Please Do (Not) Come!

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For Sunday – November 13th 2013.

Between Us Only!

Please Do (Not) Come! 

You Are (Not) Invited!

  • Never allow someone to be your priority, while allowing yourself to be their option – Nina Potts-Jefferies

 Please forgive me for starting this today with some morbid facts – but that is how the trend is going nowadays! Frankly and honestly, I have no issues for people sending me messages, videos and audios – but sometimes we do need to ask the fundamental question of `what added gain – and advantage’ and knowledge one will have in going through the messages?

A long time ago – I still remember what my lovely Indian Assistant used to say to me that ‘a certain level of being mental’ could be okay – but exceeding it – and doing too much of it is not! She was also saying to me that if someone is determined to insult you – there is no need to choose words wisely and correctly – because whatever comes into mind is just okay – fine and dandy! Except with the last words – I told her that is also a famous East African expression also! And the point that she kept insisting that there is a very ‘thin line’ between good and evil – and sometimes you may have crossed it – inadvertently and without really thinking!

The question to ask again is this! By sending this to the person – will it be something pleasant and enjoyable – or something that is just sad and disappointing? What is the logic of sending someone videos of a lion eating a man – or a crocodile attacking a girl by the river as she is being photographed by her friend? Or the latest trend of our Syrian brothers and sisters tying up a cat for slaughter – because of the infamous Fatwa that ‘people are allowed to eat cats, dogs and donkeys’ to avoid starvation – and this even in the suburbs of Damascus itself under the war front!

At least caution and warn the person – and then it will be upon himself to open the message or not! As one of my Top Omani Directors once warned me – I sort my mail By Sender – and whatever you send me – I just delete! He found it the hard way when he deleted a very important formal HR message that involved his staff – and with the International Head Offices in London! I was able to cover myself by proving that I had sent it to him – plus repeated chasers!

And that brings us to the theme of the topic for today! I feel sorry for this guy now seeing he is in great troubles in ‘past skeletons in the closets’ – so to speak – following him now!

As they say – Be careful what you say, You can say something hurtful in ten seconds, But ten years later, the wounds are still there – Joel Osteen

Omani Wedding 2  Omani Weddings A

 Images – Omani Male Weddings – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

I do not know if you have noticed this? In the past people used to literally come to your house to invite you for the wedding – even if it is for men – and sometimes it comes with invitation cards – so that you do not forget – and sometimes just plain by word of mouth! Then the system went to just sending cards and phone calls. It is now at level of Messaging – and there is simply no more respects and esteem left – I would imagine – if you are a close family member, relative or friend – to also receive the same message that 400 or more have similarly received! And a worst case scenario when one asks you – were you invited to *Kalmy party? – and you were not! * Not a real person! I am talking here of the men invitation – I guess it is another worse fiasco with the ladies!

But let me ask you this! And please let us interact in response! If my son knows your son very well and they were schooling together – or are just close friends – and I tell your son – please tell your father to come to the wedding also? Okay? Do not forget! And your son even – a close friend to my son – just gets a regular messaging invitation? And when your son points out delicately – here is his mobile number – please just send him a message! But he just ignores it!!!

Would you go? I can assure you that I am not a fussy or complicated person by nature – but I think respects and esteem are in order! It reminds me of one sort of VIP saying to a friend – and the ‘good friend’ that likes to pass it on! – that I know M – but I do not know his father! This was when my father expired a few years ago – and he was contemplating whether to come or not – to the Masjid (?) to offer his condolences (!).

Like my late father used to say – nobody kisses your hand – unless you are rich and famous – or have spiked your hands with honey!

I always know that when I go to the social functions – there will be one or two odd balls that will come to upset and annoy me ‘of what is this rubbish’ you are writing? Rubbish? Can you write even quarter of the rubbish, my friend? And certainly there will be some others too – all positive and complimentary  – at least vis-à-vis!

Anyway, it reminds me of this famous expressionIf you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth the writing! – Benjamin Franklin –  I think I have tried my level best  to do what I could do in my life – and remaining life on earth – but the rest is not up to me!

And finally – When I stand before God at the end of my life, I  would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’ – Erma Bombeck

Take Care!

 By  Majid Al Suleimany

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