Omanisation – At The Crossroads!

Between Us Only!

Omanisation At The Crossroads!

I have to admit in writing this I was very much perturbed and disturbed by one ‘friend’ telling me to stop writing any further because you are ‘just exposing yourself to unnecessary situations’ – and besides ‘you have said it yourself that you are tired banging your head against brick walls – and just having your head swollen and red in the whole process per se’! Omani Faces - Toyota

But then there were others encouraging me not to despair – surrender and give up – because we need people like you to still be able to speak out and say the truth – however bitter and ugly that we do not want to hear and or accept! Please continue to act as our ‘Conscience-Keeper’ – and keeping things from sliding down further in ‘this dark alley’ – and then we all end as Losers. If you have heard of the story of The Father, The Son and The Donkey – they were going to sell! – you will probably get the gist of the meaning of what I am trying to say here – so please bear with me – and as a citizen I think I have the right to say what I feel and what my views are!

 First of there is need to say this thing that has come out in The Society now! We are part of the global village and whatever happens in other parts of the world – especially nearer the home – we cannot isolate ourselves from the rest of the world in things and events catching up with us! We still have the ‘Old Guards’ in our midst that want no changes – and even if they are a few – but still are powerful and influential – especially when ‘the element of fear the change, unknown and untested’ still crops in and overrides!

 I have written so many articles on all the above and even in a desperate and last attempt in writing the book A Cry For Help! – published in September 2009 – well before all the troubles hit us in The Arab World. But I was branded all types of names and colours – and I never ever again got a HR job that lasted more than 3 months – because being already a sick person with acute diabetic case – high blood pressures and eyes problems it was not worth me continuing to tag and struggle along – because as the Brits say ‘ ‘if you cannot stand the heat – quit whilst you still can’!.

 And to quit I have done – even if it was just as quick as 18 minutes to pack my things – and leave the Offices in that time! Even if this time are fellow Omanis as my Top Bosses – but then they are unsure of themselves – and have many Advisors – many of them anti-me expatriates – with long elephant memories!

 Recently, I have again been perturbed and greatly disturbed to read articles talking about grand generalizations of The Omani Youth and The Applicant. Forget me that was born outside – but my parents and elders were all born in Oman – including grandparents! Including my children and grandchildren! I do not know of any other place that is home except this one – that took me in as a refugee under United Nations – returning home to our family ancestry – and giving me a passport that I am very proud and esteemed of. His Majesty Accession was the silver lining in the storm – after our families lost heavily in the bloody revolution – and the massacres and ethnic cleansing that followed!

 You will, therefore, no doubt appreciate why I am a keen advocate and pusher from day one for Omanisation – Youth Recruitment – Training and Development!

Though my future prospects and career were much tarnished and damaged by not ‘towing the line’ – like others did – but frankly I have no regrets to date – and even if my life were represented – I would still do ‘the very same things – all over again’!

 In one of the funerals I had attended some 30 years ago – I wrote about this! – There were these people from one Office cursing the boss who had just died – and still warm and not buried yet! It made my flesh crawl – and I could not believe my ears! When I queried them – then why did you come to the funeral – they retorted something about being forced by the Management to come – but if they had their say – they would rather go home – and watch television!

 I wondered to myself why there would be so much hatred and animosity – to the extent ‘that he is now going to burn in his grave to eternal damnation’! As a HR Professional – that made me so scared – but it was a great learning point and lesson to me on life – and life’s aspects!!

 In another funeral gathering some years later –  I saw men over forties actually crying – because ‘the good boss had died – and who will look after us now? I was then so elated and felt great that though I was losing money heavily in my job career and future – but Thank God – I was in the right track – at least!. I would prefer this – than being cursed –  even at death!

 You may well ask why I am worried – again? From what I can read of people making generalized statements – and branding everything under one colour – rather than the rainbow and other colours – it is very scary and frightening! I have this fear that what people are writing is for the particular interests and welfare of ‘some die-hard old guards’ that do not want to change with the times – even if they would plummet us all into this decadence, malaise and decay of darkness and uncertainties – and we have still not learnt from what we see live being played out in the Television and Media news!

 Admittedly it is true that even in each basket there are bad eggs (fish) – but unfair, unethical, unprofessional and unprincipled generalizations of the whole lot is unjustified and unfair!

 Like I have also said many times before – the expatriate here is under natural pressures to outdo and outperform the adversary competition in local recruitment – otherwise there are no considerations, sympathy or patience for him – but the same guy can easily disappoint you easily – when he is back at his home relaxed environment.

 Besides, the point also that we are a young nation – just 50 years old – and still evolving and changing to catch up with the rest of the world – and even our own neighbours. Trust me – I am not an Apologist for lower standards, quality and complacency – and I do not also believe in window dressing – patch-up repair works either.

 But there sure is far more room for so much further changes and improvements – and further calculated risk taking. I was really scared to hear why the Teenagers prefer public jobs than private – but the ‘real excuses give’ are just doubtful and do not hold any credible evidence and proof – because there is far more than meets the eye here!

Please note – I am not denying we have problems – but could be exaggerated and overblown!

 Maybe some people should read (again?) my two books in Arab Management – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking and A Cry For Help! I think it is all in there! But I still stand corrected – with provided credible proof and evidence! See – with sincere apologies!

 The future belongs to these youth – and for their destiny, legacy and destiny – even if there will be a lot of errors and mistakes – before we reach our final destination – goals, targets and focuses – Amin Amen The time to do that is now – not after! History and future generations will judge us by what we do now – not do or even any inaction.

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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