Omani Youngsters Educated In Right Disciplines But No Jobs Yet!

Omani Youngsters Educated In Right Disciplines But No Jobs Yet!

Looking For A Job? No Jobs For Qualified Omani Youth even in Jobs dominated by Expatriates like Accountancy and even imagine IT!

Looking For A Job? But No Jobs!

Omani Youngsters Qualified but still with No Jobs! Some over 2 years now!

Forgive me but I need someone to explain this to me! I know of a Relative (nephew!) who has BSc in IT he was educated in Malaysia and Degree is British! I know of two girls (my daughters!) who tried to go into business to be Self Employed – only to end in Failure and Bankruptcy!

One was an Accountant in a National Bank here in Oman – Dealing with Credit Cards – The Other also as an Accountant worked for years in a National Telecoms Company in Oman! Both have Degrees in Business Studies (Accountancy)!

I left as a Management Consultant since 2011 – 7 years ago! Maybe I am out of circulation and knowledge of recent events – but I never thought I was going to say this – but both these two sectors of IT and Accounts are dominated by Expatriates – sadly to say Our Own Indian Brothers and Sisters here in Oman!

Are we Really Serious or Teasing & Joking! Yet you find BIG Companies sponsoring Omanis for Welding Crafts jobs – but nothing in the Middle or Higher Up – I mean Not Only Education but Job-Wise too! They are always here in LinkedIn!

What is really going on?? Can anyone explain this to me! We are tired here of always people boasting on their achievements making the rest of us feel insignificant – and too much Rhetoric Media Coverage – when The Reality and Truth Is Completely Different!

There is a cinder fire burning intensely underneath before – God Forbid – it Explodes!

My sincere genuine apologies!

Majid Al Suleimany

Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!



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