A Question of Payments!

For Sunday – June 30th 2013.

Between Us Only!

The Payments Issues!

A Question of Payments!

  • I propose that we abandon our relations entirely. I shall lose nothing by it, for my own emotional tie with you has long been a thin thread – the lingering effects of past disappointmentsLetter from Dr. Freud to Discipline Jung in association relationships breakup in 1913.
  • Pay The Worker Before His Sweat Dries!Islamic Hadith

I have been watching now with increasing alarm, tensions, aggravations and apprehensions concerning the situation vis-à-vis due payments to people – customers, clients and others – and sadly from even well-established supposed to be high profile places – and to the extent that the situation just stinks of just malaise, decadence and decay only! It is so pathetic, disheartening and disappointing that words can no longer describe the situation anymore – and has gone over board for any retraction or retribution.

A long time ago when the rumours were spreading that our Consultancy was closing down – we saw the true picture of people and what they really were ‘when the issue of money’ came in – and they showed us their true colours and mantle that they were hiding so long as the situation was rosy and good – and business was still going their way!

Payment 1 Payment 2

Images Payments – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

You may not believe this but in a way with the Arab expression ‘that from evil came great tidings’ – or as the Brits say – ‘the rainbow after the rains’ – to come into absolute shock and dismay of how nasty and ugly people can turn when money issues come in! There are no borders – and all the red lines are crossed – quite easily too!

In one of the situations that the East Africans call carving your face – kuchonga uso – a good friend of mine took me to one VIP business man with a lot of companies under him! He is surrounded by Expatriate Managers in his family business – and one who frequently even visits the home for dinner uninvited! We were at his house one day – me and my Indian lady Assistant – with even a previously arranged appointment to meet in his house!

We were put in the waiting room – and asked politely if we wanted any soft drinks, tea or coffee? My Indian Assistant as usual just asked for a glass of water – which she hardly drank – but that is a different story for now. The parting remark of the attendant was ‘boss and family’ were having dinner – and with my usual put my foot in my mouth style started joking ‘why boss did not invite us for dinner – especially as he knew we were coming? The poor attendant fidgeted quite intensively – not used to such wise cracks – and what to answer instead! Anyway, this great expatriate Assistant came out with him – after the dinner – and hopefully there were vegetarian food there too – or the person was not observing anymore!

Payment 3 Payment 4

Images Payments – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

This person from the beginning was against ‘helping us out’ – though he had admitted years later that he could – if he really had wanted! I reiterated to him that it was God’s mysterious ways of working – because that is how I had ended and moved to writing – and becoming an Author of 8 books, Columnist and Writer instead! Something that I had always aspired to and wanted as a kid – but knew my ‘father would have killed me’ metaphorically speaking – if he knew what was in the mind of his son then! For the rest of my life what he said to me I can never forget – though forgiven – when he abruptly said to me – Why should I help you? Tomorrow you will live in a posh area, drive a big posh car – and what will I get in return? You mocking and making fun at me?

Some years later – I never learn my lesson – a friend took me again to his office this time – for ‘finding me a job – to pay off my bills’ – and as soon as I had entered – and here the appointment was made in advance too – he picked up the phone – and was telling the person at end of the other line – He is here now – he is looking for a job – but I will not help him! I guess he was so excited to ‘fix me’ that he did not know what he was really doing – or the evil side of him got the better of him!  What hurt me more is not his words – but knowing whom he was talking at the other end! Though I too have forgiven – but the wound will never heal – and it is best to leave these things to Allah God only!

We are again talking of SMEs! But SMEs cannot stand late and delayed business payments – especially when it comes to postdated cheques! PDC – the famous that even the ‘guys that do not speak any English know what it means! Including delayed car installments payments. Again it is Ramadhan – and Great Offers all coming up – but the person who was expecting his payments – and did not receive them in time – is exposed and in great danger of his personal freedom, movement and liberty – if he has taken such a car on installments – and he did not get paid in time!

Payment A PAID

Images Payments – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

The lapse and delay in some especially public places can go over 6 to 9 months even – but the PDCs cannot wait that long. Like I had said in my last week article – The Land Rover story – ‘we have great ideas – but lousy not transparent implementation methods and systems – and not even ethical, not principled and not professional also! Unless these things really change on the grounds – we can all be given a copy of Animal Farm by George Orwell – as ‘standard business manual to read – and keep!

When I was working in my last oil company – there was standard regulation that Suppliers and Invoices etc. must be settled within 40 days – and it was implemented in the system as a follow up and counter check in the systems to follow. Yet in some of the places – even public places – you get excuses like ‘we are very busy – but we will pay! Or the more annoying ones – The person in charge is away – for whatever reason – and we will follow up when he returns! Does this mean that if the person is away – no payments gets done? Why not recruit more Omanis? There are a lot of Omanis qualified out there still looking for jobs – or for changes and better prospects!

The sad and tragic part is that if payments are due to them and are delayed – especially the expatriate lots – the poor fellows – they get hit the most! Even they can freeze their salaries – until they bring the monies in! No wonder they prefer expatriates to these jobs – but even them are now resisting – because the situation has simply gone overboard – and no one is accepting this anymore!

I always believe this – it is far easier to destroy – and one smart aleck can destroy all the good works done by many for many years!

What more can I say now? Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

How Rich Can One Get? Between Us Only!

Between Us Only!

How Rich Can One Get?

  • Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes is a veil, Great is the penalty they incur – The Holy Quraan – Surah Al Baqarah – 2.7 
  • Deaf, dumb and blind, They will not return to the (Right) Path – The Holy Quraan – Surah Al Baqarah – 2.18 
  • And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal The Truth when you know (what it is)  – The Holy Quraan – Surah Al Baqarah– 2.42

Image – The Funeral Pyre!

September 24, 2012

Image – Final Destination! – The Grave!


Breaking News!

Former Chinese Police Chief Wang Lijun sentenced to 15 years for abdication of duties…even in China!

One time decades back I got this call from my late Father to go and pick him up to take him for a funeral that was happening that evening. He got into my car and was not speaking. I thought perhaps because I came in late – or he just wanted to be silent – normally – when he gets extremely angry and annoyed. I had come to realise the hard way that it was better for me ‘not to prod’ – until he decided to speak himself. This time it was acute strange because he was not saying anything – longer than usual!

My Late Father PBUH

I was wondering if the old man wanted to cry – but he was holding his tears back – not to embarrass himself in front of his son. He comes from the fabric that frowns on showing emotions openly – and that is certainly in crying! Big men – and even young boys – simply do not cry! You can all cry and break into pieces all held dear all inside. Only ‘sissies’ cry out openly!

After the funeral, I could see that he now wanted to talk. So I broke the ice by asking what the poor man had died of? He stared at me as if he was going to take it out all on me – but decided at the last minute not to! Then he said – Poor man! We were everyday going to the Public place – to chase up on the applications of land for our children.

Poor man! Now he got his final plot – and it was for free! He did not have to pay any money for the plot – it was given to him for free! Just the size of his body – a bit more – but 6 feet down – to rest on his right side facing Mecca – until the Day of Reckoning! I tell you son – all these things we are chasing in life are all temporary and artificial – and there is nothing permanent and for surety except God – and Death only!

Then my poor father told me about one business man he also knew whose business had gone bust. Many reasons for it – he was telling me. But that is not important for now. In short, the man almost lost his house to the Banks – but luckily for him it was the only house he had – and there was the law to protect such cases – such in the past. He had two cars – one his and the other family. He sold off his family big car to settle debts – but kept the smaller car.

When he wanted to register the car – and when one day he wanted to go by road and to visit his relatives in a neighbouring country – he was not allowed to do so – because though he had cleared his case – and his name in the public files was still not cleared as such – and was still blacklisted! .

Images – Traffic Police – For Demonstration purposes only!

He did not have even the basic rights to renew the Mulkiya of his car – and he was driving the car ‘unlicensed and un re-registered’ – and he was afraid of in case of an accident of what was going to happen to him! It took more than 8 months to have ‘his name cleared’ – all because he was just a poor man – and had no Wastah. Thank Allah God who takes shorter time to clear us! – he sadly lamented!

He added – Such things do not happen to the rich, powerful and the famous – only poor people like him – and us! In the end, the man was so fed up – and decided to return for good to East Africa – safety or no safety – security or no security – but he just had enough! My poor father added – This man was stronger than this man who died today – God forgive us for such stray thoughts in comparisons!

I do not know if this is true or not – but one of the jokes on the public sector bribes and corruption in one third world country is about lands being allocated to the families of ‘those of influence’ – or as we say here ‘With W – Wastah! They say to a pregnant inner family or friends circle – If it is going to be a girl call her Badriya – and if boy Badr – names just coincidental – for examples and demonstration purposes only! I do not know if they knew these things of scanning – because like yours truly had twin girls – so one of the girls would have lost – till a bit later on!

In one of my articles long time back – I talked about when I started working in Oman in Junior positions – though I had a more Senior position from where I came in that distant land – from having a Company car to riding a Company bus to work. But it did not put me off – or want to return – because I put my future and my family ahead of me!

In one of my deep frustrating times far later in life – I even went looking for jobs outside that oil company. In one of the interviews with one owners’ son he asked me a direct personal question of what really made M tick? He asked me – What are your dreams and what are you looking for in life?

Perhaps he thought I would reply him that I wanted to be in his shoes – to be on his side of the desk – asking the same question to another job aspirant! Then he started lamenting to me all kind of things that were not interesting to me as a job applicant – and the success story of their family business! He then asked me if I knew another so-called rich rising family – and why I did not apply there?

In another place the ‘great personality’ was saying to me – Either we offer you a good package or nothing at all. It seemed to me he was thinking he was making a great speech impression to me – because those things are best not said – and left out – because it was just a plain commonsense message – and everybody knows about these things!

Remember all the above incidents were over 15 to 20 years ago! Far later in life – when I started writing I had a strong fan – a sort of high elite rich person who really liked my works as a writer. He said to me – I like the way you fight for the underdog! When I applied some years ago – after early retirement – for a Human Resources job in his place – he replied to me – Just keep to writing! That best suits you than a HR job! The Brits have this famous expression – Diplomacy is telling someone to go to hell – and he looks forward for the trip!

If even Mitt Romney of USA can discount 47% of the electoral vote – because ‘they are with him (Obama) – who are dependant upon government, who believe that they are victims , who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe to housing, you name it. They are people who pay no income tax ….. my job is not to worry about those people!

Bottom line – wherever you are in this world of ours – if you are poor and with no Wastah – you always get hit hard the most! Nothing has changed much during all these years! And then people dare to ask me why I like to quote many times – from George Orwell’s Animal Farm!

Nothing has changed much. We still the same draconian rules unchanged – the same carefree care-the-less attitudes and approaches – the same vindictiveness – the same violations of citizens’ rights and freedom of movement and personal freedom rights violations with impudence – unimpedded whilst all around empty words, acts, facades, show-offs and dramas – and melodramas!

The very same rules, regulations – the very same dramas, vanities, decadences, foibles, and malaise – and all over the places now!

May The Good Lord Direct us all to The Right Path and Ways Always – Amin Amen

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

The problems all facing us now is all due to this hunger to control, dominate and manipulate in the Society….!!!

All Not Arranged! Marriages In Turmoil!

All Not Arranged! Marriages in Turmoil!

For Wednesday October 3rd 2012

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Between Us Only!

All Not Arranged!

Or Different Perspectives & Outlooks! – Different Priorities!

Being all alone at home now – that is most of the times – one can be really surprised of how many ideas you can get for your columns – by simply watching the Television set – because it is supposed to depict the realities and facts on the ground – whilst you watch the unfolding scenes from the comfort of your cosy reclining chair – without a care or mind for the rest of the world – but you and the television set only! It is really amazing how many things one can still learn from this television set on human dramas, vanities, foibles, and malaise – and all over the places now!

I have now compiled all my works into two new different books – which are now under publication – including the Road Safety Novel book – Behind The Wheel! – www.bethesafedriver.com This is one’s man keen interest, drive and objective to get involved in – and write about in Road Safety as his contribution to the society. My other two books carry all the articles – post earlier Between Us Only! series. More details are here at my new website www.majidwrite.com – which will also carry all my columns here too – from now on!

There is this beautiful programme about Cyprus – Island of Forbidden Love. The programme looks at what happens when romance cuts across religious lines amongst mainly Lebanese couples. According to legend – the island of Cyprus is known as the ‘birthplace of Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love’. When love crosses the religious divide – Cyprus becomes a favoured destination for many Lebanese couples – seeking civil unions and marriages! One of those men being portrayed laments – Sunni, Christian, Druze, and Shia – we are in it all together – and there is simply no sect in love!

Images Cyprus

I have now also a lot of time for reading – and that includes rereading my own five books – all over again! Not to blow my own trumpet – sometimes I wonder if it was all done by me! But I guess when you are angry and sad too at the same time – and you speak truthfully from your own heart to others – there should be no surprises – what comes out here!

I also read in detail the newspapers and the magazines that I subscribe too! One of the jobs that had crossed my mind was to be a Counsellor – Advisor – Psychologist – or as they are sometimes referred to in pun as ‘Shrinks’! In one of the distress columns, I have noticed that we tend to ignore the problems being faced by the Expatriate communities in our midst – in their strive and struggle to adjust to our ways and lives – and to make meaningful and worthwhile their continued stay here.

I, for one, need to be frank to admit that I have not really paid full attention to their distress and plights in my concentration focus for jobs and employment for the youth – their training, recruitment, placement and development. Like most of us, we seem to wrongly think that they are here to take our jobs – our own youth – and to deny us entries to what should come – rightly and naturedly – to us – and in our desires and wishes for our own destiny, legacy and future – as future generations will judge us – and history too – on what we do now – or not do – and or advertently and or in inaction!

Every day we hear on some expatriates that have committed suicides – because they cannot take it anymore. I have said this too in the past. In one of my weakest moments in life when things did not seem to work – and everything was going against me – family included – I thank my God and my Religion – because it stopped me from doing really nasty and unexpected things in life. I now realise that I did put wrong emphasis and priorities on the wrong things in my life – rather than as my late good Mother used to tell us – peace be upon her – First is Always You! Then You! Then You Again. Then Others….let them make their own queue to you!

I am giving the same free advice to the especially expatriate wives that write in to the Marriage Counsellors and Advisors – about the problems that they face with their spouses. Few even to me! In many of the cases, the marriages are arranged – and the husband – has not given enough impetus and importance to get to know well his wife – his children even – and what she likes – what she does not like – and what makes her tick – or not! They live in the same house – though married to each other – but as complete strangers!

Mistakenly like most of us men – and with some exceptions – even some women like football – whilst the men watch dramas! We just think that bringing in the money is all important and only counts – if here – or worse scenario – send to homes across borders. In one of the Hindi films – I forgot the name – the wife was lamenting – You think bringing in the checks is all that counts – what about me? Do you think of me? Maybe the children – but certainly not me!

Frankly, there are many expatriate ladies out there that are really qualified experienced professionals – as I found when I still had my Consultancy years ago. In some cases – if they were working they could earn even three or four times the take home pay of their spouses! Sad this avenue and resource is not tapped into! Yet the husbands think still pleasing the boss – in many cases expatriates too – by staying in back ‘for artificial deceptive pretense invented works’ is far better than after looking at his wife – and even the children.

No wonder the poor ladies write in – even if anonymously – because they just had enough – or about too! When they start thinking of committing suicides – because of the phobia and dread of returning home to their families away from the husbands – then something has got to give. Like I always say – what is the point of having more money, promotions and statuses – when things fall apart – and break up in front of you? Money is not everything – family, humanity and values are!

May The Good Lord Direct us all to The Right Path Always – Amin Amen

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany