The Jobs Applicants!

For Thursday – June 27th 2013.

Between Us Only!

The Jobs Applicants!

  • Our young men have proven over the past years that they are people of resolve – Abdicating Emir of Qatar in favour of his son speech June 25th 2013.
  • Every day I wake up a little afraid. Only a fool is never afraid! – Ron Meyer
  • If you do not tell the truth about yourself; you cannot tell it about other people! – Virginia Woolf

I read now with great interests about The Jobs Applicants – and how that from the so-called for interviews lots – that many do not turn up even – or if the minority do – they turn down the offers as too little! And not to their expectations!

I do not know what has really happened or changed – but a few years ago the situation was not that rosy! Whatever jobs that were offered – people ‘ran to grab’ – the only issues remained of high demands and expectations – and of people moving around jobs – and changing for even as little as Omani Rials 30 in the ‘live examples’ per se that I had handled myself – and in trying to talk to them and to convince them ‘not to leave’ – because we had a career plan for them – and were looking at their best interests – even if it may take a bit longer!

Engineering Students

Learning on The Job!

But the wait was better – for their overall interests and benefits! Some of them listened – but many did not! Years far later in life I see them in the very same jobs and levels – whilst their peers that were more attentive to good advices and wisdoms – have moved on – to higher levels! To levels that even for some of them were pleasantly surprising – and least expected!

Craft Engineering

Engineering Craftsmen

I know personally of many cases that some that are now Senior Managers and Directors – but their ‘rolling stone gathers no moss’ peers are at best at middle levels – and that too if they are lucky! That happens to you when you leave a good decent place – for another with a few more Rials – and who are more interested in poaching others trained – to ‘boost their egos and Omanisation figures only – and not really interested in the person in reality – or what he represents.

Generally this happens in mainly expatriate management run companies – and everyone knows this! Does not even need to be said – but as the good Brits say – ‘that is how the cookie crumbles! Despite so many things happening – nothing much has happened in these places in reality – with exception of the new media gimmicks of ‘office parties and long services recognition awards – but apart from that nothing concrete or in reality! The PRO and the Clerk is still there – same levels – years on – years out – whilst his peer is a Supervisor, Asst. Manager – or even a Manager – in the place he left and quickly abandoned for 30 Omani Rials more! It is very sad and pathetic in reality!

Young Graduate

Young Lady Graduate

There is an expression that says – Do not kill the messenger. Over 10 years ago – in my first book I wrote about ‘The Rebellious Teenagers’ – giving live examples – but as usual people do not like these to hear these things – and want to be fooled by always hearing only good news – not the other lot! It is still there – and people can still read it!

In one acrimonious Management meeting – even before this – can you imagine? I had cautioned about the problems of jobs – and the flimsy excuses we were giving at the time of turning away job aspirants – and yet people will always compare ‘apples to oranges’ – when they see many other expatriates – and in large numbers – still working there! If I were in a place where people read my columns – and act on my advices – I firmly believe we could have avoided a lot of things. Yet in this meeting I was clearly sidelined and marginalised – and for a long time after that! For the first time that year I received ‘Just Satisfactory’ performance bonus – when in many years before it was in the superior levels – as a personal message and affront!

Science Lab Students

Science Lab Students

I find it very satirical that the same peoples that are now retired too – telling me that they ‘heard me loud and clear’ – and really appreciated my personal sacrifices vis-à-vis my career progression and prospects! But the part that makes me find it more jovial and pun – is saying ‘we were just following orders – do not blame us’! I guess even the Nazis cold tell the same to the 6 million massacred Jews in the holocaust – if they wanted to! Or in Rwanda – and so many other examples!

Going back to the Job Applicants. In one of the places I was working there was an Omani girl Engineering graduate and SQU too – who had applied for a Secretarial job that we had advertised to replace the expatriates – as ‘jobs reserved for Omanis’ – at least at those times! I asked her point blank if she was crazy or what? She told me – I come from the Interior – I know no one with W here – and even our own do not help us! And I am the only bread winner now – with my sick parents resisting the urge to marry me off to a richer man with 2 wives already – till I finished my studies!

Omani Lady Manager

Omani Lady Manager

When the good American CEO came on a visit from Dubai – I told him this heart rending story of this young Omani girl! The good man told me – You are the Country HR Manager – and make a proposal so we both can recruit her in the Secretarial Slot – but we will move her to look after Logistics and Inventory – which is the ‘nearest Engineering’ job that we had at the time! It was done – and she was recruited.


Omani Lady Engineer Image – For Demonstration Purposes Only – For All The Images Above.

Yet this same girl had gone to many local Engineering Companies – run by expatriate Management. And they told her the very same thing – we do not have any Engineering jobs now – but we can take you in Admin. Admin being the dumping grounds for University graduates – and these same firms are everyday now in the days in various campaigns – and winning all kinds of ‘home country awards’ – and for what? For deceiving and hoodwinking peoples – because like in this case they would have had to train and educate her – and there were no ‘good American CEO and caring local HR Manager’ around! Forgive me – for blowing my own trumpet!

What more can I say now? Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany