In Memorium – Late Marehem Dr. Samir Al Kharusi RIP!

In Memorium – Late Marehem Dr. Samir Al Kharusi RIP!


Images – Late Dr. Samir Al Kharusi

It was around Maghrib Salaat Time Tuesday 18th February 2020 that I heard of The Short WhatsApp Message saying –

Breaking News!

Dr. Samir Kharusi Ex PDO Director has just now died! No further details received yet!

Then followed a string of other messages from different people – some giving conflicting messages on the place and time of the funeral!

In my mind, I thought if Late Marehem saw these kind of messages he would have been upset, because he was a Stickler for details, information and efficiency! He saw that not only within himself but also all those that worked under him!  Even in his private life!

I worked with Marehem Dr. Samir Kharusi Allah Rahmah when he was transferred to Administration then in PDO Petroleum Development Oman – and later as Human Resources.

We were the First Team to visit SQU Colleges etc. to recuit encourage support and develop Omani Youth.

Under him Omanisation was at its highest even in comparison to today. I am talking here of Real Omanisation where actually Omanis took over from Expatriates with definite concrete well laid out plans .

Most importantly, without compromising and also maintaining Company Efficiency Quality and Standards.

I personally have great respects and esteem for him because he was a straight forward person direct and without mincing his words. He was a sincere genuine person – with a good heart – though sometimes he was too brazen and direct – and something we still have to learn to and adjust in our Society!

We are used to nice sugary coating before the bitter pill – but he will come direct to pill – which some people hated and loathed! Unalike his some of his contemporaries who were plain rude and arrogant – and until today 30 years since I had left the place, though I have forgiven – but I have never forgotten to this very day!

Then there were some of his contemporaries who were polite and gentle in words – but simply plain bad and evil in intention and in action

I give him Special Credit and Recognition for breaking up The Expatriate Mafias then with links to the Old Guards who were targeting Omanis especially if you were vocal.

Of course he had enemies within The System and Outside who did NOT want rapid Omanisation under him. He also inadvertantly upset those Omanis who did not like his direct approach labelling it as plain rudeness.

Out of all The Omani Directors in PDO then if there was a Popularity Contest he would have won easily without any doubt.

One time I was joking with him when he wanted a Personal File (Staff Personnel) of one lady Staff – I joked him and said – so the rumours are true – you have fallen in love with this girl! That was the only time I found him bashful and silent! He married the girl later on!

Yes he was also particular for money details! Like one time I asked him for his donation for an Expatriate Staff leaving! I told him I am collecting 20 Rials for Senior Staff and 5 Rials for Junior Staff! I thought he was joking – but he was dead serious! Take the 5 Rials – and get out from here! I am not giving more than 5 Rials – whether Omani or Expatriate! 🙂

At one time when I had approached him to ask him about my due deserved promotion – which were given to other colleagues but me! He told me brazenly – your Top Boss will not promote you – he hates your guts and ‘your big vocal mouth’ – what will 43 Rials add to your life! Go back and work – Leave it to Allah SWT!

He was extremely upset and said when I told him I had decided to opt for Early Enhanced Retirement instead as they have refused to promote me! He told me openly brazenly – you are making a big mistake in your life and to go for this. Also not the right time to go into business now! He was also owner of some businesses.

Long after my Company collapsed and I went into writing he teased me – finally you got into your hobby of writing! The Society is still not used to writing like you do – especially when you are complaining – or writing on things beyond your time!

He was  keen in Astrophotography, watching the stars – the ones in the skies! – he coyly remarked to outsiders! 🙂

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He was always against Favouritism – even within his own scope as then the Elites in PDO (The famous Airline Thing!)!!!

He always urged the students to be especially good in English – Oral, Writing and in Speech – so you can remove the ‘excuse’ of you not being recruited!

A colleague who worked intensively with him remarked to me –

RIP –  Inah Lillahi Wa Innah Ilayhi Rajioon.

From Allah we come; and unto Allah we all will return!

Very sad news indeed. Unlike his contemporaries during his tenure in PDO, Samir was genuine, sincere albeit openly direct at times to a point of this aspect of his behaviour often being construed as abject rudeness. And yet, paradoxically, at the back of his chest was a truly golden heart. What he did to foster and accelerate Omanisation in PDO is cherished by many and the tireless effort he exerted on this noble cause, will be one of his greatest legacies. May his soul rest in peace in Jannat Naeem, Amin


My wife Safiya Khalil Al Suleimany was his Executive Secretary in PDO for a number of years before he too went for Early Enhanced Retirement

One time I used to complain bitterly in The Social Media! The type of person he is showing exterior perhaps not to care – but inside burning for you in care – he called me asking me

What happened to The Guy I used to know who was always laughing with a good sense of humour? Why are you so sad unhappy and bitter! Enjoy your life – your family and your health – get away from things you can never change in life! Be that happy person, again!

If I had only listened to him! Regrets! Regrets! Maybe I would not be so sick and ailing now with all the complications and ailments! It is not too late – anyway! Maybe this will wake me from the deep sleep and doldrums!

If you Google  Samir Kharusi – you will get more stories about him – and some which he writes candidly openly about his life, aspirations, hobbies – his life as a Student (tough life!) and his Retirement Life! He decided to reside in Barkah near Yasmeen Garden because he ‘wanted a quiet life away from the chaos, hassles and traffic of Muscat City!

May Allah Rest his soul in Eternal Peace in This World and The Next, Remove from him The Punishment of The Grave, and Open For Him Janaat Al Firdaus AMEEN AMEN


With Sincere Genuine Apologies To All

Majid Al Suleimany