The UK Links!

The UK Links!

The person who causes strife between family  members (friends, relatives etc.) is designated only for the eternal Hell fire! – The Islamic Hadith (Beliefs)

My UK Links – Also links with my British nephews and nieces from my brother Nasser and his ex wife late Hillary Bailey – Rest in Peace – Peace Be Upon Her! – Amen – One year anniversary.

As they say – pictures speak louder than words! QED!

I rest my case!

From The Family Album – pictures UK and in Oman with Nasser family then –

Me in UK Course 1[1] Me in Uk 1975

Outside conference – With Sister Asya, Brother Nasser and Hamoud!


Bachelor Majid  Me in Class (2) (2)

From Brunei girl in class – and classmate Brit girl


Hey Man Love Buds[1]With brideSuhaib Marwa Full All The Kids

Top photos – My Wedding Photos – Bottom Family Nasser and Rest in Oman

Late Hillary pbuh – Aisha, Sharifa, Hassan and Said – Nasser Children above

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

The Big Man with The Big Heart – only if respected & treated right!

He will bring the moon to you – or can be the worst person you ever saw in your life! If treated bad!

Your pick!

My Filipino housemaid Miriam has been with us for 15 years now. She is devout Christian and has her own images of Christ in her room. She goes to church every Saturday – and we take her there!

I believe in Live and Let Live! But it has a two way traffic!


 Majid Al Suleimany

Also  &


P.S. – Addendum

There is an age old East African saying that goes on like this – If brother (family/relative) fight another; take a plough and go to farm! That is do not get involved!

An Arabic one – If my brother fights my brother; I will not get involved! But if my brother fights my cousin; I will support my brother. But if my cousin fights another; I will support my cousin!

It is all a matter of priorities – and a clean healthy fresh outlook and perspective on life!

Take Care!

Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much! – Oscar Wilde.
If you cannot beat your adversaries; confuse them! – Anon

Majid Al Suleimany