The Bigger Picture!

For Thursday – June 13th 2013.

Between Us Only!

The Bigger Picture!

The Old Styles and Ways Do Not Work Now!

Before I start on the main topic, I do not mind sharing with you on my experiences what I call as ‘The Changes That Have Come In The Society’ – just to illustrate and demonstrate on the points that I am going to make next.

A         The Bigger Picture.

The Great Minimum Wage Debate – First of all – one important thing – that we so-called Writers and Columnists have to put at the back of our heads when in writing – is this valid and pertinent point. You must realise that all the points that you are raising for and against a particular point or aspect is that people have already thought and considered on those points – including the ones that I am making now! There is no inventing the wheel – nor is it because that we thought about it and in making the point – we are the only smart intelligent people to have thought of such things – and the others are bumbling fools!

Images – Looking At The Bigger Picture – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Changes A Changes B

Images – Thinking Outside The Box – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

It is true, though, that we have full rights to express ourselves – our thoughts, worries and concerns. No one is denying this. But not everything in life can be counted – there is always a need to look at the bigger picture – or think outside the box even. It maybe a decision that has many wants and faults – but under the circumstances – it is the best decision that you can make. I had made similar assertions in my last two weeks article ‘Ending Relationships’ – so I feel no need to repeat it all over again here. You can find the article here in my website above.

B         The Changing World and Environment

You may well look at this as something minute and trifle – or if you want to go sceptical and sarcastic – by saying there he goes again – talking about himself! But it is the truth – that pragmatic and wise people are those that can see changes coming in – and have learnt to adopt and welcome these changes – and in making them work for you – instead of against!

My granddaughter who is only 5 was looking at my Images in my phone – and she asked me a question that took me a long time to answer – after it being repeated for an answer. She asked me – Granny – why in many of your photos you look so sad? She was the same girl who was so delighted to see my column photo – and telling everyone prepared to listen to her – Granny is in the newspaper!

Changes 1 Changes 2 Changes 3

Images – Changes ! – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

I look at this scene and compare it to my children – yes my children’s scene was still far better than mine with my parents – but there is nothing in comparison here! The grandchildren generation is more inquisitive, searching and demanding! They have the knack to want to know – and to tell their story – and to be heard too! That is where the main difference is!

C         Things Will Never Be The Same Again!

In our time – if a grandchild even dared to ask the same question – he or she will get a slap ‘for insulting granny’! And that is where our main issues and troubles begin – by looking at things from our perspective and our backgrounds vis-à-vis them! The old guards outlook! The old conservative outlooks. A different perspective and outlook from reality in the grounds.

As an ex Human Resources professional – I have seen the differences in reality on the grounds during my tenure and life in HR. Those Staff that we recruited in 1970s are not the same that I recruited 2 years before I retired – and certainly vast different from my tenure as a HR Consultant 10 years on – till I decided to quit for good 1 and a half years ago! I still get temporary HR project works now and then – but I politely and tactfully decline – after the ‘nasty experience’ of being surrounded by demanding dynamic youth – You are the Consultant – where are the jobs?

Changes 4 Changes 5

Images – Looking At The Bigger Picture – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Yes they may be accused of being far from reality – and having high expectations and demand! Like my good granddaughter volunteering to buy me a car at the age of 5 – I will buy a big car for you! – And after asking me – Why don’t you go out granny! Children have the knack of picking out pieces of conversations – and memorising them.

Even if I thought of it – I would never first dare ask the question – let alone volunteer to buy a car for my grandfather – because of instead of him laughing and taking it all in – I would be lucky to get the retort – first finish school and college – get a good job first – and then consider to get me a car! If not at least one of the more late conservative grandfather giving me a nice slap in the face – if not him then my late father or uncle!

D         The Simple Basic Truth

The simplistic but yet basic truth is – the society has changed. Find all the excuses you want. The both two working parents! Being looked after housemaids! The housemaids becoming the role of housewives – whilst the wives are more interested in the offices than homes – because the former is where they get their salaries from – and the later is all headaches! Blame it on the satellite and dish television. Blame it on the Internet – Facebook – Twitter etc. Find all the scapegoats and excuses – but the bottom line is that society has changed – so more the Youth!

They do not only speak Arabic – but they speak good English too – even some French and German. They are interested in other people – their languages – their outlooks and perspectives. Yet they are very nationalistic – patriotic – and demanding. In one of the places I was working there was a sign outside the door – written in Arabic and in English. It just said – Sorry No Jobs To Offer. As I was getting out from the closed entry offices – this youngster comes and confronts me – Uncle – he politely says to me – I can read the sign. But you forgot to add the same sentence in Hindi – because I can see a lot of them there working in the Offices through the glasses! I looked at him for a long time – till the poor boy started to fidget – because I had no (satisfactory) answer to give back!

It is at such times that I wished that I had all the money, power and authority to recruit as many as I could – even if it brought down my own Consultancy by being kind and generous – because we simply could not afford it. You may call me naive – but I think ‘being afraid’ was more appropriate – or if we want to go wishful thinking – wise and pragmatic!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

June 11th 2013

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