The Parody and The Distortion of Life!

The Humanity Absurdity!

The Parody and Distortion of Life!

I was watching the Television coverage news of refugees and the IDPs Internal Displaced People in more than three Refuge Centres tents in two continents – and the victims again being the same Arabs and Muslims! Human crimes against fellow human beings – the wanton destructions, the calamities, the decadence and the malaise!

The images show beautiful women crying and in desperation of how they were going to feed their families – whilst children being children – played as if nothing has at all changed in their lives – and as if still at home! Children being children also – and certainly making troubles and headaches to their parents and caretakers in the process!

Refugees 1

Images – Refugees Camp and Children

Sad that these same images of such beautiful women in these dire and difficult stages now in their lives – and some for certain for the first time and unexpected too – could have received standing ovations in fashion cat shows – if they had the opportunity to be there! People living in tents out in the cold – or even open places and like in cemeteries. With no food, water and protection the elements of sun, rain, wind and storms!

Refugees A

Images – Wasted Lives in Camps!

In one of the incidents that stuck with me for ages – was this scene of a school teacher confronting a camera man and asking him to leave them alone – and just go away. He said profoundly to the camera man and interviewer – Leave us alone! We were just like you living normally in our own houses – running our own lives as best as we could – and never ever thought that the day would come when we would end as victims of man-made war and end as refugees! So stop filming – it can happen to you too one day! But the camera man had a story to tell – and would just not stop filming! That is humanity for you!

Refugees 2

Images – Refugees Camp and ChFamilies

And here we are in air conditioned houses, cars and offices – with full food bellies complaining of minor things and issues. Go and ask these peoples – and they are ready to swop places with you anytime – at least for the normality, peace and quiet! Including for their children too!

Many of them were just like us – until a few months back – when tragedy and misery struck! Human beings will never learn – because even if they have written the history books – they never sit down to read and understand them – which make us more worse than animals – or just like them! Because the gazelle will only start to run when the cheetah starts to chase them! You would have expected the gazelle to have started running or hiding as soon as the cheetah or lion had appeared on the scene!

Refugees 3

Images – Lost Innocent Faces!

This also applies to us! Because we say and do things to one another – and know well in advance what the end results and the consequences are going to be – but yet still do it! It is like an attachment and extension of harm and disaster that is is in-built into us – and instead of us being in control – we let these things control us instead!

My frank and honest assessment is that the so-called supposed to be religious people wanting to be politicians instead – and politicians wanting to be religious people too – the wear and tear – the contrasts and the contradictions of the two in the due process of doing all things! And giving opportunities to our adversaries to mock us – and do more harm to us!

Refugees 4

Images – Living Out in the Open!

Let us keep hoping and praying that sanity, pragmatism, common sense and a sense of fairness, expediency, ethics and principles will prevail – and Allah God Guide us to the right path and way – Amin.

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 Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany