Today In Shaa Allah is the Official Opening of Masjid Istiqamah JoJo Mafia!

Formal Official Opening of The Masjid Istiqamah Mafia Island Tanzania on November 23rd 2018 –

Message to The Village Elders of JoJo Mafia Island – in Swahili!

Ufungulizi Rasmi wa Masjid Istiqamah JoJo Mafia tarehe 23 November 2018 In Shaa Allah

By Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany
Muscat – Sultanate of Oman
November 22, 2018
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November 22, 2018

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Masjid Istiqamah (Masjid JoJo) Official Opening For November 23, 2018!

Breaking News!

Message on Masjid Istiqamah – Masjid JoJo Official Opening!

November 17th 2018

The Village Elders have named Masjid JoJo as now Masjid Istiqamah! 

Al Hamdu Lillah!

Scheduled on November 23, 2018 at JoJo place in Mafia Island Tanzania.

Meaning of Istiqamah

The 21st hadith in Imam an-Nawawi’s collection (read here) deals with the subject of istiqamah (steadfastness). This is a very important topic especially when we consider the many tests and trials that we as an ummah are currently facing. It is of utmost importance that we not only understand the concept of istiqamah, but we strive to attain it.

Say ‘I Believe in Allah’

This is not just a single statement, rather it encompasses Islam as a whole. Belief in Allah is not just belief in the heart, but it is also words and actions. The Prophet also shows us that istiqamah comes only after we start to practice our faith.

What is Istiqamah?

The word istiqamah (from the root qaama) means to go straight into the right direction, acting rightly, allowing no deviation. It is from the same root that the word mustaqeem is derived (i.e. sirat al-mustaqeem – the straight path). It can be translated as ‘steadfastness’.

Allah SWT Says:

فَاسْتَقِمْ كَمَا أُمِرْتَ وَمَن تَابَ مَعَكَ وَلَا تَطْغَوْا ۚ إِنَّهُ بِمَا تَعْمَلُونَ بَصِيرٌ

So stand you (O Muhammad) firm and straight as you are commanded and those who turn in repentance with you, and transgress not. Verily, He is All-Seer of what you do. [Surat Hud, 12:112]

Ibn Abbas said that no other verse from the entire Qur’an was revealed upon the Messenger that was harder upon him than this verse. It was due to this verse that the Prophet said : “Surat Hud and its companions have made my hair white” Why was this? Because istiqamah is very difficult to attain. The scholars said that istiqamah is the hardest thing to hold on to.

The Companions on the Meaning of Istiqamah

Abu Bakr when asked about the meaning of istiqamah, replied: “That you do not associate partners with Allah.

Umar ibn al-Khattab said: “It is that you should be steadfast on the matters that are obligated , and to abandon the prohibitions.”

Uthman ibn Affan said: “ To have Ikhlas (sincerity) to Allah only in doing actions .”

Ibn Abbas said: “It means to fulfill your duties to Allah.”

How to Remain Steadfast

• Keep the company of good people. (Man is on the Deen of his friends)
• Keep connected to the Qur’an, through its recital, study and implementation.
• Reflect and question yourself daily. E.g. are you headed the right way? Are your intentions sincere?
• Learn to take advice from others.
May Allah grant us all steadfastness and firmness upon the Deen (Ameen Ya Raab!)


Photographs of Masjid Istiqamah & The Elders!




The Telegraph Is No More!

For Thursday – July 18th 2013.

Between Us Only!

The Telegraph Is No More!

Where we  used to live as kids was this island off the main coast of Tanzania called Mafia – from the famous Omani Arabic word of ‘She Without’ – or locally known as Chole before the emigrating Omanis had named it as such! The reason was they were comparing this island with the bigger islands of what was once The Sultanate of Zanzibar – comprising the islands of Unguja and Pemba – and several others – and the eastern coasts of Africa – from Somalia to Mozambique as now! Mafia island is about 120 kilometres south of the commercial capital city of Tanzania named Dar es Salaam – the city of peace – by Sultan Majid – the Zanzibar ruler then!

Telegram 1 Telegram 2

Images – Telegrams – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

I was watching the mixed emotions of India closing down The Telegraph services as no more longer feasible and economical with the advent of the Internet, SMS and mobile phones (GSMs)! It reminded me of my youth days – where the only communication at the time with the outside world was the telegraph services – and even the radio to radio services sometimes did not work when there was bad weather and storms – which frequently hit the island! It would rain continuously day in and day out – for even 2 to 3 weeks unending and incessantly! My late father was a business person – shop keeper and transporter – and also as a plantation farmer – and many articles in my columns have been about this as kids!

In one of the funny anecdotes in India was this man sending a telegram to his son in UK – and it took 2 days to reach him there. The son was retorting to the father – why did you not send me an email – or a SMS message instead? And the father replying that ‘old habits die hard – and I just did not think about it then’! In the olden days when you received a telegraph it was usually associated with bad news – that is why people dreaded most when one received a telegram! Though sometimes came in good news – like it is a boy! Or a girl!

Telegram 3 Telegram A

Images – Telegrams – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

In the place – there was this mysterious and weird strange Omani called ‘The Bedouin’! Nobody knew who gave him or ‘framed him’ that name – except it stuck until his dying day when it was said loud for all to hear that Mr. Bedouin had died! He was a loner – a mysterious and keep to himself individual – and he used to scare some of us that he had magical and bewitching powers! He went to Africa alone – leaving all his family behind!

It was rumoured that he had ‘magical powers’ and he could fly at night all the way to our home town Hayll Al Ghaaf in Quriyaat – though originally our grandparents came from Manah! One day I teased him ‘to teach me to fly with him’ – and he retorted that ‘you need to be really brave to be able to achieve such a feat’ – when I teased him – M being M even as a boy! – that I wanted to see his magic carpet he flew at night times!

Seriously though,  he would fly more during dates harvest times – and what he showed us was real fresh dates – but everyone was scared to ‘try them’ – and this made him more sad, lonely and miserable! I have not seen the dates myself – but my late elder brother – born in Oman – swore he did – and even ate some! Our poor late mother warned us to keep away from the person – but poor late dad with the usual S tribe sense of humour and wit – thought it all funny!

Bedouin Carpet

(Mysterious) Unidnetified Flying Object seen! 

Coming to the point – one day this Bedouin came to the family shop – and called out loud – Said Nasser? (my father!) – Come out here! I have bad news to tell you! As most people had already discounted him already – anyway my father invited him in! But the man insisted for my father to come out to be seen visibly clear! Then he told my father – Your Mother yesterday night had died in Oman – Allah Preserve our soul! He repeated the message twice!

Telegram B

Images – Telegrams – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

My late father – I could see his face turn all the colours – but there was still denial. Then he said to my father – If you don believe me – please mark the time and day. 40 days later the letter arrived from Oman – and it was all true and correct! At the time was the joke our late father had received an Express Telegram from Oman – but the joke died soon afterwards when the letter came! The letter was the confirmation that we needed to take the person more seriously – even if we refused to accept the ripening dates he brought back!

Mafia 1 Mafia 2

Images – Mafia Island.

Another incident I remembered as a boy of 10 then in that island of Mafia, was losing the money for the telegram my late father was sending to the Income Tax department in the capital – thus a very important document! I was scared to tell my father – so I begged the Post Official ‘that I will pay him one day’ – but please send the telegram for now! When I told him why I was so scared to tell my father the truth – he sent the telegram as requested – but he accompanied trembling me to my father to get the money – and ‘not to scare your children that much – old man’! The money was never found – and even after frequent retracing of my steps from home to the Post Office per se!

Years later, when in the oil company as a young man – until the 1980s – we used to still use telegraphic messages and telegrams! As a HR Officer, I could send messages to especially UK – but also to The Netherlands and USA – Houston! And also receive messages! During duty week times,  I was able to get to read all the telexes that came in for the company – even confidential and oil related – and the ‘coded’ ones too! The power was calling the concerned parties for action – for 3 days every 3 months you got to act as the MD of the Company! Just imagine – all the power and so associated and related – just because of telegraphic messages then!

In the UK as a student then in the 1970s, you could dictate a telegram by the phone! So I was sending this telegram to our relatives in Dar es Salaam – Tanzania – but later we found out it was sent to Jerusalaam in Palestine instead! The pun was taken out as the message was very important at the time!

Like they say in life all good things do not last – and they have to end one day! But ‘the Bedouin story’ beats all odds and everything the telegram did – or was able to do! First of all – there were no telegrams then in the home town – and how, where and how you will address it – even if there were? Just imagine!

Take Care! Ramadhan Kareem!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Are You Afraid?

For Sunday – May 19th 2013.

Between Us Only!

Are You Afraid?

 Or The (African) Island Touch!

Do you believe in these paranormal ghost things? These things were common occurrences in this place!

The Island – When I was a young boy in this island I grew up in East Africa (Mafia – not the Italian one) but the Arabic one for the place (island) without (She without) – also known locally as Chole – there were a lot of scare and weird stories there. These are not tales that I was told, but had actually experienced myself, family and or by my close friends! See Mafia Island Images Below!

I - So Shocked

So Afraid?

For example? Like cars cutting off engines whenever they reached one special baobab tree, especially after evening prayers (Maghrib) and for no reason. It never happened when our late father (pbuh) was there! In one incident when it happened, my late father shot in the air – and the truck mysteriously restarted!

See Fear Images Below

Afraid 1 Afraid 2 Afraid 3 Afraid 4 Afraid A Afraid B

There was this beautiful damsel wandering in the night (very tall fair Arab lady). They said she was a ‘Jinn’ (ghost, fairy) trying to trap gullible (and usually drunk) men. It was said she actually walks through walls. If that will not scare you to run (and forget all others ideas you had in your head) what else will? I never met her – but our houseboy did! We heard his screams late at night!

We used to mock these things that they used to make people collect cashew nuts whilst they thought they were dreaming it in their sleep – only to find it the hard way when their hands reeked of cashew fruit next morning!

Travel Express by Night – One old Bedouin (Omani) telling my father one day early morning ‘that our grandmother had died in Hail Al-Ghaaf (Quriyaat)’. In those days mails took a month, when the letter was received, it was the exact date (the man had insisted to my disbelieving late father to write down the date!).

It was said this man traveled at night (how – do not ask me! I never asked him, nor did I want to find out!) to and back to Oman. To prove his point, he had fresh ripening dates in his house (guess nobody ate them except himself, who else in his right mind would want to try?) It was always in summer time – I came only to know when I returned to Oman in 1972 was the time of dates!

There were so many stories In this island, of so many stories of people changing into ‘cats and monkeys’ and coming to people’s houses (we used to think our poor dad (pbuh) had lost it, when he used to shout at them in Arabic – to go away, and they actually did!).

There is also this one! How my late elder brother (pbuh) beat a cat badly because it ate his food. Next day he was seriously sick, everybody said he was a goner. They had to go to apologise to an old African man who looked like he was just beaten up! Only then my brother recovered.

The Haunted Hotel Room – The hotel Reception offered me this room on the top floor. It was at a reduced rate. The Reception Staff lady said to me – You are Omani. So you will be okay in the room! I refused to take chances – and rightly too – as it emerged that the room was haunted – and there was an evil presence in the room. Next morning the people found themselves on the floor thrown from the bed – in the bath tub – and hearing angry hissing voices – like get out from my master’s bed!

I would have discounted this as just whim. But I met someone later one I knew well who had tried the room – and met exactly the same fate. It seemed the hotel was housed in a large family house belonging to an ex Omani famous family. Some of the family members were massacred in the Revolution – and the rest had all left the place soon afterwards!

The Singing Pretty Damsel – There was a great disbelief – but one person was ready to swear on his mother’s grave – that he had a glimpse of her at the haunted house as dusk was setting! Only two brothers lived in the house. They were aloofers – and were marked as hermit misers! The man swore he had never seen such a beautiful woman before in his life – she had long hair – and was singing a Faiza Ahmed (Arabic) song! She was tall and very fair in complexion. When he looked into the window – she instantly disappeared – but he felt his whole body going into a chill! Then the fierce dog of the house barked loudly – and he just ran non-stop back to the village!

The People of the Night! – As kids we used to go out early in the morning before dawn to collect fresh fallen from the trees mangoes! In one place we heard as if someone was moving in the shrubs near us – moaning loudly! Next day we met this old local woman who kept staring at us! She was known as a Mchawi – Mwanga – or as you and I understand as a witch!

She lamented to us – You be careful in your fruit mango picking things – because you are disturbing some other people out doing their thing (job: business)! Lucky they know you – or they could have harmed you! Actually we did not really need to collect the mangoes – as they were always being sold to us the family very cheap! But boys will always be boys! We stopped the mangoes collecting exercises soon after this!

The Big Question – The big question I keep asking myself since a kid! How come the people practicing these are always still poor, destitute and in need? Or why don’t they help us fight our adversaries?

Hope I did not scare you in the process! Being scared and afraid is normal human trait and behaviour – nothing illogical, alien or strange either! Or illogical and inconclusive either!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Mafia Island Images Below

Mafia 1 Mafia 2 Mafia 3 Mafia 4 Mafia 5 

Mafia 6

Mafia Island Images Above


 The Very Tall (UFO) Person – Our farm boy was returning to the farm at Wayani late at night. Then he saw this very tall looking person, pulling chains tied to him! When asked if he was local or not – he said I did not stop to look! But the tall person was wearing the long white dress put for funeral purposes! The man was admitted in the hospital for acute shock! He was exclaiming loudly what he saw at the hospital ward. Two days later he had died! People just put it to him turning mad and senile – and seeing things! But was it really? True the man liked the local drink Uraka – made from fermented cashew fruits!   But is it that all to make the person so scared … to death?

The Car Lift Gone All  Wrong!  It was coconut picking season time. So he was driving very late at night. He nearly hit the local woman who was standing on the road – after his car beams picked her out from the shadows!  So he asked her – Mother – what are you doing late at night? Get in the car – I will take you to the village. She reluctantly got in! After awhile talking incessantly to her – but she was not answering – so he turned around! She was not in the car!

A few miles on – he saw her again by the side of the road! This time she was stopping him for a lift! Again she was standing in the middle of the road! He said to me – I drove through her. I thought I hit something – because I found the car shaking! He did not stop – or look back. He put loud the Quraan cassette – and reciting along! When he told the villagers – they did not disbelieve him! They mentioned one old woman who had died many years ago! The woman was famous for asking for lifts!

Need More?


The Ignoring Silence!


Between Us Only!

The Ignoring Silence!

The Oman Daily Observer Features – February 17th 2013.

I am not sure what is going on or happening now – but all the telltale signs and signals are not good. In the early stages I thought it was only I feeling these things – but checking and ascertaining with my friends, peers and associates – they tell me the very same things.

As a young boy, I used to live in a small island in Tanzania named Mafia – from the famous Arabic She – Without! Nothing much interesting happened in that island – unless the regular flights went to the island – and the few boats that would now and then call at port. Those were the two venues people would collect and go – as nothing that exciting was happening elsewhere – except to see some of the Islanders come in from the other places – and the few tourists now and then!

It was a place that sometimes went so dead quiet and pretentiously unassuming that it went sometimes to scaring and frightening proportions. And then when the winds and storms did come in – it would rain for weeks – days in and days out – and then nothing moved – even the small Cessna planes that used to come in! But you could always tell a storm was coming – because the trees went so dead quiet – the sea – and everything else for that matter! Coming from the famous expression – The quiet before the storm came in!

Images – Quiet Before The Storm – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Storm 1 Storm 1!Storm 3

Storm 2!

You will excuse me for thinking like this as a young boy again! They say that before we die – we all go through the same phases and stages in our earlier lives – and your life goes through all the stages in front of your eyes – before you die! There is nothing permanent and surety in the world except God and Death – and in that way it does not scare me – because I have always strived to do good – but then the rest is left only to Allah God only!

Storm 2

Storm 3!

n our society, we have the famous expression that the best answer to a rude and arrogant person is dead silence! That way you kill and eat their hearts out more that way! Frankly, I do not know if that too is my own answer perhaps – the way people just ignore and sideline me – even a honest and sincere attempt of how and where to send a complimentary copy of my new Road Safety Book – Being The Safe Driver! Behind The Wheel!

Perhaps people are just not interested – or dead tired – or they think – there he goes bragging about his books again! Or is it just a simple case of the usual jealousies, envies and haassiyds – there he goes out with another book – the 8th one so far – this time on Road Safety Awareness in a novel format!

You would have imagined that the book would be all rages – seeing that we have one of the highest road accidents and fatalities in the world – coupled with all the campaigns running concurrently now from all sources and angles – but still the accidents continue unabated – as if talking to brick walls – or just the indifference, lack of care and interests. This is what I am talking about here! So what is really going on? It is really scary and frightening!

PP Native Cover.4097374.indd

The Book Front Cover!

Frankly, I would prefer someone to write back and say – Hey! I am not interested in your complimentary gift copy – because I think you are just trying to show off here about your books! If I am interested, I would purchase the book myself – I can afford it – and do not need free copies – thank you! Or even a more blunt one – if you are really keen to deliver your book to me – you know where my office is!

Like one great personality once said to me in a meeting when I was trying to explain some issues in delays in delivery – he blurted out – Cut the crap! – and come to the point! That says a lot of what is supposed to be of our Omani culture, attitudes and approaches of being polite, nice, courteous and decent always – and adopting foreign cultures instead – of insulting and degrading a fellow Omani in front of all the others – just because you can as a Senior!

I have a long elephant memory – and when a good person I liked invited me for a home party I asked if this person would be the VIP there – and she said – Yes he will. So I said in advance – Thanks for the invitation – but I simply will not attend! Because though this person is no longer in authority – his mouth has still not got the message that he is out cold in the world – disregarded and disrespected by almost many people – except perhaps his own near ones! And those he did favours to!

People forget that one day you will end retiring – or leaving the company and country – or you may die too! Or sometimes you may wish for a quick early death – whilst you suffer in terrible pain and hurt in bed for long. No one knows what is waiting for you in life in the future – what your fate, destiny and legacy is going to be! If it can happen to the most powerful people that once were – who are you in that ‘small’ office to think differently?

That is why it is very important to do good and nice things always to your fellow human beings – especially those in want and need – the less advantaged and privileged compared to you! At least, if you cannot – then please do not do bad things instead! Keeping silence and ignoring one is a sure way that it too will happen to you too one day for sure – because what goes around – comes around! Mark my words – and remember them too!

So I have decided no free complimentary book to anyone – buy if you wish – do not buy if you wish – but it does not bother me anymore! I am writing these books in the same wave that birds fly – because they know they can – and I need to keep alive all my memoirs in writing for safe guard and keeping!

One day far in the future one day people will ask – who is Majid Al Suleimany MAS? Are there any of his works in existence? And I want the answer to be – Yes Positive! Meanwhile my friend – continue to ignore and be silent! I will just pray for you – that is the least I can do for now!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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