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Trafford Publishing USA Press Release –

Every Writer I know has trouble writing! – Joseph Heller – By Majid Al Suleimany

Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Majid Al Suleimany presents new study in Arab Management Thinking!

‘Psychology of Arab Management Thinking’ offers firsthand look into Middle Eastern thinking

MUSCAT, Oman – In his new book “Psychology of Arab Management Thinking: Arabian Management Series” (published by Trafford Publishing), author and analyst Majid Al Suleimany explores the management styles that he believes helped lead to the events of Arab Spring.

“This is a no-punch-held-back book,” Al Suleimany says. “It critically reviews and assesses with deep soul searching analysis the management styles and approaches of the Arab world, especially in Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) vis-à-vis the international companies operating in the international arena.”

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An excerpt from “Psychology of Arab Management Thinking”:

“As Arabs work is worshipped in our Religion – so what went wrong here? Especially in Management circles? Why are we behind the rest of the world, despite all our riches, potentials and resources?

This is a no punch held back, no barrels held, no stiff, no frills play – but to be as blunt, frank, open, honest and sincere as far as possible – so the book can be a learning experience and process for this generation – and future to come – especially after the recent Arab Spring uprisings!”

Al Suleimany knows his book fills a critical need. “Little is known of Arab management styles,” he says, “especially as written from the inside by an Arab himself as an experienced professional local HR and management expert, advisor and counselor.”

“Psychology of Arab Management Thinking”

By Majid Al Suleimany

Hardcover | 7 x 10 in | 486 pages | ISBN 9781426998065

Softcover | 7 x 10 in | 486 pages | ISBN 9781425182731

E-Book | 486 pages | ISBN 9781426982705

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

This is the first book under the Arab Management series by Majid Al Suleimany. His second book in the series, “A Cry for Help!” is also available. Both books predicted of the Arab Spring uprisings.

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The Changing Offices!

Between Us Only!

The Changing Offices Syndromes!

Or The Fast Moving Allegiances and Changes!

Or The New Future!

A         The Introduction

As a now fully retired Human Resources (HR) Professional – I have never forgotten my role and responsibility that I represent my Company (and the Management) – even if in default I will go on forward to fight for the employees’ rights – and as part of the HR role, responsibilities and role in professionalism, principles and ethics. In actual fact I personally for one do not see any conflict or contrast between the two roles – but more as complimentary – for the well-being, interests and future for the establishment.

Sometimes you have to take the role of one side to the other as a situation develops – but in the final analysis your ability to balance the roles is what makes you as that successful HR Executive – or not! Even if you know that at the end of the day – you know who is paying you – but you have to think outside the box – look at the bigger picture – because in the end it has to be for the overall well-being and the interests for the company. That is why HR jobs are really difficult, hard and complex – compared to many others – because you become as ‘The Conscience’ of the Company!

This even if some in the senior Management (The Board) do not see it this way – and may even give you colourings and labels like – being the rebel – being short focused – and even as not being a Team Player! If not even worse scenarios like – time he is sent away – or we do not need him anymore!


Images – The Omani Future!

B         The Recent Incident

I was reading this incident of a case of an Expatriate GM being fired by The Company Board by him just receiving an email from The Chairman – and just finding his name in the Press that ‘he was terminated and no longer representing the Company’. I guess that if I was working in this place – my name would have come up next – because in all my career life I have always fought against such abrupt short cut routes – which gives a bad image and impression of the company – and makes other staff feel really worried and concerned – because they will be saying to themselves – if this can happen to such Senior people – what about the rest of us?

Mind you – I do not personally vet for stoppages and strikes as a tool and weapon for people to be heard and to be listened to – but sometimes because the Management had started the abruptness and the short cuts – lack of ethics, principles and professionalism – they should not be surprised at what turns up next – and this mine – I told you so! – has been mainly instrumental in curtailing and marginalising my career and progression – when people willfully and purposely do things to make me mad so I can quit – or if I do not then get hit in other ways!

Like in the last place – my junior assistant being planned to be my future boss – and a peer that I out pass in all aspects and in performance – has already become my boss even! But even there I had hanged on – and who was that guy laughing all his way to the bank – after ‘so-called voluntary early retirement’ – even if the action was in default and inadvertently!


Image – The Omani Future 2


mages – Omani Young Girl – For Demonstration Purposes Only!      

C     The Changing Allegiances!

In my mind I was saying to myself – this situation will evolve in one way or the other – either the GM will be reinstated – or the whole lots of employees will also be terminated – and that would be to me like pouring petrol over a cinder fire! Especially as the protesting employees are Omanis – and Omani led! Ironically and twistingly – for a reinstatement for an expatriate manager! And why?

Because they said – the GM had made so many pro-workers decisions – and likes to see Omanis being recruited and doing meaningful jobs. Thus infuriating some in the board that had a dim view of the guy – quote – ‘that we have found mistrust. As he was holding governing power in Oman operations, and was in the Senior most position. We had to remove him immediately after we found malpractices – unquote!

 Now don’t you find this ironic and funny at the same time? Omanis protesting that an expatriate GM has been given the boot – and at short notice? The pink slip? How many GMs are replaced or moved to higher labels position – but with no holding power or authority – or just made as Advisors – and all his advices and counsels go to file number 13 – the dustbin? But moved there just for image and publicity purposes – or that he does not cause harm and damage to the company in another way – either directly – or indirectly?

D         My Arab Management Books –

Please see previous article here for images – or the above!.

I wrote about all these issues in my above books – let alone in my columns writings – and as far as in 2003 – 9 years ago! Starting with losing my job as a second time – this time from a Chinese company that led to my writing passionately and deeply emotionally traumatised in my the first Arab Management book – titled Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!

Last week I received this from a UK Reader – quote – Please go to the website of – one of the biggest booksellers in the world – I gave you 4.5 stars out of 5 – and this is what I wrote about your book!

  • A Great Read (4.5 stars)

This book does not only provide a fascinating insight into Majid’s life but also his raw, honest and sometimes eye opening emotional roller coaster career. It is a personal account, and his brutal honesty regarding different nationalities and those of his own country is recounted so well. A lot of clips from his columns but never mind!

I couldn’t put it down. The English, although not perfect (hey, even English have trouble!) is easy to read and paints a picture as though you are there yourself – unquote.

In my book – A Cry For Help! – Even the Publishers had said to me – quote – This book is definitely a forewarning, prophecy and premonition of The Arab Spring troubles. Frankly people should have read your book – because all the tell-tale warning precaution signs were there already – you were just highlighting and pointing them out to the others! Sad and tragic! – Unquote!

In this book I had also written what the British GM had said – When M left the place – the fresh air blowing over the dump heap – had the stale returned – blowing all over again! Poor guy – some in the top did not like it coming from him supporting me – and he too lost his job eventually!

Only ironically this time all the workers – and even the majority expatriates in the machine shop – had switched off the machines – triggering an alarm system in the Head Offices – because the machines were only to be switched off in case of fire and emergency? When the CEO called as to what was happening – he was told – All the employees – including the expatriates – were saying farewell to M! He just curtly replied – okay I understand!

What more can I say now?

Take Care!

Happy and Safe Enjoyable Eid!


Majid Al Suleimany

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