Open Letter To Linkedin Management

Open Letter To Linkedin Management

Dear Sirs;

I am writing to you as a longtime member of Linkedin. As I am now a Retired Pensioner, I have no need of Premium Membership but just kept myself at Ordinary Membership.

I am looking at Posts in Linkedin, and I see that some are even worse than what you can find in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc. I myself had posted items in LinkedIn, which were turned down by even Facebook!

Facebook and even Instagram have on line Regulators who even if the post was made would either cover it up with the option of The Viewer to either open it, after the caution has been made, or move on to other posts!

There are many posts like religious based that Facebook will not entertain. Linkedin on the other hand rely more on a Complaint Reporting System, which to your credit really works. As soon as the commplaint is raised, the offending article is removed.

I received a ‘Personal Attack’ by one purported to be an Omani Engineer HB yesterday. He went on in tirades attacking me on a very personal level of ‘My Failures’.

Anyway, it is upto oneself what you think about someone, his successes, his failures etc. You are entitled to your opinion, but when you express it in a public media, that is something else, completely different!

I could have copied down the insult and report it to The Cybercrime Division of The ROP Royal Oman Police ROP and register a case against this HG in Linkedin.

You are entitled to your opinion what you think of someone, whatever! But it is something else different to put it down in Social Media.

If I had reported this to The Royal Oman Police, he could face both jail and a prison sentence.

Even if you say you were annoyed that the person was complaining to someone else and that person was not all praises of names mentioned by the so called Author of a New Book on Entrepreneurship!

The complaint was more based on ommission of my name as an Omani Author Writer and Columnis – and not on a personal individual attack!

I reported the case anyway after asking HR People I know of the supposed place the person was working in Oman. They do not recognise the name anyway.

The English level used is of a high level and standard, which are few Omanis have, unless educated trained abroad or is a Common User of The Language.

That leads to the suspicion that the Writer might be a Foreigner, for all sets of purposes in supporting the New Author also a Foreigner, with a high best seller book! Wishing him all the best!

Incidentally, the same person had sent me an inmail looking for help for a jobin Oman, as his Company was going down under!

Most importantly, you can also support someone without a need of insulting another person – albeit he also being a Senior Person by Age and Profession. Which is alien to The Omani values, customs, traditions, heritage and culture – which leads more to the suspicion that a foreign link either abroad or in Oman.

I have personally taken it in stride to defend my fellow Muslims in especially Kashmir and in India with its Race Relations Act which does not recognise or acknowledge Muslim Minority.

Thus I am a Marked Man by these individuals.

I suggest that Linkedin start to impose stringent measures to remove and reject all posts which are

Religion based
Race, Tribe, Sect based
National Ancestry, Ethnicity based
Personal Grandisement, Recognition and Acknowledgement which are not beneficial to anyone else except the person himself only! The only person who is at advantage is the person who posts it!
These posts can go to Facebook and others.

These are some of my suggestions and recommendations.

I would like to remind all Linkedin Members that The Authorities are now looking at Linkedin also!

In the past they concentrated more on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

They are no longer asking – What is this Linkedin? People like HG please take note! Now before it is too late for us all!

Linkedin, please also allow more space and words.

Best Wishes and Regards

Majid Al Suleimany




Why A Cry For Help! Book Was Written?

A Cry For Help! Book!

Why was the book written?

I wrote on these issues from even March 2003 in my columns Between Us Only! in The Oman Daily Observer!

My Second Arab Management Book published in August 2009 was even titled A Cry For Help!

See Books Link – 

A Cry For Help! Book Review – The Oman Daily Observer!

More at

A few days back, I was at this social gathering party and next to me was seated this Omani Elderly Man. He was eating by his hands .. whilst I was using a fork and knife.!

As normal, the fork being on my left hand he raised a strong comment to me for using the fork and knife – specifically telling me that the food you are putting in your mouth is – HARAAM FOOD!

That is not Halal Food Kosher .. Illegal Forbidden!

I do not even know the person – but his outlooks and focus was it was okay to invade my space and privacy as he felt it right in doing so! Being so forward and confronting! So patronising!

Even if in a way he could be right but there are better ways and styles to communicate your ideas .. to a person that you hardly know!

My upbringing culture and heritage of respecting people older to me kicked in .. and to ‘make peace’ – I decided to use only the fork with my Right Hand!

That was still not enough to him by his continued stare – which was very embarrassing to me!
Because I was now using a sharp pointed tool to put food in my mouth.

My host who was seated next to me tried to intervene and calm things .. but the person was not to be calmed down!

I was tempted to put him in his place but resisted the temptation. He wanted me to be like him – to use my hands to eat the food!

There were many Omanis there too who were using their hands to eat the food like him – with exception of a few like me using fork and knife to eat the food!

I have no issues to use my hands – but usually in Social places I tend to use fork and knife!

He still made some illogical unkempt untoward words – which I had just ignored him – turning to my host in talking!

There are so many elements now especially the so-called New Born Muslims who are increasingly intolerant critical and extreme in outlooks and focuses – which are not wanted or good things in the Society now!

I believe always in being tolerant and live and let live!

We see now increasing criticisms of Christmas and the related functions – things that were not there before!

Book Writing? QED!

Allah Protect and Preserve us all Ameen! Amen!




Badilisha Maisha – Jifikiriye Binafsi!

Badilisha Maisha – Jifikiriye na Kuwa Binafsi Badala Yake!

Translated from English – Be Selfish For A Change! Swahili!

December 15, 2018!

Kama miaka mingi iliopita nilipofanyiwa Operation Royal Hospital hapa Muscat Oman – sijuwi kwa ajili ya Operation au kwa ajili ya huzuni na matokeo baada ya operation – nilikuwa juu ya kitanda nalia sana kwa kikukuwi!

Huyu Daktari N wa KiOmani wa Kikee akaniuuliza – Baba unaliya kwa ajili ya nini? Wewe ni mtu mzima na haifai kulia hivi – unafanya uchura haifai! Nini kimetokeya? Na khasa jana tu umefanyiwa operation kubwa nah ii kulia itakuleteya aathiir na matokezi sio mazuri badala yake!

Nikamwambiya sasa ni saa 11.30 jioni (5,30 pm) na imebaki nusu saa tu watu kuruhusiwa kuingiya kutembeleya Wagonjwa – na mpaka sasa hajaja mtu kuja kunitizama!

Akanihujumu na kunishauri kwa sauti kali – Ni hilo tu? Na unaliya kwa ajili ya hayo? Kumbuka katika Maisha siku zote uwe na ufanye hivi – ikiwa watu watakuja au hata hawata kuja!

Wa Kwanza ni Majid – Wewe!
Wa Pili ni Majid – Wewe!
Wa Tatu ni Majid – Wewe!
Wa Nne ni Majid – Wewe!
Wa Tano Watoto wako Family yako Mke (na Wajukuu!)

Waliobaki katika Maisha yako waache wajipange mstari queue wenyewe – usiwapuuze lakini pia usiwa unawajaali sana kufikiya lengo la kujiuumiza nafsi yako!

Kumbuka haya siku zote!

Kuwa Binafsi badala yake! (Yaani piga moyo konde!)

Unaonesha kuwa ni mtu anayejaali watu wengi sana – na hata kujiuumiza na kujidhuru nafsi yako!
Hawa watu hawastaahili kufikiriwa hivi na wewe kuanzia sasa!

Samahani lakini pia! Mimi nimesha kuona kuwa ni mtu mzuri mkarimu na daima una wafikiriya watu – lakini Duniya sasa imebadilika sana – hamna Imaani Taqwa Ihsaani na Wema!

Samahani kwa Kiswahili – miaka mingi tangu kuandika kwa Kiswahili!


From The Book – That Is The Way It Is! Between Us Only!
By Majid Al Suleimany –



Be Selfish For A Change!

Be Selfish For A Change!

December 15, 2018

A long time ago when I had an operation in Royal Hospital – and maybe post operations depression and trauma – I was crying profusely !

This nice Omani Lady Doctor asked me what is your problem .. why are you a Senior Person by age crying? You just had come out from a major operation .. it is harmful and not good for you!

So I told her .. it is now 5.30 pm and only half an hour left for Visiting time .. and no one had yet come to visit me for this day .. despite my operation was only yesterday!

She cautioned me and told me – Be like this!
Now in your life –

First is – Majid
Second is – Majid
Third is – Majid
Fourth is – Majid

Fifth – Is your Direct Family .. Wife and Children of your own!

The rest in your life can make their own fore line queue .. Be less bothered about them .. they came or did not come!

Be Selfish for a Change – Just Care Only For Yourself!

You seem to care for a lot of people – who do not deserve your care and attention!

Al Hamdu Lillah 

From The Book – New Updated – That Is The Way It Is!



Being Thankful For In Life!

Being Thankful In Life!

What are you Thankful for in Life?

Thanksgiving DayThanks for the Blessings!

 Being Thankful In Life!

What are you Thankful for in Life!

A         Thanksgiving Day! Thanks for the Blessings!

It is a national holiday celebrated in  Canada and the  United States on the fourth Thursday of November. This time it fell on November 24 2016.

It was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks by Native Americans for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. The Pilgrims copied it and made it as their own!

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November  in the United States. Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. Although Thanksgiving has historical roots in religious and cultural traditions, it has long been celebrated in a secular manner as well.

Setting aside time to give thanks for one’s blessings, along with holding feasts to celebrate a harvest, are both practices that long predate the European settlement of North America.

The event that Americans commonly call the “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated by the Pilgrims  after their first harvest in the New World in October 1621. This feast lasted three days, and—as accounted by attendee Edward Winslow  — it was attended by 90  Native Red Indians Americans and 53 Pilgrims. The New England colonists were accustomed to regularly celebrating “Thanksgivings” — days of prayers thanking God for blessings such as military victory or the end of a drought.

B         Being Thankful In Life!

If you ask me – and truthfully, honestly, frankly and sincerely, I am thankful for a lot of things in life! Although I would some things now more than ever before – like on my personal life and on my health – I am thankful to have –

  • My family and relatives – my children and the grandchildren!
  • The few friends I have!
  • Being a True Observing Muslim to my best of my abilities and following My Religion as best as I Can!
  • And in trying to be near Allah SWT God Almighty as much as I can!
  • Always respecting people devoid of age, sex, religion, creed, race, ethnicity and religion!
  • A roof over my head even if it is a very old house needing much repairs and renovation!
  • Can now walk on my own without assistance like before!
  • The little things I have – even if I wished for more – but I remind myself that there are others far behind me and who would be ready anytime to change places with me!
  • Getting my Pension Salary regularly from PDO – even though I would have wanted it to be more – because every month struggling to make ends meet – like all people – especially Pensioners now!
  • Living in a peaceful stable secure place – after seeing all the things that are going wrong all around us now!
  • My books I have published – which will keep my name going long after I am gone!
  • And so many other things and aspects!

But truthfully, honestly, frankly and sincerely!  I will not want to change myself with anyone! I am happy I came out as Majid (Arabic for Glory!) that I am now!

If I have my life all over again – I want again to be me! The same and only Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany! Because I know deep in myself that I do care and feel for people! I am full of understanding, empathy, and kindness and caring!  I do not want to hurt or pain anyway. I am I!

I always try to help people as best as I can – and if I cannot will say so politely kindly and emphatically – but I will not lie or tell lies – or say wrong (unkind) things!

If I have made a mistake or error of judgement – I am ready to forgive and forget! Those who hurt and pain me – whether purposefully or unknowingly inadvertently – I will tell them frankly! I will not keep it bottled in – and suffering in silence! I know this part is what makes me unpopular and being resented by others!

I will not want to change myself to anyone other – even if far Richer, Famous and or Powerful! Majid will be Majid always – under Allah SWT God Almighty Grace and Blessings! Ameen Amen

I try hard to avoid conflict and fights – and after 3 or 4 point outs – and still people after me – I come in charging! Like in a bull! Would I want to change this trait and habit – and suffer in silence? The answer is emphatically NO!

This is Me – and This is what I am! Will be till end of time! Majid will remain as Majid!


C         My Epitaph!

Majid Epitaph (Legacy) – I Want to be Remembered!

A long time ago as a kid, I used to hear people talk about death and how they will go! I always wondered out aloud how I would go – if my turn came up next!

I always prayed that I would go sudden and people surprised he went away that fast! But I never want to cause trouble and inconveniences to others before I die – if I was to choose these things! But it is all in God Allah hands!

Anyway, I had this dream of ‘dying by starvation’ – I do not know what it meant! Was it going to be real as in the dream – or as a metaphor like liking to eat too much and getting fatter by day – and as now being diabetic case?

