More Serious Issues at Stake!

September 3, 2014


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Between Us Only!

More Serious Issues at Stake!

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed! – Ray Goforth

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Images – Let Us Keep Praying! Ameen! Amen!

*** Introduction              

It was a pleasant surprise – after the earlier third parties messages sent – that The Chief Editor had called me asking me ‘for a new page and in burying the hatchet – so to speak’ to ‘resume my articles’ – and his assuring comforting words to me that ‘you are an Omani Writer – this newspaper is Omani – and you are writing in your own country too!’ – So I have decided to accept the challenge in resuming it!

Surely out there – there will be quite a lot pleasantly surprised too – and even some saying ‘Oh No! Not Again?’ – But that is life for you – you simply cannot please everyone – and not everyone will like you either! Like I always say – What else is new? Frankly, I have been so much busy in The Social Media instead – and I even dare to say ‘to dangerous levels’! So the change to return to the Main Media is most opportune – and welcomed!

A         Nice To Be Back!

It feels nice now to be back here – as it has been quite a long time since I wrote anything in the esteemed newspaper in the format of any article. Frankly, I have been so much busy in The Social Media instead – and I even dare to say ‘to most dangerous levels’! So the change to return to the Main Media is most opportune – and most welcomed too!

It reminds me of a good friend of mine – a Pilot – whom I had queried a long time ago that as we landed in the Zanzibar small strip I thought I heard brakes as the plane was landing? I thought this was strange – because normally the brakes were being applied after the plane had gone to some distance – not as the plane as it was landing – and this is dangerous even to the layman! Metaphorically, when I used to write my columns I used to ‘apply the brakes’ so to speak as the plane was landing – but now in The Social Media I could write whatever I wanted – to a reasonable level of course!

One thing I have noticed lately – even at the home front that people are at ‘short fuse’ and ready to explode at any moment! My granddaughter was asking me why those ‘bad people were killing innocent children’ – and what have the children done to be killed and to be hurt by this? I cried when one of The Palestinian girls had her legs amputated – including of her mother too! – And poor she was asking her father when ‘When can I have my legs back, Daddy?’ – So heartbreaking and distressing! Sometimes those with children killed could even be classified ‘as luckier’ – than those with the injured and maimed for life children! Arab blood is not cheap as an Arab Leader had said. Another had said that we are ready to go back and ‘ride our camels’ – but is the West ready to do the same – if we ourselves burn all the oil wells to prevent them being taken over by our enemies?

Frankly, I think the World and the Religious Leaders need to sit together to make hard and difficult decisions – so as to save this world from man-made anarchies, calamities, disasters and pure evil – as like ‘letting the Genie out of the bottle’ – or ‘of opening a can of worms’ – so to speak! They have to start by correcting and rectifying all the past mistakes and errors of judgment – and to start in valuing human life equally wherever and whatever they are – devoid of race, religion, ethnicity and creed. Only then could there be hope for mankind! 

B         Still On the Job Fronts!

This week there was a good article by one popular Omani Writer about (frightening!) issues in Recruitment of The Youngsters in The Jobs – and mainly related to ‘right training for the right jobs’ – men for jobs vis-à-vis jobs for men in Human Resources slang!

There was an irate letter by one well-meaning and well intentioned European Expatriate – trust them to be more on the frontline than the others! – and possibly drawn out of exasperation – that someone should tell The Youth that not everyone can be a Manager – or get a job in The Public Sector – because there are many vocational and craftsmen jobs out there still manned by expatriates that the Omani Youth can try to absorb and take over! Absolutely right he is – but we have been tuned not to hear and accept the inevitable ‘sort of bad news’ out there!

Then we had a Public Official admitting that ‘we are flexible with Omanisation in Construction Sector – because as it was put ‘Job Seekers are not willing to work as labourers …Omanis can be hired for administration work’! Why administration work – if not Supervisor of the Labourers etc. roles – once you have gone through as they say – from the mail room to the Top Executive – but you definitely need to start from the bottom – even if for a brief period – before you can climb up the hierarchical ladder!

Reminds me of my niece – yes niece! – in Tanzania driving a Caterpillar first time I met her years ago – and now she has moved up to be the Supervisor of the whole road gang! And the men do as they are told – despite occasional snide remarks – that you are a very forceful boss than the man who was there before you! Reminds me also of my Dodge Durango being surrounded by some youths in one interior office location I was doing some HR Consultancy jobs – and after sort of being chased and asked to stop by some youth in their pickup – ‘You are The Consultant! Where are the jobs?’ Next day I returned to Muscat – and thank God had not yet signed for the Temporary Contract per se!

C         Still Misbehaving ‘Invited Guests’ In The Land!

There was a letter sent to me by one very much upset Omani lady asking me to ‘put it in my newspaper column’ – and at the time I told her I did not have the columns anymore – but I will put it in my websites. Due to space constraints – please find the full article here – . Whatever the case the ‘more modern (foreign) Arab ladies’ were insulting ‘the intelligence’ of the ‘still backward Omani ladies’ – even if she was ‘advanced enough’ to take her children to a private swimming pool facility – on a ladies day only! – And our invited foreign ladies of Arab origin insisting on smoking in front of the children in a public place – with secondary smoking ‘as potential venom to the young children – many below 5 years of age!

Smoke 1

Smoking Ladies! – Image For Demonstration Purposes Only!

D         Arab Management: Reality or Myth? The Arab Manager!

From C above, and moving to Local (mainly Young) Managers and Company Owners (also mainly young sudden riches!) – and their complete disrespect and contempt of more Senior by age, experiences, education and professions Locals – with the usual expatriates’ Mafias in conjunction with The Old Guards – that has been happening to me since my last column over 14 months ago! I did write the two Arab Management books – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! And A Cry For Help! Long before the so-called Arab Springs hit us! But who cares? And who reads my books? Anyway, D above is my ‘Final Book in Arab Management’ and as a ‘Last Attempt and Desperate Hope’ that someone – especially in The Leadership – will at least read my books – even if not in agreement!

More about my books here at – including the now published Arabic – Behind The Wheel!

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Good to be back! Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany


*** The article was scheduled for September 9th 2014 – Tuesday – but did not appear in The Oman Daily Observer due to ‘space constraints’!

System Overload! The Mafias!

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 For Sunday October 6th 2013

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 Between Us Only!

 System Overload!

 Or Just The Lack of Job Responsibilities, Ethics and Professionalism!

  •  O you who believe! Fear      Allah and be with the true ones (in word and deed) – The Holy Quran – 9:119
  • Life      cannot defeat a Writer who is in love with writing, for life itself is a      Writer’s love until death – Edna Ferber
  • It is      a wastage of energy to be angry with a man who behaves badly, just as it      is to be angry with a car that won’t go – Bertrand      Russell

System Overload – According to Mosby’s Medical Dictionary – System Overload is an inability to cope with messages and expectations from a number of sources within a given time limit. Not to be confused with  also “System Overload” – which is a garage rock song by New Zealand Rock and Roll band The Datsuns. It is their second single off the album Smoke & Mirrors. It was released on both Vinyl and Compact Disk in 2006. It is typical of The Datsuns style. With loud guitar, a lead break and dominant vocals. Electricians describe it when ‘electricity ‘trips down’ (shuts down!)!

With the very start of this column over 12 years ago – I had resolved to speak the truth – even if it will cost me! And cost me it did – but that has not deterred me! My first article was titled More Dangerous and Troubled Waters Ahead! And everything that I had said in it – and others that followed – all came out in truth and in reality!

Mark Twain had said – Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest! Also in our HadithIf one of you sees something wrong, let him change it with his own hand; if he cannot, then raise voice and speak out against it; if he cannot do even that, then dislike or hate it in your heart, but that is the lowest degree of faith! And on Truth – Say what is true, although it may be bitter and displeasing to people! – by Baihaqi.

The other day I had gone to this Electronic shop to buy a new laptop after my current one went obsolete. There were three Sales People – all expatriates – attending to one European Expatriate. So I sidled to the one salesman on the outer and asked him about the models that I was interested and within my limited budget. Just like I would like to drive the Top Model Range Rover – but I have to consent to staying with my 8 year old banger Camry – because I cannot get the Hire Purchase to buy a new one – even if I can afford it – because of my age. You see I am over 55 – and already put in the list of the ‘living dead’ here! That is how life is now – and how the cookie crumbles!

Anyway, the more friendlier of the lot – guess it was a Filipino – pointed to the direction of where I could see the machines that I was interested in! Maybe he saw me intently looking at the machines – or maybe he thought I would steal or spoil something – then he reluctantly came over! As I had done my research already – I told him to reduce the price – because I needed an up to date Printer also! The good man did!

As I was going out – this nice European lady – from the goodness of her heart – turned to the Salesmen reprimanding them – See you all ignored him – and he bought these things from you! Yet all of you were concentrating with us – ignoring him – and all we are doing here is ‘window shopping’! Let that be a lesson for you in the future! That cooled me down greatly from the ‘milk of humane kindness’ – and made me feel so bad for a considerable while after that!

And this is the point I want to make here! Maybe there are a few bad eggs or fish in the basket – but the trend and approach is ‘controlled apathy and disdain’ against the locals – for no other reason than dislike and ridicule – and contempt! They try hard to hide it – but if you have even an iota of perception – you will not fail to notice it! Especially nowadays! I do not know why these things are happening to us locals now? Maybe we are all made to blame to what is happening to some of them – so the whole lot of us have to be penalised and to be punished in turn!

This is not only in shops – but in the Offices too – including the so-called high profile places – and more even by the locals to their fellow locals – and especially in situations where the expatriates still dominate and control – and the top locals are just window dressings – or ‘figure heads’ only! With all the works and initiatives still being done by the expatriates – and who are ready and willing for the local boss to take points and credit – even if they (expatriates) remain not in the limelight and exposure!

Omani Faces - Toyota

The Omanis Are Strangers In Their Own Land!

Woe to you if you antagonise the Mafia lots – and a few of them have ‘the ears’ of the local bosses. The Local bosses are good Actors, Performers and Impersonators – and if you go to complain and grudge – they pretend to be attentive and caring – whilst all the time working against you! I know I am talking of few misguided cases – but their damages are more harmful and devastating – especially if they come from the so-called high profile places! Red lines have been crossed so many times before – but people just do not care – and still keep pushing!

Omani Men

The Omanis Are Strangers In Their Own Land!

 I do not know how long these things will go on – before there is an explosion – like that cinder fire burning underneath and within heatedly and unseen – until it just surfaces – intently and heatedly! I have said so many times in this column – Do not bite the hand that feeds you – because you may end licking the boot that kicks you! They also say – Those that do not learn from history – are apt to repeat the mistakes of the past!

Take Care!

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By: Majid Al-Suleimany

Added Remarks!

This was written 4 years ago and edited version had appeared in my column Between Us Only! in The Oman Daily Observer!

Surprisingly and amazingly – in default and inadvertently still – it is still relevant and applicable to my own status quo and all the things happening around us now!


Crimes Against Children!

Between Us Only!

Crimes Against Children!

A long time ago – when I used to subscribe to the Public Forumsbefore I had my own websites – now over 10 – from Columns (3 live and 2 previous); Books (2); Road Safety (1); Personal cum Family (3); Opinion (1) and several others – I had a long acrimonious argument with some members contributors – including one famous Omani Columnist – that with due apologies in advance as a taboo stigma subject – that we needed to have a ‘Red District’ to avoid crimes against women and children. There was even a sick joke being circulated around – that prostitution was one of the ‘oldest professions in mankind’ – so what else was new?

Rape 1

Images – India Rape Cases – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Though something against decency, the ways of life and our values – and norms – it was something people felt should be still be had in order to lessen dangers to women – children especially! I was one of the few with the opinion against the idea – and once again – though belatedly – I have been proved correct once more! The point being that those that ‘are sick in the head’ – the weirdos and crackpots – do not need an excuse to do their ignominious dastardly crimes!

Supporters of BJP shout slogans during a protest outside the parliament house in New Delhi

Out of all the countries in the world – and as a good friend – I am ashamed to the core that child rape cases can happen in such a country that had never ever crossed my mind can happen! Though frankly I knew there was capabilities of other types of crimes and violence – but had never imagined that it could happen there to such a shameful level involving innocent children of such young tender age – and something very weird and wrong is happening now there. There are simply no grounds for defence or apologists to come in now. It lays bare and open that despite all the freedoms and permissiveness these things can still happen there.

A protester holds a placard as he stands on top of a police barricade during a protest in New Delhi

Admittedly these things happen everywhere in the world – and even in our midst – but the frequencies and repetitions now are very alarming and a very great case of concern. It is shocking beyond belief! There is simply no excuse for such barbarity and crimes of these kinds against children. Children and women now have become greatest casualty victims of wars, aggression, terrorism and fundamentalism – ‘collateral damages’! – and makes all the Believers’ Prophets turn in their graves – including the ‘beliefs, saints and gods’ of the  others!. What is happening to us now?

 India Rape Case 1 India Rape Case 2 India Rape Case 3 India Rape Case 4 India Rape Case 5

Images – India Rape Cases – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

There is simply no excuse and the whole world needs to speak out. Sometimes one asks himself if ‘swift and quick’ justice is the answer to scare the rest and put them in line those that are contemplating and or may contemplate such ideas in the future! Frankly, I do not know the answer – because even in those countries where such things do happen – like hangings from the highest points and leaving the body(ies) for the whole public to see – or public beheadings – these things still do happen – even if not frequently and more like in the past! I must admit I do not have the solution nor answer – and your guess and opinion is as good as mine here!

A long time ago, a peer was joking with me about ‘the evils of drinking’. He told me about this story of a young woman who wanted to seduce a handsome young Mullah (Priest). So she tried all the excuses to get the man inside the house – but the frolicked man just refused. Finally, one day she asked him if she could ask ‘a religious lady question’ to him – and being private and embarrassing – she got him finally to come inside to hear the question. Keep remembering this is only a joke – before someone starts to jump on someone else!

So the ‘lady’ tells the Sheikh what is really in her mind – and the priest rejects this vehemently! Finally, she tempts the priest to try ‘a new brand imported’ wine – so just to get away – the priest agrees to take a swipe!  All the time the priest says this is a lesser crime – than adultery – so just to get out of the house! Then he takes a bit more – and some more! Sorry for the vulgarity, coarseness and the lucidness – but soon the priest is tempted to do what the young lass had all the time wanted him to do in the first instance!

The woman’s young daughter sees them – and starts to scream out aloud ‘on what she is seeing is going on’! The misfit priest tries to silence the young girl – and in the due course and process – suffocates her – and not only drinks alcohol – but commits also adultery and murder – thus the evils of drinking! All from that first sip!

It has been established that in many cases of domestic violence – and especially involving children – are contributed to excessive use of alcoholism by the male partner. I was watching this BBC Television Programme of domestic violence there – and where once was few or unheard – is now becoming more prevalent and frequent in even UK amongst Asian families – and Muslim ones too – and the culture and conflicts – which is going to be my next column article titled A Question of Loyalty!

Till then – Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany