The Ignoring Silence!


Between Us Only!

The Ignoring Silence!

The Oman Daily Observer Features – February 17th 2013.

I am not sure what is going on or happening now – but all the telltale signs and signals are not good. In the early stages I thought it was only I feeling these things – but checking and ascertaining with my friends, peers and associates – they tell me the very same things.

As a young boy, I used to live in a small island in Tanzania named Mafia – from the famous Arabic She – Without! Nothing much interesting happened in that island – unless the regular flights went to the island – and the few boats that would now and then call at port. Those were the two venues people would collect and go – as nothing that exciting was happening elsewhere – except to see some of the Islanders come in from the other places – and the few tourists now and then!

It was a place that sometimes went so dead quiet and pretentiously unassuming that it went sometimes to scaring and frightening proportions. And then when the winds and storms did come in – it would rain for weeks – days in and days out – and then nothing moved – even the small Cessna planes that used to come in! But you could always tell a storm was coming – because the trees went so dead quiet – the sea – and everything else for that matter! Coming from the famous expression – The quiet before the storm came in!

Images – Quiet Before The Storm – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Storm 1 Storm 1!Storm 3

Storm 2!

You will excuse me for thinking like this as a young boy again! They say that before we die – we all go through the same phases and stages in our earlier lives – and your life goes through all the stages in front of your eyes – before you die! There is nothing permanent and surety in the world except God and Death – and in that way it does not scare me – because I have always strived to do good – but then the rest is left only to Allah God only!

Storm 2

Storm 3!

n our society, we have the famous expression that the best answer to a rude and arrogant person is dead silence! That way you kill and eat their hearts out more that way! Frankly, I do not know if that too is my own answer perhaps – the way people just ignore and sideline me – even a honest and sincere attempt of how and where to send a complimentary copy of my new Road Safety Book – Being The Safe Driver! Behind The Wheel!

Perhaps people are just not interested – or dead tired – or they think – there he goes bragging about his books again! Or is it just a simple case of the usual jealousies, envies and haassiyds – there he goes out with another book – the 8th one so far – this time on Road Safety Awareness in a novel format!

You would have imagined that the book would be all rages – seeing that we have one of the highest road accidents and fatalities in the world – coupled with all the campaigns running concurrently now from all sources and angles – but still the accidents continue unabated – as if talking to brick walls – or just the indifference, lack of care and interests. This is what I am talking about here! So what is really going on? It is really scary and frightening!

PP Native Cover.4097374.indd

The Book Front Cover!

Frankly, I would prefer someone to write back and say – Hey! I am not interested in your complimentary gift copy – because I think you are just trying to show off here about your books! If I am interested, I would purchase the book myself – I can afford it – and do not need free copies – thank you! Or even a more blunt one – if you are really keen to deliver your book to me – you know where my office is!

Like one great personality once said to me in a meeting when I was trying to explain some issues in delays in delivery – he blurted out – Cut the crap! – and come to the point! That says a lot of what is supposed to be of our Omani culture, attitudes and approaches of being polite, nice, courteous and decent always – and adopting foreign cultures instead – of insulting and degrading a fellow Omani in front of all the others – just because you can as a Senior!

I have a long elephant memory – and when a good person I liked invited me for a home party I asked if this person would be the VIP there – and she said – Yes he will. So I said in advance – Thanks for the invitation – but I simply will not attend! Because though this person is no longer in authority – his mouth has still not got the message that he is out cold in the world – disregarded and disrespected by almost many people – except perhaps his own near ones! And those he did favours to!

People forget that one day you will end retiring – or leaving the company and country – or you may die too! Or sometimes you may wish for a quick early death – whilst you suffer in terrible pain and hurt in bed for long. No one knows what is waiting for you in life in the future – what your fate, destiny and legacy is going to be! If it can happen to the most powerful people that once were – who are you in that ‘small’ office to think differently?

That is why it is very important to do good and nice things always to your fellow human beings – especially those in want and need – the less advantaged and privileged compared to you! At least, if you cannot – then please do not do bad things instead! Keeping silence and ignoring one is a sure way that it too will happen to you too one day for sure – because what goes around – comes around! Mark my words – and remember them too!

So I have decided no free complimentary book to anyone – buy if you wish – do not buy if you wish – but it does not bother me anymore! I am writing these books in the same wave that birds fly – because they know they can – and I need to keep alive all my memoirs in writing for safe guard and keeping!

One day far in the future one day people will ask – who is Majid Al Suleimany MAS? Are there any of his works in existence? And I want the answer to be – Yes Positive! Meanwhile my friend – continue to ignore and be silent! I will just pray for you – that is the least I can do for now!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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