Return To Lost Paradise! The Story of Zanzibar! Closure – The Zanzibar Bloody Revolution!

Writing My New Book – Return To Lost Paradise! The Story of Zanzibar!

The New Book (56) – Return To Lost Paradise!

The Story of Zanzibar!  Closure – The Bloody Revolution!

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October 12, 2018

After Compliments & Dear All;

The 55th Anniversary of The Bloody Zanzibar Revolution!

Celebrating the First Murderous Ethnic Cleansing in Africa!

Against a duly elected Government under the so-called British Colonialists Protectors!

The Bloody Massacres of Fellow (Arab Asians) Muslims by Africans mainly supported by (few) Christian as led and behind the scene supporters – both local and external including Zionists and Western – and others!

So sad and tragic!


Today 12th January, 2019  is the 55th Anniversary of the Bloody Zanzibar Revolution that saw the massacres of mainly Omani Arab Asians in Zanzibar and the violent overthrow of duly elected establishment by democratic election means – even if there were gross mistakes and miscalculations by that Government during its short period of existence!

Writing The Book!

I am on my way writing my 56th Book entitled Return To Lost Paradise! This is after my recent visit to Zanzibar in August 2018 and my only second visit after The Bloody Zanzibar Revolution of January 12 1964!

The Later Part of The Book will be about The Bloody Zanzibar Revolution – its impacts, consequences and The Aftermath – and my Observations from my visit and what I saw in Zanzibar inter alia the following –

• The Zanzibari (African/Muslim) Taxi Driver showing us an area saying to us – This is where the Arabs Live now – an area where Arabs (Omanis) have come back to build new villas and many staying there after Retirement and or Businesses Closures! He has just forgotten that his passengers were Arabs (Omanis) in his emotions showing you the place!
• The Hotel Staff – mainly Christian Mainlanders – who can be ‘friendly normal people’ because you respect them and perhaps some may say cynically ‘because you tipped them right!’
• Some of the Zanzibaris Africans admitting ‘they survive on handouts from the same people we killed in 1964 – who now make our lives more easier and comfortable – especially during the Holy Month of Ramadhan Fasting!
• Arabs who have contributed to The Development and Expansion of Zanzibar – like the Hotel Verde Resort – The Bakhressa Group of Companies!
• Omani Entrepreneurs doing preferred business in Zanzibar despite all odds – like incompetence, maladministration, bribery. Corruption, lack of trust and faith – and the likes!
• Despite The President Orders – people still ask for tips – not only insinuate – but actual ask – including The Traffic Cop – who asked me – Are we going to talk or not?
I value my life and freedom – so Í talked’- the first time in my life anyway to a person in uniform! I have seen videos of repercussions – and did not want to make myself a victim of Viral Video!
• Army Practising (New Recruits) harassing an Arab Lady who took photograph of them in practise – but were smiling cheerful to Europeans Ladies – even trying to look pretty on the pictures!
• That is the same way as it is said – The British et al did not Protect The Rest of us at and during The Bloody Revolution! The First Ethnic Cleansing in Africa!
• The Visiting so many Arab Delegations from Oman and Other Countries!
• Those so-called Arab Socialists – Comrades – Communist Socialism Sympathisers who all went to live abroad – especially in UK – the same place that The Zanzibar Ruler now also lives – what a coincidence! Or Karma does work?
• Taking a theme focus outlook to try to repair modify adjust etc. based on Nelson Mandela’s South African Reconciliation between Africans and Whites!
• Majority of Zanzibar peoples are Muslims – and to bring in people together as Muslims – and to look forward in The Future – rather than The Past – where mistakes lay on both sides – and stemming from My Book – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! – which won The USA Gold Seal of Literary Excellence USA Review of Books – Amazon USA.
• Arabs building Masjids and Islamic Quran Learning Centres – despite some even whose families were killed, harassed etc. in The Bloody Zanzibar Revolution!

Zanzibar Hospitality sector being dominated by mainly Mainlanders and Christian – fewer Zanzibar grown!

Backpack (White) Tourists after Zanzibar men (including Masai – I saw even a Masai women in a possible three tie-up!

Housemaids etc. being appointed for the jobs in Oman GCC in the very same stock houses that were killed in cold blood!

The eBook – Revolution in Zanzibar – by John Okello!

As I had always thought the Africans and not even The Comrades alone planned the bloody Revolution but greater forces at play of our so called British Protectors but more some hidden elements who led behind the scene all the toppling of a legitimate government even if badly managed and focussed.

The book reveals it very clearly .. QED

I stopped reading the book at page 119 when he damns indicts himself by saying

I felt that many of the Zanzibar Africans could not be trusted since they were strongly connected with, and even related to the Arabs on the island and might well be spies and preparing to reveal our plans in order to get permission from the Arab Commanding Officers.

He then authorises to KILL ALL ARABS from age 18 to 55

In the end All Arabs sighted were killed … and women rapped ..killed with their babies born or still not born

He prophesies what will happen to him after the Revolution … but sadly he did not do so when he joked to Iddi Amin consorts that Uganda had now two Field Marshalls … his own epitaph of the lies he webs!

Anyway let the Zanzibari people wake up to the realities of the first ethnic cleansing in Africa .. the massacres and cold blooded killings?

Was the Revolution a success? Certainly not now with CUF and the desire to secede and to separate.

And disenchantments and disfranchisements even amongst the Strongest Supporters – internally and externally – and even behind the scenes to this very day!

Added Note!

The Western Media were more apologetic thinking it will curb Arabism and Islamic influence – it ended with the country turning extreme Socialist (Communist!) under a so-called Christian Catholic President (Union) – and the visit of Chou En Lai The Chinese Communist Regime leader to the islands – and Cubans and Che Guevara!

The LOSERS were everyone – including behind the scenes supporters of violent overthrow of a democratically elected Government under the so-called British Protectorate! And constitutional Sultan being Arab! So sad and tragic!

• Etc.

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Majid Al Suleimany

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October 12, 2018

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