely personal novels ever written, it also transcends its author’s subjectivity to shed clear light on the mysteries of life and death, of faith and unbelief, in which all of us inescapably share.

More Sayings: –

  • Every man must do two things alone; his own believing and his own dying! – Martin Luther King
  • Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours! – Yogi Berra

Sorry for a morbid subject! Take Care!

By  Majid Al Suleimany

Love Thy Neighbour!

Neighbours 2 Neighbours 3

Images Neighbours – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

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For Sunday – November 20th  2013.

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Love Thy Neighbour!

  • And do good – to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need;  Neighbours who are near; Neighbours who are strangers; The companion by your side; The Wayfarer (you meet);  and what your right hand possesses; for Allah loves not; The Arrogant; The Vainglorious (Proud) ….  – The Holy Quran – Surat An-Nisaa’ 4:36
  • Don’t throw stones at your neighbours; if your own windows are of glass – Benjamin Franklin 

It was nice to see some good falling rain once again – with the thunder and the lightening for a change this weekend. It reminded me of my childhood days in that distant island that we grew up – where it would rain incessantly unending for weeks – and the lightening was so intense that it would go on for more than a minute or so – lightening up the sky – and the deafening thunder that had followed!

People are free to say anything that they want about me as a person – but I can assure you that I always strive my very best to be on good friendly useful terms with my neighbours! One of them is an ex office peer – and we would talk for long minutes – time again and again – and he once admitted that once we may have been office rivals – because I took over his job aspects – and I think my expatriate staff families were most impressed by my services in making their stay here enjoyable and hassle free!

I have learnt this treating of neighbours well from my late Mother – peace be upon her soul – and is now see 4 years exactly since she died in a bungled up simple operation – Goodbye, Our Mama! In Memoriam – A Cry For Help Book! – . If you have read that article – you will have no doubt have realised why Neighbours have always played in an important part in our family – and how we try our level best not to annoy or upset anyone of them in our lives – wherever we lived!

Neighbours 1Neighbours A

Images Neighbours – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Frankly, The neighbour holds a special status in Islam. Islam encourages Muslims to treat their neighbours in a gentle way that reflects the true and genuine spirit of Islam as exemplified in its tolerant aspect especially with people of other faiths. It makes no difference whether the neighbours are Muslim or non-Muslim. ‘A’ishah, the Mother of the Believers, (May Allah be pleased with her) stated that she once asked the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), “O Messenger of Allah! I have two neighbours. To whom shall I send my gifts?” He said, “To the one whose gate is nearer to you.”

It is clear from the above Prophetic Hadith that Muslims are encouraged to not only treat our neighbours kindly, but also to exchange gifts with them. It was even reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had a neighbor who used to harm him and insult him at every encounter.

Some days elapsed without the Prophet getting his share of this man’s abuse. Thinking that there must be some reason behind the man’s absence, he (peace and blessings be upon him) paid him a visit and found him sick. The man wondered how the Prophet could meet his bad treatment with such great behavior. To him, such noble character as taught by Islam was completely new.

If your neighbours are Muslim and relatives, then they have three rights on you: the right of the neighbour, the right of kin, and the right of the co-religionist. If they are non-Muslim and relatives, then two rights are due to them: that of neighbour and kin. And if they are non-Muslims outside of the family, you owe them the right of the neighbour only. And this is to be treated with the highest of importance!

Referring to this, Allah Almighty says what means, (And serve Allah. Ascribe no thing as partner unto Him. Enough to say that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) stated in one of his Hadiths that Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) kept exhorting him to treat neighbors kindly to the extent that the Prophet imagined that a neighbor could inherit from his neighbour!

  • We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next door neighbour – G. K. Chesterton
  • Far better a neighbour that is near than a brother far off – The Bible

Recently, a family member moved to her new built home – and she was looking forward for complete peace and quiet – and away from paying always increasing flat rents – that frankly are not even worth half of the charged rates – but then people are simply taking advantage of the market prices – and peoples’ needs and weaknesses!

Despite all the things I have written in my above book – sadly, I still have noticed – nothing has changed much! Especially from some of the European expatriates – having a rather dim whimsical view of the Omani neighbours – even if the ‘castle’ that he is staying now is most likely Omani owned! The spirit of being in a foreign country – and the neighbour in front of you is a ‘bloody foreigner!’ – even if in his own country – still is a foreigner!

I have made a solemn promise to myself – not to write any more things to vex and annoy myself –  but I had noticed that I had left this one out for awhile! But then I ask the question again – what else is new? Tongue in cheek speaking!

More Sayings: –

  • If you want to annoy your neighbours, tell the truth about them! – Pietro Aretino
  • Love thy neighbour – but don’t pull down your hedge      – Benjamin Franklin

Take Care!

By  Majid Al Suleimany


Oman National Day Celebrations – Future Focus.

Our Omani FlagHM Sultan Qaboos bin Said 3Oman?s Sultan Qaboos bin Said salutes duHM SpeechHM Sultan Qaboos bin Said 1 Our Omani Flag

Oman National Day Celebrations – Focus For The Future.

Congratulations to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and the people of Oman on the auspicious occasion of the 43rd National Day Celebrations – November 18th 2013.

My Views For The Future

More Focus For The Future – Muscat Daily 19th November 2013 – Page 04: –

  • Creating more meaningful jobs for The Youth especially in the Private Sector
  • More focus on Occupational, Crafts and Vocational Training for Post Secondary      School leavers to make them suitable for employment in the Private Sector      jobs
  •  Career and Progression Plans to move more      Omanis into middle and top management jobs to take over from the      expatriates
  • More female as above in jobs – and equality representation in the sexes
  • More healthier living for all
  • More care and attention to the elderly and pensioners as globally increasing      percentages in the population
  •  Reduce the percentage expatriates to Omanis to reduce social and domestic problems
  • More quality produced local goods for local markets and for exports.
  • Raise more Safer Road Safety Awareness
  • More incentives for more Internal Tourism Projects
  • More flexibility and openness in Citizens’ situational rights and expressions trend to continue
  • Public Transport(Railways)  and Parking Facilities
  • Others

By Majid Al Suleimany

November 15th 2013 – Muscat – Sultanate of Oman

The Incorrigibles (In)Corruptible!

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Corruption 1

Images Corruption – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

For Wednesday – November 20th  2013.

Between Us Only!

The Incorrigibles (In)Corruptible! 

Incorrigible – means somebody or something that is impossible or very difficult to control, correct or reform 

Incorruptible – means not to be bought – not open to bribery – honorable – honest and morally upright

  • Allah cursed the one who pays a bribe, the one who takes it and the mediator between      the two –  The Islamic      Hadith
  • The  son of Adam will not pass away from Allah until he is asked about five      things: how he lived his life, and how he utilized his youth, how did he      earn his wealth, how did he spend his wealth, and what did he do with his      knowledge      – Tirmidhi
  • I will not  let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feetGhandi

 Corruption 2

Images Corruption – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

There is a running commentary about a certain place also notorious for bribery and corruption that it starts from the moment you board their national airline to the time you check out from your hotel and return – and that it is always advisable to carry small denominations of foreign currencies – especially USA Dollars – the  preferred one – to give out. This is in order to avoid unnecessary hassles – whether real or created – and woe to you if you wish not to engage! Everybody is in corruption – and everybody gives corruption – even if needed or not!

Frankly, I have always suspected that there was some ‘measured levels’ of corruption – most of it implied and hidden – but it was a real shocker to me to find it ‘real and live’ when I had my Consultancy a decade back. I wrote about these things before some years back – and you can find my previous articles here. This is in response to those that have been asking me why I do not write on the subject – like others have done?

Corruption A

Images Corruption – For Demonstration Purposes Only

You see the point is – even if I do – nobody pays attention or read what I write – even if it is worthwhile causes like Road Safety Awareness – where people outside were ready to invest to propagate my book Being The Safe Driver! – if I could chip in US Dollars 5000 – 50% – and they would contribute the rest – to see the message and theme propagated in all the US Television channels in the format of video marketing advertising! I do not know if it is a question of bribery – or that I am just unlucky! Anyway, the titles are there – in my books and in my columns – written over 2 years ago – Being Exemplary In Life! – How Rich Can One Get? – Are You looking For A Bribe? – Taking The High Road! – Investigative Reporting! – Some Will Never Change! and Can You Buy Respects?

Our Late Father always used to lecture us – Do not take anything that does not belong to you – and avoid temptations – living beyond your means – and going for bribery and corruption – even if it is offered to you! Deny – and refuse vehemently! I was watching Al Jazeera Television and it showed – in one of its programmes – of a certain place where if somebody needed a favour from you and came with a bribe – and you denied them – then you were easily targeted for annihilation and destruction in the format of a suicide bomber! That is how serious bribery and corruption has become as one of the major social, domestic, economic and political anathema and disease there!

  • When rich villains have need of poor ones, poor ones may make what price they will      – Shakespeare
  • The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference – Bess Myerson

I remember one of the Contractors I used to deal with long time back lamenting to me – I have high respects and esteem for you – but either you are a naive person – or stupid (not said!) – and designated to remain always poor in life! How poetic and right he was – but I prefer to be this way only. If you have time – feel free to go through my articles mentioned above – as there is no point in re-inventing the wheel – just to fill in the number of words required for the article!

The real thing that has to be said here is that you cannot pin corruption and bribery to a certain face or character that you will see in life! Sometimes it is a great shocker to find somebody with great features, outlooks and personalities – respectable and polite full gentlemanly – to be involved! It is always a betrayal – and Life Great Learner! Sometimes it is so sad – and unbelievable – but that is life anyway – and how the cookie crumbles!

Some More Sayings on Corruption: –

  • Truly, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.- The Holy Quran 13:11
  • The  eyes of the people are watching you!Sierra LeoneFight Against Corruption Banner
  • Corruption  is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone who      depends on the integrity of people in a position of authorityTransparency      International
  • The difference between a corrupt and a honest person; the corrupt person has a price and the honest person has valueNeha
  • It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing      power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power      corrupts those who are subject to itAung San Suu Kyi
  • Absolute power corruptsFamous

Happy National Day Greetings!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Staying After Office Hours!

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Staying After Office Hours! 

  • Family is the most important thing in the world! – Late Princess Diana
  • A man should never neglect his family for business! –      Walt Disney
  • Family is not an important thing! – it is everything – Michael J.      Fox

A long time ago – a good friend sent me this below – Speech by Brian Dyson – CEO Coca Cola – Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them – work, family, health, friends and spirit … and you’re keeping all of these in the air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four balls – family, health, friends and spirit – are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for Balance in your life.

Family 2Family 1

Images – Family – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Some years back – I was working in HR for this new Chinese company investing here and as usual by everyone – and them included – they do not have trust and confidence in local expertise and talents. So they brought their own HR person from home – only they gave him a different job title as at that time HR jobs were reserved only for Omanis – and laws were being monitored to ensure this.

You would imagine with such a situation there would be a natural clash with the local HR guy – even if it was not me! The person tried his level best to marginalise and belittle me in the eyes of his bosses – more his jealous and envious streak when they bought a new car for me – but he had to use Company car – as anyway he could not be allowed to drive! Anyway – it ended in me losing out – because of many things – and my own characteristics and personalities could just not go on.

Family A

Images – Family – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

It eventually led to my first Arab Management book – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – which you may recall won The USA Literary Excellency Golden Seal Award for 2013 anyway! As we the Arabs say – from the stomach of evil came blessings – or the silver lining in the storm clouds!

The reason I am bringing this is to demonstrate live how deceptions, lies, acting and facade can push your career progression upwards very fast!. As the East Africans also say – wait for the person going up the ladder – he will soon come down! Because some time far later the man was exposed – but I cannot put the real reasons here – as it is politically explosive – but is in my book anyway! You will find it at

Besides, I am not a good Actor or Pretender. I have no issues staying behind office hours if there is a real need or case to do so. In my Oil Company – in Emergencies – we could work till 3 a.m. – and 7 a.m. we were back at Office – and sometimes we just did not sleep!

This guy was very good in inventing artificial and unnecessary work to do in HR – just to show he is very busy and dedicated. With his Chinese bosses – they used to go home even at 10 p.m. – but they were Engineering Project people – so it was understandable. But he went along – to accompany and give them support per se! And here was I – a family man – in my own country – going home past 2 or 3 hours closing time – but that was still not enough for them! Even if they were all single contracts – and their families back home!

Years far back – a similar situation had developed when I took over a HR job in my then Oil Company – but here I was able to win – and because there was Real Omanisation support, adherence and taking place! The Expatriate Assistant looking after the job soon found his way out  from my job auspices – after trying the same tricks that his future peer would try on me far later in life! The point to make here – it is not true that many Omanis do not want to stay after Office hours! First and foremost – we have our family and social commitments – that many expatriates do not have! So these wanton acts of pretenses, acting and facade need to end now!

I have seen live my expatriate peers ‘waste time` the whole day – doing petty and unnecessary works – and that includes endless meetings – till you are lost what that meeting was for – and you had to be reminded by The Chair – or bringing even wrong notes to the meeting! Real work for some of them start one or two hours before closing time – and in that way they can look real active and busy – and woe to you who has been working from the moment go – and now near closing time need to take a break – and or even go home!

Staying after office hours cause many expatriate families – and the isolated similarly inclined locals too – lots and lots of family problems and issues! If you read the weekly magazines – and see what the expatriate wives write to the Problem Columns! Some of them are so unhappy and miserable that they wish they were not married – and want to go home! Unfortunately, some of them are real qualified professionals – but have to stay in the houses because of the rules and regulations! I found this myself when I had my Consultancy!

Some of these ladies are so much bored, distressed, frustrated and unhappy  – that there is wear and tear in the family – including the children too – when hubby returns late at night – and early morning back to the Offices – including even weekends and holidays!

Being in HR – I have myself seen live examples and cases of expatriate housewives coming to see me with their problems – because `I was told you are good in listening – and sorry to waste your time’ – because you cannot do anything `for me in this hole I am now in’ ! Yet on the outside – their spouses have very good high paying jobs – paid houses and cars etc. The sad part is those on the lower echelons staying in miserable accommodation and pay – following their top peers!

Trust me in saying this – and I am not exaggerating or blowing things out of proportion here – but I have noticed live escapades and affairs – in those in the offices after office hours – and at homes with the neglected and ignored wives! It now includes men as a new trend too as the spouse – with the women working or in more senior positions – and priority more for the office than family!

After a few isolated visits and the sending of flowers – they will end soon from the Company side – when you really fall seriously sick – and that if you are lucky too! It will be your family, relatives and friends that will look after you – and depends how you have treated them before!

I do not know when ‘this disease’ will ever end? Take Care!

Happy National Day Greetings!

By  Majid Al Suleimany

Open Your Eyes – And See!

Open Your Eyes B

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*** Please Open Your Eyes! 

  • A mediocre person tells, A good person explains, A superior person      demonstrates. A great person inspires others to see for themselves – Harvey Mackay     
  • An empty head is not really empty; it is stuffed with rubbish. Hence the difficulty of forcing anything into an empty head – Eric Hoffer
  • Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care! Either case is a failure of leadership – Colin Powell

 Open Your Eyes A  Open Your Eyes

Images – Open Your Eyes! – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Apart from the devastations caused by typhoon Haiyan in especially Philippines – it was very interesting to watch the headline news in three different newspapers on the same day – and each one with different priority of what was meant for the headline side! Perhaps coupled with different focuses – and perhaps with view of their usual main Readers – and possibly I would not discount the way things are going nowadays of ‘their (hidden) agendas’ even!

Then we have some of the columnists who have not made a decision yet of which side to support – and move between sides as they go on – perhaps in trying to please everyone – and in the end perhaps none – as is the usual case! In one of the newspapers – they were saying why Oman is amongst the highest liked place by expatriates living in the countries – and according to the researched study index! They gave break downs and comparisons of the other places in the conducted research works down.

I guess anything good news for the country must go in capital headline news – but I am not too sure – seeing the other bits and pieces that do make their way sometimes – and it makes you think aloud of what is going on! If you will excuse the scepticism and cynicism!

In the other newspaper a great worry and concern is expressed why the young Omanis are still not interested in Private Sector jobs – and the continued rising trend of increasing lots of leaving their jobs for the preferred Public Sector jobs – or even just go without! This last part is really worrisome and scary – especially with the added bit of many of them being terminated for one reason or the other! The reasons are not explicitly given – and neither are the possible solutions to the crisis!

It reminds me of a long time ago British boss who told me point blank and without mincing his words – do not come to me with a problem – unless you have three solutions at least – and at least one is plausible and workable! He did not realise with whom he was dealing with at the time – because I gently reminded him that the problem was carefully analysed and researched by me – and could he please reread his emails? With the retort – I am quite busy now – and will eventually do so!

At least my conscience goes clear that I did my required job part in highlighting live the situation – and the rest is not up to me then! And whenever I did say this – it got them working hard – whether they liked it or not – because as the label went ‘he is the barometer of what is going on’ – and we do need not to ignore him – and our loss only!

That is how I became infamous popular – but if you have read my columns and books – I have blown my trumpet there many times before!

Especially in my Arab Management books Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! and A Cry For Help! – As aforementioned – I feel I have done my part as a loyal and faithful citizen – with great concerns, worries and priorities to see things ‘do not go’ wrong – and if they have – what to do about them! Anyway and as in many cases – I hate saying ‘I told you so!’

 *** In one of the places that I had worked some time ago – this top personality was telling me this – Please open your eyes – and see! This after calling me to his place to put me in my place – because of highlighting situations that ‘it was more them that did not see – but anyway, that is another story for now! Only I learnt far later – that he had actually prepared a Termination Letter for me that day – but he was at least receptive when I told him what I had to say – and appealing to his conscience of ‘us both being citizens of the land – and for the sake of our children – and their children’s future!

I was also watching this programme in Al Jazeera Television of Inside Syria – and how each adversaries kept to their lines and stories – and each one believed he was completely right – and the other one completely wrong! Nothing has changed much – we still do the very same – and still have not learnt our lessons in life – and the teachings of mistakes and in history – even if we see live the disasters and devastations man-made – and even in typhoon Haiyan etc. Will we wake up and see?

The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people – Napoleon

Please Open Your Eyes – And See!

Take Care!

 By  Majid Al Suleimany

Please Do (Not) Come!

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For Sunday – November 13th 2013.

Between Us Only!

Please Do (Not) Come! 

You Are (Not) Invited!

  • Never allow someone to be your priority, while allowing yourself to be their option – Nina Potts-Jefferies

 Please forgive me for starting this today with some morbid facts – but that is how the trend is going nowadays! Frankly and honestly, I have no issues for people sending me messages, videos and audios – but sometimes we do need to ask the fundamental question of `what added gain – and advantage’ and knowledge one will have in going through the messages?

A long time ago – I still remember what my lovely Indian Assistant used to say to me that ‘a certain level of being mental’ could be okay – but exceeding it – and doing too much of it is not! She was also saying to me that if someone is determined to insult you – there is no need to choose words wisely and correctly – because whatever comes into mind is just okay – fine and dandy! Except with the last words – I told her that is also a famous East African expression also! And the point that she kept insisting that there is a very ‘thin line’ between good and evil – and sometimes you may have crossed it – inadvertently and without really thinking!

The question to ask again is this! By sending this to the person – will it be something pleasant and enjoyable – or something that is just sad and disappointing? What is the logic of sending someone videos of a lion eating a man – or a crocodile attacking a girl by the river as she is being photographed by her friend? Or the latest trend of our Syrian brothers and sisters tying up a cat for slaughter – because of the infamous Fatwa that ‘people are allowed to eat cats, dogs and donkeys’ to avoid starvation – and this even in the suburbs of Damascus itself under the war front!

At least caution and warn the person – and then it will be upon himself to open the message or not! As one of my Top Omani Directors once warned me – I sort my mail By Sender – and whatever you send me – I just delete! He found it the hard way when he deleted a very important formal HR message that involved his staff – and with the International Head Offices in London! I was able to cover myself by proving that I had sent it to him – plus repeated chasers!

And that brings us to the theme of the topic for today! I feel sorry for this guy now seeing he is in great troubles in ‘past skeletons in the closets’ – so to speak – following him now!

As they say – Be careful what you say, You can say something hurtful in ten seconds, But ten years later, the wounds are still there – Joel Osteen

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I do not know if you have noticed this? In the past people used to literally come to your house to invite you for the wedding – even if it is for men – and sometimes it comes with invitation cards – so that you do not forget – and sometimes just plain by word of mouth! Then the system went to just sending cards and phone calls. It is now at level of Messaging – and there is simply no more respects and esteem left – I would imagine – if you are a close family member, relative or friend – to also receive the same message that 400 or more have similarly received! And a worst case scenario when one asks you – were you invited to *Kalmy party? – and you were not! * Not a real person! I am talking here of the men invitation – I guess it is another worse fiasco with the ladies!

But let me ask you this! And please let us interact in response! If my son knows your son very well and they were schooling together – or are just close friends – and I tell your son – please tell your father to come to the wedding also? Okay? Do not forget! And your son even – a close friend to my son – just gets a regular messaging invitation? And when your son points out delicately – here is his mobile number – please just send him a message! But he just ignores it!!!

Would you go? I can assure you that I am not a fussy or complicated person by nature – but I think respects and esteem are in order! It reminds me of one sort of VIP saying to a friend – and the ‘good friend’ that likes to pass it on! – that I know M – but I do not know his father! This was when my father expired a few years ago – and he was contemplating whether to come or not – to the Masjid (?) to offer his condolences (!).

Like my late father used to say – nobody kisses your hand – unless you are rich and famous – or have spiked your hands with honey!

I always know that when I go to the social functions – there will be one or two odd balls that will come to upset and annoy me ‘of what is this rubbish’ you are writing? Rubbish? Can you write even quarter of the rubbish, my friend? And certainly there will be some others too – all positive and complimentary  – at least vis-à-vis!

Anyway, it reminds me of this famous expressionIf you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth the writing! – Benjamin Franklin –  I think I have tried my level best  to do what I could do in my life – and remaining life on earth – but the rest is not up to me!

And finally – When I stand before God at the end of my life, I  would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’ – Erma Bombeck

Take Care!

 By  Majid Al Suleimany

Wipe My Tears! Sample Article!

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B.01           Wipe My Tears!

 Sample Article – March 21, 2013

It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart – Mahatma Ghandi

I do not know if you have noticed this? The truth is – every time that you watch the television news – or even documentaries – you will find always someone crying – so desperately and heartedly – and the tears just flow! No one is wiping the tears – and even the Interviewer does not stop for the person to compose himself – or wipe his or her tears! It is very sad, tragic and pathetic – to unbelievable levels!

We are supposed to be human beings from the word humane – but though we may kid ourselves that we do care and feel – the truth is far from the distance. It is all a sham – a façade – all crocodile tears! Nothing less – nothing more! Our hearts and souls have turned to solid stone!


We bow, kneel and pray to the Almighty – but it is all just routine mundane stuff – if just following customs blindly – but there is nothing of real value and esteem in it! Perhaps we are naïve to think that God does not see what is in our hearts – forget our fellow human beings!

The other day I had gone to visit my sick and ailing younger brother in

hospital. We always complain of the smaller things in life – but we do not see the bigger picture – the real true picture. We may have many issues still to sort out – but where there is a meeting of the minds and a will determined to succeed – there will always be a way out of most things in life! That you can be sure of – in one way or the other!

It is a twist and turn of life – its foibles and out comings! Because here you decide to leave the country because you have decided to marry a foreign woman as your wife! Out of all the countries of the world – you choose a woman from a country that does not allow foreigners to own land or property. A place that you will pay heavily for your medical – even with medical insurance taken – simply because you are a foreigner! And that is one way of making quick money out of you! Especially when you are sick – and have to be hospitalised!

My younger brother – but he looks far more older than the rest of us all! Sicker also! He was complaining that he did not have water for the last 27 days – not even allowed to sip water! Thanks to those in our leadership – he was finally brought back home – after the family spending heavily on his medical treatment!

Yet we still moan and complain on the small trifle things in life – never happy – nor satisfied! We want more – give us! On seeing me – my brother was crying – and there were no tissues left in the box – seems he was crying all the time! So I gave him my clean tissues which I always carry with me! So I said to him – Let me wipe your tears! Welcome back home – my brother! A second time? Or was it a third time? I forget – important is that you are back home now!


Wipe My Tears! Image

I watch the television news. The refugee woman from Eritrea – and others from Darfur – she is crying – uncontrollably – nonstop! The tears drain down her face. The interviewer does not stop – at least to allow her to wipe her tears! Or compose herself first – before continuing! I wish I was there – because I would wipe her tears – or give her my clean tissues (and handkerchief!) with me! I would also want to ask her – What did you expect Madam?

These people have mistreated the ‘original owners’ of the land – what did you expect as a refugee – and an ‘illegal’ one too that entered the country through the back door! Did you not have freedom at home – even if hungry? Here you have no freedom and still hungry – and disgraced too on top! She was crying – My husband has been imprisoned – and my children are without! Perhaps she did not see in television so many tears and sad faces of the once who owned the land and property! They are in the land – yet crying too!

That is before other human beings from faraway places decided to move them out – to make space for their guilt of allowing the holocaust to take place – and over 6 million fellow human beings butchered and slaughtered in cold blood! Yet from the same people that are now making others cry – and wanting to preserve our ethnicity and originality imposed on others! How sad, tragic and pathetic human beings have become! Yet God still is graceful and patient – hearing his name being called in vain!

Then there is man in Mali. His hand had been chopped off – because he was suspected of stealing bread! Bread for my limb? By people determined to be more religious and observing to him – and he needed to be given a lesson! Then ‘non-believers of his sort’ come in – and the man is celebrating – to see the more observing ones being chased out to the mountains and valleys!

The woman is crying! Her husband has been killed in jail – because he threw stones at the occupiers! What if he was armed with a gun? What would his punishment have been? Even if you are in my house – my land? The East Africans say – Let him pass – the one with mightier strength! It is not a question of rights and ethics – it is just how strong you are – and where you derive your support from! The stronger the support – the more aggressive and bully you can be! Forget the rest!

Have you ever imagined this? The child is asking the mother – Why are those planes bombing us, Mummy? Are they enemy planes over our land? What does the Mother do in reply? Poor woman – she just cries! And it is the young child that now calms the mother – more braver and courageous now – Do not cry Mother! God will make those planes go away!

Because of the economy – no job – no takers! The one who lost her home? Her husband committed suicide in shame! She too is crying! Then the suicide bomber who believes he is on his way to heaven! He murders fellow believers – because he is more right and more perfect compared to others that have deviated – and need to be given a lesson of life for the deviation!


It is always the poor needy and desperate peoples that are used to kill fellow human beings that are also poor and needy like him! Puppets over a string! Those behind the scene – the schemers and the plotters – no one sees them – except of course God – and the punishment on earth – the punishment of the grave – and eternal fire and damnation!


Then I watch the television news in the other places – the earthquakes – the floods – collapsed buildings – the rampage killings and destructions of innocent lives – including children and women – the destructions from falling missiles – and the slaughter of even babies and children – from the weapons coming out from the sky!

The ironical and sad part is the person who has directed the onslaughts goes home in peace and comfort to his family – his wife and children – whilst killing of the other families and children – is just ‘carrying out orders – and doing one’s job’! Human beings are sickening – and worse than even the animals at their worst case scenarios!

Then there are the demonstrations for jobs – looking for jobs – afraid of losing jobs and benefits – looking for ‘more

money’ – lost incomes, investments, savings and pensions. So many stories of once nice decent good peoples – now on bad times – and of such same people committing or tempting to commit suicides – because they have lost everything – and life is not worth living anymore!


Reminds me decades ago of a relative girl with a son – who called me in desperation – saying she was contemplating suicide – because she was ‘not happy in marriage and her husband – and husband family’ – but I did not take it seriously then – till I learnt the hard way too late that she actually did it!

And all the time listening to ‘the inner voice’ of do not get involved – or the involvement could turn more serious and sour too!


Whatever belief and religion you have – the fundamental and basic teachings and preaching are the very same – because subduing, violence, brutality and aggressive methods and styles solve nothing – as the programmes show! Past incidents of over 20 years come out in the open again – and again from time to time – ever again! Like I always say – the very same things – and sometimes the repetition just becomes stifling, mundane and boring!

Basically, we human beings have the same needs, worries, concerns and fears – as well as what we like and do not like!

This is because the human being is essentially the same – regardless of race, creed, religion, color, ancestry, and ethnicity! And always stressing the need for change in a way and will that will foster more patience, tolerance, and understanding – between people, society and nations!

Like my good Indian friend says – something in Hindi – I forget – Karma and the other word – but something like ‘just desserts (sweet)’ coming to those that deserve it – and or as our good friends the Brits say – what goes around; comes around! Or the East African one – If you destroy someone’s house – your house will also be destroyed in due process! Sometimes after you have conveniently forgotten too! There is also this tell-tale sign of the end of the world – when somebody dies – and you feel jealous that it was not ‘you that had died instead’!

Please wipe my tears!  

Image – Wipe My Tears! 


Wipe My Tears!

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