No One Has Called!

For Sunday – June 8th 2013.

Between Us Only!

No One Has Called!

Sometimes, I feel it is just easy to empathize with people that lament ruefullyThere is nothing new here – it is all the same ‘old wine in new bottles’! I can appreciate the frustrations – because I have seen it all myself. Lately, the situation has just gotten worse – not for the better. It all goes in line with this increasing lack of care and feelings – and aloofness! People have lost interests in their jobs – and you have more ‘zombies’ at work than real caring and feeling people – and that are really concerned about their image, reputation and standing! The outlook of nobody cares – so why should I?

The sad ironical and tragical part is of having the latest technology and gadgets in place – but in reality nothing works. It was better in the old days of going through the operator – and if he or she likes you – or knows you – or the ‘W’ thing – you get connected to the right section and people – and he or she may even ensure that your problem or situation is solved – by being personally interested! But even in those old days – if you upset or annoy him or her – you may be transferred to an unmanned number that there is always no one there! The phone will ring and ring – and then you end using obscenities and foul language – and end up more like that 4WD stuck in the sand – the more you try to pull out – the more you get stuck in the sand!

Call 1 Call 2

Images Call Centre – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

You would have expected that with an automated answering system you will be better off – but you can get moved to number to number – and before you know it – taken out of the system even – with no one there even prepared to have given you at least the opportunity to be heard! There is nothing more annoying than to be played lousy music tune – with lapses of statements like – ‘Your call is important to us. Please wait for someone to answer your call – as the lines are all busy’ – or something similar!

If the music is good and you like it – than that is fine – you can give it a go to try to wait and be patient! The most upsetting part is using ‘religious hymns’ in the system – and especially good messages and themes – that are more played out than really adhered to or practised! Besides the point – not all who call are local – remember the 35% of the people being non locals!

Call 3 Call 4

Images Call Centre – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

So you are now very upset and angry! It is time to visit the website – and tell them what you really think. The connect is more interested in what you think of the website – rather than ‘what is really eating you – because the Call Centre does not really work – and you have been moved from place to place.

In one incident I remember I ended up with the Human Resources section – because I wanted to complain to someone about how I ‘got treated’. Luckily, I knew the guy at the other end – and gave him ‘my beef’ – and he helped me out! But it soon then turned sour when the cute voice called me again ‘to rub it in’ – Sir, did you get someone to complain to? – she sneeringly and smirkely added in! Just to show the level of carefree and indifference. I did not have the heart to call back to HR!

Call 5 Call 6

Images Call Centre – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

So now you decide to use and send an email. Trust me when I tell you this! It simply does not work either! Especially if you are like me and ‘copy others’ – this seems to upset and annoy them more. If you call now and make reference to your email – you get a sarcastic reply – I thought that you had sent it to (boss) – and I thought he (boss) was going to reply you. You did not address it to me – did you? Oh did you mean only to you?

If the Big Boss knows you well – and he is afraid that you might write about it in your column – his secretary or if you are lucky you will get an email answer – I have asked H to call you – and see what we can do for you? You wait a few days. H has not called – No One Has Called! You write back – No one has called me! 10 days later a young girl – junior of H then calls – Yes what can I do for you?

Call A Call B

Images Call Centre – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

The voice looks young – but for sure she must have seen my file – and know that you are an elder person – but the way she talks to you is as if ‘you are a mischievous annoying person’. That is it – it soon leaks out finally in desperation – you did not need to write to everyone and copy everyone – the Call Centre could have easily solved your problems, Uncle! At least – finally!

Survey form with a tick placed in Outstanding checkbox queue-cropped

Images Customers’ Satisfaction  – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

The other time I had an issue I decided to go and visit – rather than use the phone. I met this beaming nice gentleman – he quickly solved my problem! But even here he curtly added in – M – emails do not work! Next time you have a problem – call me on my Mobile GSM – or leave a message. Better still – just drop in! Anytime! Yes thank you – but what about the Call Centre? M – You were in HR – you should know better!

Message received – loud and clear! Over and Out! No one has called – but I did call! And did visit too! Anyway – yesterday I became 65! No need to raise glucose levels or get more grey hairs now!

Take Care!

Majid Al Suleimany – 65 years old today ! 🙂

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