Islamic Projects (Sadaqa Jariya!) Requiring Financial Support and Assistance in Tanzania!

Sadaq Jariya Islamic Projects Requiring Financial Support and Assistance in Tanzania!

Asalaam Aleikum & After Compliments;

The Sadaqa Projects: –

• Building New Masjids (Mosques) in Locations Grown Up – where there are none now! People have to travel some distances for Congregational Prayers!
• Water Wells (Kisima) where water is a dire need and requirement – as above!
• Renovating Derelict Need to repair renovate Old Masjids!
• Similarly for Water Wells Repairs and Renovations!
• The Holy Quraan Teaching Centres – Islam is growing up rapidly and increasingly as people turn (return) to growing populations in Islam and Converts to Islam! Especially for their children!

• Small to Medium Social Projects!

Including caring and looking after Orphans (abandoned children) their care look after and education etc.

The Islamic Hadith tells us all on the Benefits and The Rewards of Sadaqa Jariya (Social Contributions) – like getting 7 grains for one planted! The Left Hand should not know what the Right Hand gives etc. Build a Masjid now – and get one palace for you in Jannat (Firdauus)!

Giving Sadaqa Jariya is not only for the rich – but even one who has example spare (can save!) OMR 50 Rials -and can contribute 20!

You can follow all these in The (Recognised) Islamic Sites and Google!

Build up your case and defence for The Day of Reckoning and Avoid the Punishment of the Grave!
Not to show off but more in portraying seriousness and what has been already done – pleas follow the link before!

Final Completion of The Masjid Istiqamah JoJo Mafia Island Tanzania Project – November 23, 2018!

We are trustworthy reliable lots – and with people on the ground who have already completed successful works records that can be provided, if required and or if need be!

You can write to me at this email address – or send WhatsApp Message (preferably in English) to my GSM Mobile Number +968 95207511

E-mail addresses –

Allah Maakuum – Allah SWT Be With You All Ameen

Majid Al Suleimany

Majid Said Nasser Zahor Al Suleimany
Best Wishes and Regards
Muscat – Sultanate of Oman
January 8th 2019

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Going To Zanzibar (Tanzania) For The First Time? Be Careful!

Going To Zanzibar (Tanzania) For The First Time? Be Careful!

Zanzibar is a beautiful place! It has got great historical and geographical relationships with Oman. It is the place that I was born! So was My Late Mother Bi. Jokha Hamed Zahor Al Sulaimaniya – Allah Rahmah! My Late Father Sheikh Said bin Nasser Zahor Al Sulaimani – Allah Rahmah – was born in Oman! He first time went to Africa in his twenties with late Elder Mother, Late Brother and Late Sister – Allah Rahimuun!

This is an Email I wrote back to an Italian Lady Owner of Paje By Night Hotel – we stayed only 3 nights – and moved to Hotel Resort Verde (Bakhressa) Zanzibar for the rest of our stay in Zanzibar. See my previous Media Postings!

This Note is especially addressed to Omani Arab Visitors – even those from Zanzibar going back for the first time – or after a long time! PLEASE BE CAREFUL! It takes all kinds to make this world – some it is better you had never met ever before – all based on lack of trusting – and scheming customers – specially targeted are the above mentioned! It may look harmless on the surface – but by misfortune or inadvertently can turn to be deadly disastrous and harmful – even endangering your lives! It is Not Wolf Calling – IT IS REAL!



Dear Claudia;

Thank you for The Hospitality and The Nice Friendly Polite Helpful yourself and The Staff! This is Majid Al Suleimany from Oman. I hope you remember me – The Largely Built Omani Guest!! 😊

As I promised you in my call to you after leaving – please check out these Individuals. Lest there is a ring and unsuspecting gullible travellers get caught up in their ring of deceit and games! My gut feelings are they are concentrating on Omani Travellers or Arabs or Muslims more – and especially target are Omanis originated from Zanzibar Tanzania etc! More those who can speak Swahili – or just from Oman Arab countries!

Common Name XYZ – Nick name RST  – he sent me messages saying he is Manager of Paje By Night and Paje Hotel Jibrin. I do not know how he got my Omani numbers – but I remember calling you before we came asking about Meet and Greet at Zanzibar Airport.

There is a LEAK in your Offices or The people you deal with meeting guests at The Airport – guess could be seaport too! Or in Both Places!

Incidentally, he did arrange for the transport for us and did pick us up at The Airport! His Assistant also named Common Name XYZ carried our name at the exit. We trusted him with ourselves and our goods – Imagine a Trusting Tired Gullible Unsuspecting Passenger!

They charged us 120,000 Tanz Shs for the pick up. Understood to be on a very high end for just a pick up from The Airport! He picked us up two more times for showing us around – say mostly 2 hours per day two times. We paid him The Driver 340.000 Tanz Shs and naïve of me gave him also 50,000 Tip. Before that he took us to show his family in Paje! More money came out from us!

The Ingrate looked unhappy – maybe he expected more. Mr. The Manager made a point to want to see us at Paje AFTER THIS REPEAT AFTER THIS!  Maybe they were looking for more money to fleece us?☹

We told him we had already left Zanzibar for Dar es Salaam! ☹

Mr. Manager (nickname) is on This Zanzibar Number

WhatsUp Zanzibar Number

The Driver – This Zanzibar Number

Silly of us not to Record the car number but I Think is a Toyota ??? MPV

Their concentration – my gut feelings – is SCHEMEING FOR HIGHER TAXI RATES FROM GULLIBLE NAIVE UNSUSPECTING VISITORS. Especially Omanis with links to Zanzibar – Others and maybe even Arabs too!

The Driver looked very hospitable and friendly – until he exposed himself in his true feelings about WAAARAABU – Arabs that is! He had bad thoughts on Arabs – stupid of him forgetting who we were in his taxi!

We thought these things were PAST US Now – but The Remnants are there still on!

We WILL NOT ADVISE ANY of Our Friends and Relatives to Visit Zanzibar – and or if they do TO BE EXTRA CAREFUL of The Fronts!

Especially for arranging taxis for pickups!

Everybody is in a Bad State – so Many Sob Stories!

You never know where they may drive you – or you meet any mishap on the ways! Especially if you are going to Zanzibar after a very long time! They are capable of anything – be prepared for the worst when it comes to money! See My Posting on Masjid JoJo – it is a Relative doing these things to us!

Because of the hardships – people have lost Imaan Taqwa and Good Faith! So Sad!

My Sincere genuine apologies.

Majid Al Suleimany (Al Sulaimani)

Be The Safe Driver!

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Beautiful Land – but Still Bad People!! So sad!!!