Do Not Cry For Me!

Do Not Cry For Me!

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From a good American Friend –

Maybe you should consider our place here. Here we do respect The Elders – especially The Learned Ones like you. Sad you have a Great Religion – but you do not simply follow it! I feel desolate to see the carnages in Egypt.

From an Omani Enthusiast

I think it is time to let go the Indians especially – and particularly those that have been with so for so long! They are the worser kinds than the newer ones, although they too get influenced easily by the same lots! Anyway, our younger ones are getting smarter – and they will solve all these problems for us and even sooner than we are thinking of! Mark my words!

IMG-20130816-WA0004What more can I say now? 

The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it. Leo Rosten