Things Have Not Really Changed!

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For Sunday August 25th 2013

After discussions Jo.

Between Us Only!

Things Have Not Really Changed!

People Are Just Still Misbehaving!

Things Have Simply Not Really Changed!

• Do not bite the hand that feeds you – to end licking the boot that will kick you!
• Maybe you should consider our place. Here we do respect the learned elders like you! – My Books USA Publishers.

Thursday – August 15th 2013.

This week I had tried my level best – and avoided to get embroiled into an argument with one – sorry to say it to those of my friends! – An Indian Top Sales Marketing guy – a Services Provider that I have been using for a number of years. Related to my books distribution in Oman, I have given them good business in the past – and the relationships were to mutual advantages, anyway!

There is no point to continue banging my head against brick walls – and just making it swollen and red in the process! Five years ago, I had formally reported this same guy to his Indian Superiors – and I went so far to report him formally to The Company Owners – who are Omanis – acknowledged and well known family run business. But instead of siding with the customers – and fellow Omanis – they tend to side more with their own staff – even if rude and misbehaving ones too – like this one too!

The person promised to change and behave – but simply has not! He just feels that he is beyond reproach – and nothing can touch him in any way! One would be even excused to think that he may be doing the ‘company’s dirty business’ under the cloak and face mask! In treating even qualified, experienced and professional Omanis with complete disdain and contempt. The mind just boggles of how he treats the Junior Younger Omanis under him.

These kind of things cannot be allowed to continue because always they lead to bigger things – as we have seen lately live on television.

The other day I was seeing this traumatic depressing television news coverage of a young Syrian girl of about 5 years of age – desperately gasping out ‘I am alive’ – leave me alone – unsaid! – As she wanted to cover herself from prying television cameras. It was so distressing and disheartening – to see how fast the girl could grow up in such nasty awful experiences.

We see these things – do we change? The answer is simply – No! Until the next time – if there will be such a chance then!

I then told the person that I am collecting back all my books still with you – and please keep them ready for my collection. What is the use and point, anyway? I have written two books in Management in these issues – – and several column articles before! I do not know how long these things will continue – before there is a breaking point?

Perhaps it may come sooner than what we had envisaged! People should not be surprised in this!

In my book theme – A Cry For Help! – Published in 2009 – I had said – Addressing the increased extremism, fundamentalism and lack of forbearance in the working environments…. Growing radicalization of local staff…..Unhappy dissatisfied staff ….bad treatment of staff – especially by some (few) expatriates ….etc! My mistake forgetting to add …and customers and clients too!

Truthfully and honestly sincerely speaking – the problems with us Omanis are that we are very welcoming, respecting and esteeming to ‘The Invited Guests’ in our country – unalike even others near us! The few of them especially feel it is okay for these unruly unneeded behaviours and attitudes – and to in forgetting the famous expression – Biting the hand that feeds you …and ending as proved in many cases – of ‘licking the boot that kicks you’!!

I am not a Political Scientist or Expert – but since last week I have never ever felt so sad in my life ever before – because all the things I have said and cautioned about have come to pass – and I feel so sad, unhappy and miserable to keep saying – I have said it, before! Or I told you so! I tried to say the very same things – diplomatically and tactfully – in my many articles – notably last month – The Role of Advisors! The article can be found here!

Even at the dangers of losing something so nice and good that you had never had before or expected – and something you should strive to protect, defend and let it grow and prosper – the evilness and selfishness in people will just not change – even if they know their actions – or inactions – would lead to what, where and when!

I have worked in other countries in GCC – and I have met many ex worked in Oman expatriates. Though they are getting ‘better salary packages, perks and benefits than what they got here – the one thing that they miss the most – is the ‘warm welcome and esteem’ that expatriates – the so-called ‘invited guests’ – have got in Oman. This particular aspect they missed the most.

Frankly, I have seen it live too being practiced – the opposite of what we Omanis are doing! In my role of Human Resources – I had even protested in ‘defending and protecting’ schemes – and I was rudely and abruptly awakened by those doing these things against the expatriates – Brother – you are not in Oman now! That speaks volumes of what we offer and give here – to say the very least! It eventually even costed me my job!

The main problem is that some expatriates know very well that they will not get the positions and levels they are in now – if they were back at home! They may try to kid and fool – but they are fooling no one – but themselves more! I keep repeating and stressing the word FEW! This definitely has gone to their heads – and have made them contemptuous, proud and conceited.

That is the sad and bitter truth of the matter – human beings as they are in reality!

Conversely, I do not know what we Omanis may do – if we enmasse are to go and work in high influential positions in other places? How we would react, interface and behave?

As Bishop Desmond Tutu was saying to Sir Robert Frost in the interview – I do not hate the individuals who propagated, promoted and practiced Apartheid – because as an African – I do not know what their minds were really thinking? Perhaps if I was one of them – I could be doing the same – or maybe even worse! Wise words, indeed!

May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – from His Anger and Fury – Amin.

With sincere and due apologies,


Majid Al-Suleimany

Date – August 23, 2013

Words – 1080


Biting The Hand That Feeds You!

