Points To Ponder!

Points To Ponder!


August 13, 2013


Points Ponder B

A                Young Marriages in Troubles!

2 - No More Smiles 3 - Unhappy Couple


I was inquiring about one young couple with young children – that we know well – why they had not come to visit us this Eid – as they usually do! I was told – Have you not heard? Heard what? – I asked back!

Then they told me that this beautiful couple had divorced a few backs. It seems the main issues were mainly money related – each one building his and her own villa. The problems that there was so much concentration on ‘building a decent large villa’ that family living expenses and expenditures took a direct hit!

I read somewhere that internationally one of the major reasons of divorces was ‘money related’. It is very sad because these young children will be most affected by this divorce – because the innocent children will not understand and appreciate what has just happened – and how was it possible that the people that loved them this so much – hated each other so vehemently and disastrously – to go their different ways – just for money! Like I have said so many times before – it is the children that get most hit and affected in such cases!

We have still not learnt our lessons – despite all of our Religious Teachings, The Holy Book and The Islamic Hadith – that our lives on this earth are just a temporary phase – and a transition to a Greater World! It reminded me also of reading about The Great King Alexander Story – ‘I came to the world empty-handed – and I leave to my grave empty-handed! I go with my hands out in my coffin – and as I leave behind all my treasures and wealth – and cannot take it with me even!’


B                     Ants versus Us Humans!

Ant Ants 1


I was watching these ants in my villa garden in Qorum Heights- and as I was eating this chicken sandwich! A small piece of chicken had fallen on the floor – and who comes along at top speed but this small black ant! I watch intrigued as the ant starts pulling the piece towards what I expect to be its ant hill entrance! I was really intrigued in its unselfishness – and its determination to pull this ‘morsel’ to share with others – and even if it was almost three times its own size!

I was thinking aloud that if this was ‘a human being’ – it would first make sure it had a full feed of the morsel – or even keeping it for himself only! Yet here it was determined to give its full strength and abilities to share with others! As far as I could tell – it had not even taken a bite of the ‘morsel’ for itself – but had instead willed and determined to share – first and foremost – with others first!

Ants can teach us humans a lot of things. I respected this ant so much – and I just left it alone! I could not bring myself to harm it in anyway – even if I had tried! Soon other ants came to help the ant! I decided to leave then – because knowing us human beings – I would find the entrance – and kill and destroy all the ants!

This is a great achievement for the ants – when even your worst enemy has just but to admire you – and leave you alone to your fate – be it whatever it is!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

August 13, 2013

N.B. I would appreciate responses here or to majidsn@majidsuleimany.com if it is worth continuing posting these kind of articles here in view of ending of my Oman Daily Observer Columns?

Alternatively, maybe just closing down the sites?



Majid Al Suleimany

August 14th 2013.