Or would it be like my late Father PBUH where he wanted food and water but was denied by The Doctors (they were using instead drips!) – because they needed to operate on his stomach – because there was a blockage in his small intestines – and till after the operation could be given food!

Anyway only God Allah SWT Knows these things best!

Sorry for a morbid subject!

Here lies a person who in all his life had acted and stood up for the rights of others – and to whatever extent and even harm and injury and damage to himself personally – and he went down that way!

Always wanting to do good things and help others as much as one could.

If he could not, he would be Truthful and offer instead kind words and support – and or offer advices to his best level always!

Where he could change things himself he did – otherwise he spoke out for Change. Always wanted to be fair, just, professional, principled, correct and ethical in all things he did.

He wants to be remembered that way only!

Please Pray for Him – when they tell you he is gone!


Images Thanksgiving!


Five orange pumpkins sit in a row in front of a distressed, wooden background.

thanksgiving-2 thanksgiving-3 thanksgiving-a majid-b majid-photoComa Majid

Message Received from Dr. Faris Al Hajri via Facebook!

[25/11, 22:25] to Majid Said Al Suleimany:

Many thanks to you dear Majid Al Suleiman, I read your article and has a very deep emotional story. I love the way you wrote for what you’re thankful correlating to all cultures in being always thankful for who you are and your achievements.

Keep Climbing the Endless Mountains of Life!

Your books & articles are of high values!

[25/11, 22:25] to Majid Said Al Suleimany:

My dear friend, never ever give up, i looked unto your marvelous awards, you’ve raised Oman’s flag to the world, keep up and you’ll see by yourself the day you eat the fruits of your success much beyond those from your ex-job. You’re an impressive writer but international figure. We all go through tough and painful moments, but the success would be beyond once you keep persevering.
Greetings from Ohio!
Dr. Faris Al Hajri in Facebook


A Personal Memoire – In Memoriam! Late Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry!

A Personal Memoire – In Memoriam! Late Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry!

imagesCAY1VCAS Sheikh Khalfan[1]

I was not feeling that well that night and had gone to bed early! I heard the continuous chimes of the Mobile GSM set – but just chose to ignore! In my mind I was asking myself who sane person sends messages well past midnight? If you do not sleep, some others do! You could well send the messages next day – if you must – but disturbing people well past night on mainly ‘trifle messages’ was just not on! At least to yours truly ranking, evaluation and assertion! Even if you have kept the notifications at the lowest ebb and level!

When the call of Fajr (early morning) prayers came on – both in the phone and from the nearby Masjid – and there is always a minute or two in difference – the phone one going off earlier! I then looked at the messages – and could not stop crying! Feeling very guilty because I was planning to visit my good friend – but now lost the chance forever! Feeling more guilty because of not reading my messages as they were coming – more from stubbornness and resistance than anything else!

It hit me more because I had a chance and opportunity to make amends with the great personality – because he being that friend and close to me – ventured to advise me to cool down and take things easy! He told me – I came into the paper well after you left – yet I was able to build more stronger friendships and more cordial relationships with them despite the fact that you were far longer with them than me!

He said to me – There is no point in going for grudges and revenges – as the Great Gandhi had said – an eye for an eye makes everyone blind! Or words to that affect! Besides – he went on – we should learn from The Hadith and Sunnah of Our Great Prophet – PBUH – on how benevolent and merciful he was with defeating The Meccans in war – and from those who threw stones at him till his skin was bleeding!

Then he rated me about Good Karma – about not going for revenge – because God Will allow you to see those that did bad things to you screw up in front of your very eyes as they came down! He narrated to me about Religious Principles – that no one can take your due Haqq (Right) because if you do not get it back to you in this short material world – then you will surely get it in The Hereafter – where you will need it the most!

That was late Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry – he could narrate to you the simplest facts and issues with both Religious Zeal – coupled with Life’s Modernity outlooks – as he was very flexible and moderate in his views! He was a Great Focuser on Family Values, Ethics, Upbringing, Family ties and relationships, Principles and Outlooks! A Live Let Live Person! Moderate and compassionate always!

We used to share great secrets and our personalities were intertwined! You can always be sure he will not let the cat out of the bag! Once I tested him on a certain strong rumour circulating in town about a great personality – he would not be drawn in – and refused to join in and participate! His great words always for those going astray – Like in The Holy Quran Suras – May God direct him to the Right Way and Path – Ameen He would add – This is what you too should do – instead of participating in rumour mongering and backbiting – which are great sins in Islam – and come on Majid – you know well about these things – please don’t disappoint me (again?)!

When we were working in PDO we used to share lunch together from ordered outside lunch packages! Sometimes because of a busy work schedule, he would not turn up – so we used to keep his portion for him. At the end of the day, he would still not turn up – so we used to throw the food away in a dustbin!

When he came to know of this he was irritably visible angry that we are throwing away perfectly good food! You could have given it to The Cleaners he said! So I told him – some of the cleaners are Veggies, so what then? He said to me still undefeated – How heavy is the parcel? Could you not take it home for later use? Then he would lecture us – about how the rest of the world are going hungry – whilst here we are throwing away perfectly good food! It is forbidden – Haram – he would add!

Yes another thing – some of us skeptical cynics! After the food he would make Dua (Prayers) for the food – for the people who cooked the food – those who brought in the food – and for us our gratitude to The Lord for the food! In the beginning we used to find it satirical funny – until he started explaining and lecturing to us – and typical his sense of humour – and modernity! He would add The Conservative Christians say Grace before partaking the food – we Muslims not to be left behind – do it after eating the food! Same thing – same message to The Lord! You needed a sense of humour to get to his jokes – he would say them without any funny face or smirk!

When he left PDO to do his own businesses – he was one of The Few who was assured that his job) or another) was always waiting for him – if he did not make it in life! That was how much he was liked and esteemed – not like some of us there was no such offer! I wished there was – when my business failed! He Never Burnt his bridges behind him!

A car that he really liked was Mercedes Benz – which he bought in full on cash! The surprised Salesman was telling him – we are used to receive LPOs – or people coming in to beg and beg for discounted prices – he proved the maxim of Mercedes Benz – only those who can afford it – buy one!

A few months later his new car got a bad accident – and he was driving a corolla! Ugly envious me used to mock him – from a Mercedes Benz to a Corolla (Office)? Yet he would not be drawn in – he smiled back painfully – and amicably! When I wanted to be on his good side now (after losing!) – saying it is The Red Eye (Arabic) Green Eye (English) and The Haassiyds and The Jealous and Envious – he said believing in such things was getting out of The Religion! Not that these things are not there – but we should put our faith and trust in Allah God only – because He will Protect us from all things – evil heinous or not – so long as we ourselves were clean – in the first instance!

I used to tease him that after September 11, was he not worried travelling around the world – as his business required – and with his long beard? With all the stereotyping and suspicious outlooks? He joked to me – he used to wear a T Shirt – written on it – The Sheik is Shaking! The Immigration Officers at The Counters used to find it very funny – and let him through quickly – even faster than those clean shaved! Now if it was someone else – he would get angry for asking such an intrusive penetrating private personal question – but not him!

I must admit I have never seen him angry at one! He had a patience of Prophet Ayub (Jacob) RA – unbelievable. I will not forget him giving me HR jobs to do – though he himself (or his partner) could have done the jobs by themselves! That so I could earn some money too – he knew I was proud and would not accept charity (then!) … and this was his way of helping an old friend out whilst he still could – when I was at the lowest ebb and level in my life then with bankruptcy and losing all my monies – including my Pension Payments!

Unalike him – I did not have an offer for a job back in PDO!

He contributed many articles in my Road Safety Book – Behind The Wheel! And Arabic – Behind The Wheel! When I told him I will pay you when I get in sales – he joked – I don’t understand that word (pay!) J J !

There are far more things I could write – but I think for today I have said my bit! Anyway others have said already so many things in The Social Media already!

A Great Man Came – and now He Is Gone! May Allah God Rest his soul in eternal peace in this world and The Next – and open The Highest Doors for him in Heavens Ameen Amen!

This article is dedicated to you – Late Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry! PBUH!

By Majid Al Suleimany

May 14, 2015

Muscat – Sultanate of Oman











A Personal Message To My Fans and Readers!

A Personal Message To My Fans & Readers!

Dear All & After Compliments;

Ramadhan Kareem!

Whenever I go out (which is rarely nowadays!) and in social gatherings – I get the same questions – again and again – as to when my articles in Between Us Only! series in The Oman Daily Observer will resume? Or if I had tried the other newspapers like Times of Oman and Muscat Daily? I have – but did not succeed!

I used to write for Muscat Daily a few years ago with the Column Title At My Workplace! After a series of articles – and as I was under the impression of getting payments? – they said NO to me because they thought ‘I was just volunteering for free’! Nobody gives you lunch nowadays for free – so why with my articles!

Frankly I have tried hard with The Oman Daily Observer – but the new people there (The Old Guards and The Mafias Joint Scheme) are dead set against my articles – started with a ‘technicality’ to reduce my column schedule for only one per week! I had two columns – one Between Us Only! on Sundays and At The Workplace! (Offices Related) on Wednesdays. They started by removing the columns headings – so it showed I was writing two columns under one name! I refused to reduce my columns sequences – because we had a valid written enforceable contract – and two sides must agree to any changes! This was sidelined and marginalized – because no one in his right senses and mind can sue a Governmental Newspaper – and expect any favourite results – or inadvertently consequences and repercussions per se!

See what I am saying is this!

First – The East Africans say – If someone wants to insult you – he does not need to choose his words carefully! Because anything will do (go) – because the sole purpose is ‘just to insult you’! There is also the expression that if you are a guest in a house – the host does not need to tell you to go – and you have exceeded your welcome! Body signs and mannerisms would just do the trick for you to get the signals – that it is time for you to go now!

Also the expression – if someone denies you beans (mbaazi) he only reduces your gas (mishuuzi!) – with due apologies. Forget for now – Utakioona kilicho mtoa khanga manyoya! Now you will see how the turkey lost its feathers! Like most metaphors – it means something much bigger than just literal meaning!

Second – there is nothing that I have not covered in my 13 years duration with the said newspapers! Nothing – simply put! Even taboo subjects that most writers are scared to even border – let alone touch!

Third – All my articles are in my books. You can order them directly if you wish! Even the bookshops returned my books – and one is so notorious (expatriate) to even have called me to say – Come and take your books – they are just occupying space – and NOBODY wants to buy them!

This kind of thing can ONLY happen in Oman – because we are docile people – scared stiff of certain groups of expatriates that have come to dominate, control and rule us – that we bend backwards ‘in order just to look nice and sound pleasant’! – and we all compete for places to sound nice and good to them.

Mind you the majority of the expatriates are good decent nice people – who appreciate and respect the welcome and reception given to them as ‘invited guests’ in our country! But there are a few misguided and supported by some forces internally that think and act otherwise – and these are the people that do most harm and damages – and that includes stopping their few who dare to speak shut up – so we can still control and dominate them for longer still!

Allah God Help and Protect Preserve us all – Ameen Amen!

Fourth – You can still order my books directly as here below:-

Starting with the latest one

http://www.createspacecom/4304972         Wipe My Tears!        Short Takes 2 – Between Us Only!        The Sequel 3 – Between Us Only!               The Sequel   – Between Us Only!                           Short Takes – Between Us Only! ***                        Between Us Only! Original – Blue Book.

Other Arab Management Books (2) and Road Safety now 3 – with Arabic Version – Behind The Wheel! here and at and

Fifth – Let me rest now! I am tired banging my head against brick walls – and making it red and bruised only! Besides, I am dead tired – and have learnt to let go of all the Excess Baggage I have been carrying for so long – and the losers is only my family and I!

I have learnt to accept my fate – and whatever will come – let it come now!

I have been known to have said so many times in the past – I told you so! But you did not listen to me! I can still say that once again – if needed to be said!

The Romans have said – Those that the gods want to destroy – they make them not see, hear or speak! Or us Arabs – There is no one so blind but with eyes – but cannot see! So deaf but with ears – but cannot hear! And so dumb – but with a mouth – but cannot speak!

A good friend (British) once advised cautioned me – if you were in Saddam Team – you would have ended shot – as the first ones too!

Let me rest now. I am now 65 – with different priorities – and the paramount now is my family – my children and grandchildren!

Please forgive me and with my due sincere and genuine apologies!

Take Care!

Ramadhan Kareem!

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

Wipe My Tears BUO ST 2 BUO TS 3 The Sequel Short Takes Between Us Only!

Hi MAJID – Sincere thanks go to you and your commitment to safety, improved learning and guidance.

 Take care – Regards,

Raoul Restucci – MD PDO!

Bye For Now!

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