My Columns with The Oman Daily Observer have now ended!

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I have now stopped writting for The Oman Daily Observer!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent! – Eleanor Roosevelt

Dear Readers, Fans and All;

I have reached a stage now in my life that I sincerely and genuinely feel that it is no longer worthwhile for me to continue writing my columns Between Us Only! and At My Workplace! The columns have ended since November 2013.

When I have some time – now and then – I will try to add posts here.

Everything (good) has to come to an end one day!

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Wishing you all the very best!

Take Care!

Majid Al Suleimany

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My Book Psychology Wins The USA Literary Excellence Award!

B - Psychology

Psychology Back

My Book Psychology Wins The USA Literary Excellence Award!

My New

And also

For Wednesday – October 16th 2013.

Between Us Only!

The USA Literary Excellency Award!

It is from the womb of art that criticism was born – Charles Baudelaire

Any authentic work must start an argument between the artist and his audience – Rebecca West.

The US Review of Books connects worldwide Authors and Publishers with Professional Reviewers. It is an independent free running body – and the books and Reviewers are chosen at random order.

Pleased to inform you my Readers and Fans that my Arab Psychology Book has won the prestigious  US Gold Seal of Literary Excellency Award!

My books USA Trafford Publishers had sent me this note – which is very good news on my Arab Management book – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! – Context and Perspectives. My book had won The Gold Seal of Literary Excellency Award – and was shortlisted for the prestigious Eric Hoffer Award.

The mere fact it had reached this stage – and competed against books from well known world Authors and Writers – and some of them being great Researchers, Professors and great Literary Artists is an achievement in itself – as it was my first Arab Management book! More information at – I am pleased to share with you on our success!

MUSCAT, Oman – In his new book “Psychology of Arab Management Thinking: Arabian Management Series” (published by Trafford Publishing), author and analyst Majid Al Suleimany explores the management styles that he believes helped lead to the events of Arab Spring.

“This is a no-punch-held-back book,” Al Suleimany says. “It critically reviews and assesses with deep soul searching analysis the management styles and approaches of the Arab world, especially in Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) vis-à-vis the international companies operating in the international arena.”

USA Golden Seal

An excerpt from “Psychology of Arab Management Thinking”:

“As Arabs work is worshipped in our Religion – so what went wrong here? Especially in Management circles? Why are we behind the rest of the world, despite all our riches, potentials and resources?

This is a no punch held back, no barrels held, no stiff, no frills play – but to be as blunt, frank, open, honest and sincere as far as possible – so the book can be a learning experience and process for this generation – and future to come – especially after the recent Arab Spring uprisings!”

Al Suleimany knows his book fills a critical need. “Little is known of Arab management styles,” he says, “especially as written from the inside by an Arab himself as an experienced professional local HR and management expert, advisor and counselor.”

“Psychology of Arab Management Thinking” – By Majid Al Suleimany

The Book Review – The book was reviewed by one John E. RoperUSA – Quote

“It is only by building on existing strengths, and moving forwards on established capabilities that economic maturity can be achieved and rising living standards maintained.”

Writers approach their craft with a variety of motivations. Some search for fame, others for fortune, and still others because spinning words together is one of the few things they are really good at. Some, though, write because what they have to say is burning inside them, and the only release is to share with others what has so inflamed their emotions. Such is the case with the author, whose passion for his people and his culture has driven him to speak out against the problems within Arab management practices so that, as he says, he can one day tell his grandchildren that by writing books he did something about them.

The author approaches his topic as an insider. Having worked extensively in the global business environment and in human resources in particular, both with Arab and international leadership, he has seen firsthand the shortsightedness, prejudice, paranoia, and autocratic tendencies of many Arab managers as well as the unfortunate fact that motivation and morale are frequently higher among Arab employees when someone other than one of their own countrymen is in charge. These observations have gnawed at him, and he questions not only why the situation within the corporate world is like this but also what can be done about it.

As an Omani, the Author offers great insight into his own country’s management issues, but he is quick to point out that many of the observations he makes can be applied to businesses throughout the Arab world. While the subject matter of this book will mainly appeal to readers approaching it from an Arab perspective, students of international business can also learn a lot from the author’s research – Unquote

What The Book Had Said!

As aforementioned, the book is about Arab Management issues and aspects – with personal experiences, exposures and examples of the Author stretching over 35 years experiences in Management and Human Resources – and as a Consultant, Advisor and Expert for over the past 10 years in a number of companies.

Continued – Author’s Note – For a long time now, I have been putting off the idea of writing this book – though it had been on my mind for a long time now. The mere idea of writing this book scared me to bits and pieces – for many valid and pertinent reasons.

I hope you will enjoy the book. I have tried to be as frank, open, forthright, honest, sincere and genuine as I can – as Readers who know me can give credence and credibility to me and will vouch and authenticate my works.

I have not spared myself, so there is just for it to be honest, sincere, genuine and hard hitting – sparing no one. Just No One!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Commit Or Quit!

For Wednesday January 2nd 2013

Between Us Only!

The (Indian) Wakeup Call!

Commit Or Quit!

I was really impressed by one of the demonstration slogans which just read –Commit or Quit! The other was – How would you feel if it was your own daughter PM? I was so sad to hear of the poor girl’s death. May those responsible get the death hang sentence once convicted!

India Rape Case 1

Yet still the Indian people can still outshine – and show us all by vivid live examples of their potentials and capabilities! All demonstrative impressive – and we all can still learn quite a lot from them – and in how to make your point – but go it the almost peaceful way it has gone so far!

India Rape Case 4

Of course there will be those cynics and sceptics that will say – what else is new? There are already so many rape cases happening everyday – and the statistics show a rise of 25% from previous records. Many reported cases have still not been sent to court – and few convictions for those already sent in! To add insult over injury, so many cases do not get reported because of the taboo on the subject – and it is sad and tragic that more than half of the country’s population can be treated this way – in one of the so-called largest democracy in the world!

India Rape Case 3

The answer has to be – if we call ourselves self-respecting human beings – of good decency and stock – that this a wakeup call – and better late than never!

The shocking part was learning that gang rape is so common a crime that it hardly gets reported in the newspapers! This so sad and tragic how half of the population are treated so unashamedly like this – in the so-called greatest democracy of the world. Mother India is crying!


Frankly what still amazes me is the capability and the capacity of us human beings – the so-called as the most intelligible species on the face of the earth – to do injustice, lack of ethics and principles – and whatever else that you want to add in – to one another!

India Rape Case 5

Above – Images – Just For Demonstration Purposes!

For me personally the worst offenders are those that discriminate against gender – race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, and creed – or the latest in-coming fashions nowadays – by what language you even speak – or write in! Yet the same people will pray to their Lord as if they have not discriminated or favoured someone! The even worst part is denying entry and qualification to one because of what that person is to you – and not based on true qualifications, competencies, skills and abilities! You just do not want that person to get entry to win something – so you; fix up’ the entry rules – and of course being an Advisor – no one is going to challenge you! You know that in advance – and you get doing what you really want to do at will!

I always say this. On our deaths some of us will find ourselves being sent from our graves to eternal hell fire and damnation – and we will vehemently protest our innocence to no avail. We had what is coming to us – by the way we treat others – and then people are surprised and shocked from has come out – letting the genie out of the bottle – or opening a can of worms! The worst part is we do not learn lessons from what we have seen already happening all around us.

Frankly only two things keep me going! It makes my mind busy in writing – and it is not the money or the recognition – but after the former is not to disappoint my followers, fans and readers by just quitting – and leaving the thing behind!

Last two days I got this recommendation from one of the fast rising star writer in Oman now. He just wrote (verbatim) –

 Dear All,

 No matter what and how people say about great writers. But one true I know always that great writers are like stars which never stop their shining even on sick minded people. Mr. Majid to me and to many others not less than a star. I can see him when all stars start disappearing. He is a truthful person and writes truth. All my prayers are with him. He is a great light in Oman and for our Oman.

 This kind of thing received now and then only keeps me going! And not to surrender – or give up! Thank you my brother!

In summary, there is an expression in Arabic that goes on like this – From the belly of evil came blessed tidings! What is happening now in India is a wakeup call – not only for India – but for the rest of us all!

Happy New Prosperous Safe Peaceful Year 2013!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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