For Wednesday – April 10th 2013

Spotlight – The Oman Daily Observer

Between Us Only!

Biting The Hand – That Feeds You!

And ending with licking the boot that kicks you!

In writing especially my book titled – A Cry For Help! – – I was astounded and shocked beyond belief to find that some few expatriates in good positions and in our country having rather very poor, dim and narrow minded extremely prejudicial biased and racialist outlooks on the country! The more shocking part is that they are courageous and brave enough to say all these things without any fear or inhibition – the audacity of it all! They do not even attempt to cover it with a sugar coating – but give you the pill bitter as it is! I wrote the book – but it was just like talking to brick walls – and just wasted futile exercise for simply nothing! Even one Western CEO admitted to me that ‘he could not believe such things happened in Oman – you do not desrve such things to be done to you!

A - A Cry For Help!

The Book – A Cry For Help! –

Recently I read two articles that still continued to shock me to the core! One article was one where a columnist (foreign) was indicating why he chose an airline that was not national to go home on holidays. Mr. Columnist has full rights to choose whatever airline you wish – but do we need the citizens need to know why the preference – and if there is anything you wanted others to know is between you and the National Airline (Oman Air) – we are passengers like you – and talking to us will not change anything – unless that is you want us too to follow you to abandon our national airline – for whimsical reasons!

The other was coincidentally a good Indian Columnist with his heart in the right place – and in remembrances – chiding a Westerner Blogger who is at the same time a Teacher in English at the University level in Oman – and residing in Oman – ‘is apparently full of malice and hatred for Palestinians and Arabs. His generalisations are morbid and so are his attempts to distort truth. Or what else can the reason be for such malice towards the Palestinians..? A good question indeed – and thank you very much for the bold daring action! I hope nothing would happen to you – we can only pray for the risk taking!

I thought these things had now stopped post The Arab Spring Uprisings – but you will forgive my ignorance – because I have been out of offices for quite some time now – and do not know what is really going on now! Incidentally, I am also being protected from hearing and getting bad news from my ‘caring advisors’ – because the last bad news nearly ended me in being hospitalised – being acute diabetic and with eyes problems on top!

I was actually talked out of ‘doing some rather unexpected actions’ on my part out of desperation and reciprocity seeking! What turned the tables for me is hearing my 5 year old granddaughter asking her Mum – Why does Granny look so sad and unhappy? Why don’t you ask him, retorted her Mother> The girl replied – I do not want to hurt his feelings more – and that did it! Our late Mother always used to tell us that sometimes messages that need to be given to us comes in the format of the innocent angels saying unexpected and unbelievable things to us! Just to caution and guide us accordingly!

A long time ago I was invited –n with other Staff – to a family home of one expatriate. I needed to go the gents – so I told my host my dilemma. I found it strange that he had to consult his Madam Wife first before showing me which toilet to use – which I found later belonged to the housemaid! The stranger thing happened next! As I was returning to the sitting room – I saw this big African parrot in the kitchen. Feeling like a cup of water I took a glass – and was drinking it when this upset and annoyed hostesses was drilling me what I wanted in the kitchen? This is not a place for guests! She verbally reprimanded me! Then she said ‘really awesome nasty things’ to her husband about my intrusions! Dinner was not served – but I pulled Madam out – and in the car explained to her why!

Next morning my good Western CEO wanted to know what happened at his deputy house? So I asked him point blank – do you really want to know to take remedial action – or just as a matter of courtesy – and nothing else more? So I told him – when I realised he really wanted to know! Soon we were on the loud speaking phone format with the chairman – who was kind enough to say to me – I want the CEO to know too – so we will speak in English! The poor Invitee did not know what hit him next – how it came into being – but there was a letter signed by him the CEO – and co-signed by me – The Head of Human Resources – for ‘regret that your position will no longer be required due to the emergence of two departments – and the other guy heading the department!

I guess as he was in the plane with his family he wished he was not so hospitable to invite the others to his house – company rented anyway! Sadly he had a very high well paid job – that he threw away – just because of his ‘biases and prejudices’ – and sadly and tragically against the people and the country that offered you the job in the first instance. I think he thought he was still in the other GCC country where such things still exist – but thank God – the doors are closing now in Oman!

A long time ago an Arab President had said – The friend of today can be the enemy of tomorrow – and the enemy of today can be the friend of tomorrow! With shifting allegiances and alliances – we need to prioratise – and watch things out now – who are our real friends – and who are not! We owe it to our destiny, legacy and our future too!

In one of the companies that I had worked – there was a circular for expatriates being posted to a certain country – that went through the Arab Spring storm! It just said – be careful of the office driver, the gardener, the cook, the office mate (locals) – because ‘they all work for the state’ – and will try to entrap you! Thank God I feel great and elated that we have a wise and benevolent leader – and the people are generally receptive in welcome and in hospitality – and importantly respectful of ‘the invited guests ‘ in our country. We have even changed our weekends to remain accommodating! What more do you want?

Take Care!