Suspension of Masjid JoJo Project in Mafia Island – Tanzania!

Suspension of Masjid JoJo Project in Mafia Island – Tanzania!

The Project has now been suspended! These days you cannot trust anyone in life – let alone even Family, Relatives and Friends! Even in aspects Holier Like Masjid Buildings!

One month back I was told pending items were windows and doors. I sent payment for the items! Two Days back the items again reappeared in Things To Be Done – Before The Masjid can be Formally Opened! This time two million Tanzanian Shillings have been added up to The Amount! Repeat and Repeat of the same scenario!

I always wondered why people were reluctant to contribute to Masjid Buildings – especially sadly and tragically to places like Mafia and others! Why? DONOR FATIGUE – as International Known! Monies sent – but not matching facts on the grounds!

People are NOT AFRAID of EVEN ALLAH SWT God Our Lord Almighty! Masjids are No Exception even!

Even if you will meet Hell Fire starting in your Grave First!

So I Point Blank said – Where The Masjid Reached Now – Is The End For Me! I am Afraid of Allah SWT – Making Payments – The same Ones Again – and Again!

So many closed up Masjids – Before Completion! What a waste!

It is very sad and tragic! I looked forward to Finish This Masjid JoJo Project – so Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters can Pray in To Allah SWT – Al Hamdu Lillah! 

Hasbiyat Allah Wa Naymat Wa Kyll! La Illah Illah Lah Antuum Subhanah Inniy Kuntuum Mina Al Dhaliiimiiyn! 

So sad and tragic!

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