Please Stop Preaching!

For Wednesday February 27th 2013

Between Us Only!

Please Stop Preaching!

With due respects – there is a growing trend of some people from all sources starting to lecture the Youth about jobs and their availabilities – and vis-à-vis now and the future! Even from high profiles circles too! This trend needs to be nipped in the bud – before it starts to grow its tentacles! We should be serious – and for the first time in our lives come to our senses – and realise what we are dealing with – and what are the stakes? The options – the choices – the outlooks – and the focuses!

Preaching 2

Image Preaching For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Let us all be serious and realise what we are dealing with now! Those days of sitting on the sidelines with useless and unnecessary idle talk and comment are no longer with us – nor are needed or necessary! We all know one day we are all going to die – but why should you go around telling people that you know? One day you will die! It is not looking at things the simplistic and casual ways as some would like – but there is an expression that if you see a kindle fire burning – you simply do not go stirring it up in any way for that matter!

The time to tell the Youth things like ‘Jobs are not birthrights’  – ‘Jobs are not a guarantee’ – ‘Because you are an Omani you must be employed?’ etc are unneeded, premature, unnecessary and uncalled for. Metaphorically – it is like handing over a loaded pistol to your adversary – and hope he will not use it – like swiping you with the butt – or even shoot at you!

Because we have over 35% of the population as expatriates still in the country! Even if you compare the youth looking for jobs – they do not in any way reach these proportions! Then how and why say these things now? If there are no longer expatriates – perhaps – but even then – is there a need to say it? Besides, the focus and the tone is very patronising, ridiculing and condescending – as if we were not youth before – and too looking for jobs for the first time! And the main point – they are knowing and intelligent – far more than what we credit them for!

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Image Preaching For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Remember you have youngsters at home too – your own children – or brothers and sisters! Try to lecture and preach to them and see the reactions! Even if the intention is sincere, genuine and well placed too! Sometimes, you need to talk them as equals for them to pay attention to you! And this after several trysts, attempts and pursuits. If you start lecturing and preaching you not only switch them off – but just alienate them in the process!

Frankly and honestly – it is not for looking for scoring points or popularity contests. Nor in ridiculing and or belittling anyone in anyway. We must all be serious and think carefully – before we say – or write things in these regards and aspects. Or go down preaching – from our high horses!

Preaching 1

Image Preaching For Demonstration Purposes Only!

One thing we must not discount or disregard. Indeed, there are some rogue elements here that are quick and ready to grab these kinds of information for their own ulterior selfish motives – their innuendos and hidden agendas! This is the kind of information that they are looking for – to continue to pin down the youth – and make them get excuses to continue not to take them in – or even make their lives hard and difficult so they may be forced to leave!

If you think I am exaggerating or blowing things out of proportions – read my Arab Management books! Based on true life’s experiences and exposures! If it can happen to us so-called professionals – qualified and experienced – and even seniors – for sure it can happen to the youngsters too! I am not joking – I am dead serious.

Sadly and tragically – it is not the few expatriates’ schemers and Mafias alone that are involved – but even from our own – including The Old Guards – those that want no changes – and those determined the keep us down – especially the youth – and including acknowledged some businesses enterprises – many family owned! Even the SMEs after quick and early profits have joined the band wagons too!

Please forgive me – for also preaching too today! I know – I should take my own medicine – first and foremost!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany