We have not heard about you!

Yesterday Saturday there was a book sale (old books at reduced prices) at Prisunic CCC in Qorum. I bought some books and some Picture Books for my grandchildren.

There I met one nice British Lady one of the Organisers! I introduced myself. See here also My Oman FM Radio Interview!

She told me – I never knew that there were Omani Writers and Authors that wrote in English – and even in serious subjects like Arab Management, Human Resources, Road Safety, Economics. Social aspects etc! Sorry – We have not heard about you!

Yet here I an Omani Author of 10 books – 2 in Arab Management aspects – 2 in Road Safety and 6 assorted topics under Between Us Only! Columns series books. They know me in USA and UK – but not in my own country! Sad really!

Today Saleh Al Shaibany wrote on the Omani Brain Drain of experienced qualified educated Omanis leaving Oman for better jobs prospects and pay to especially  UAE and Qatar. They even received three times Omani packages! Yet more and more expatriates are coming in daily! A bloody shame really!

What is happening to us? When will these bad hearts, envies, jealousies and plain Haassiyydds end?

I for one prefer how I get treated in my own country than new roads, bridges, highways, ports or train system.

Allah Protect and Preseve us only Ameen Amen

Open Message to Our Leaders – for the sake of our legacy, destiny and future – and future generations!

Majid Al Suleimany

With due respects and apologies.

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