Women In The Working Fields!

For Thursday – June 6th 2013.

Between Us Only!

Women in the Working Field!

The other day I was very much touched and impressed – when this young University young girl graduate had confidently called me and wanted to find out some more details and research on a social increasing phenomena topic that I had written long time back on Increasing Alcohol Abuse! As an elderly Omani – I was very much impressed by the kind of searching probing inquisitive questions she had and on her insistence to have basic facts and information and research – and as to ‘how and why – and on what I had based my assertions’ that there was an ‘increase’ in the phenomena?

Women 1 Women 2

Images – Working Women – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Unfortunately, I did not have the data and the information to back my assertions – but was based more on my ‘gut feelings’ and what I see and hear in the streets mainly – and I am still not ‘that good’ in concocting reference names and figures in just supporting on my assertion! However, if this is the new Omani in our young students now – the future looks very blossoming and rosy indeed – God be praised – Amin!

Omani Worker 4

TImages – Working Women – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

hen just yesterday my son asked if he could send in something that was really eating and burning him intensely. So I agreed. I will reproduce the article below verbatim!

QuoteWomen in the working field, anywhere. Recently I had a great conversation with three of my co-workers, two were men and one lady, the conversation started about any normal working environment; blaming others, however the conversation took a huge U-turn, one of the male co-worker  asked the female co-worker, “if your husband asked you today to quit your job and become a house-wife, will you do it?” she like any Omani women these days said “No, I love my job, I’m good at my job and I want to grow” I totally honor and respect her answer.

No matter what gender you are, you can always rise up the challenges in life and succeed, no matter what nationality or religion, hard work and dedication can take you anywhere, like a great quote “The harder I work, the luckier I get”. So you think that’s the end of the story, well if it was this would be the shortest ever “Between Us only” article ever and my father would ask me never to write again. Like father like son my father is a strong believer in Women working anywhere, why only yesterday he hugged my younger sister and “good-bye” kissed her forehead and said “I’m so proud of you”, you see my younger sister is going to an oil-field somewhere in Oman in which heat is one of the least of their worries, a MALE- Dominate place, where it’s all work no play, under the grouching sun of Oman, to be an electrical engineer.  My father and mother were almost in tears seeing her going to school for the first time, only to assure she will be in this position someday, being dominated in a place where it’s hard to dominate. Now again my parents are in tears, only happy tears

Yet my male co-workers came up with various religious quotes, old Omani sayings and other arguments that suggested that women Must be house wives, be at home to take care of the kids and of course feed the husband, while most of us do agree in these arguments, they must understand that these statements and situations were more suitable and more realistic during those days, when everything was small and simpler, where yes women stayed at home while the husband brings the goods, to teach the children and best of all, being the mother.

women 3 Women 4

Images – Working Women – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

If we still lived in those era’s then yes I totally agree with my male co-workers, but we live in an era that even having a 2000 OMR salary might NOT be enough to live, an era that position, money, the car you drive, where you live is now a goal. Funny how things works and is moving these days, while you still see people having the worst of cars, living in small houses and other things that most of people take for granted, is planning and waiting for the day that he will leave that life to have a better one! We all do, but now is our mothers, our sisters and our daughters who have the same agenda and plans. Oprah Winfrey, Martha Steward and other amazing, strong women had made an example for all them today and for that I salute them.

Long time back someone asked me who’s my idols, my inspirations and people I look up to. A simple question but it takes a lot of time to understand and analysis, I told I have 5 people that I look up and I wish I have just 15% of their dedications, their motivations and their success, my father and my mother are one of them, two of my childhood idols FAB and SAA.


The last person is my wife! Weird because my wife is younger than me, didn’t experience life as much as I did, might not went through want I went through, yet she’s without a doubt the most intelligent, most charismatic and most of all the most humble young lady I’ve ever met, the best of these all that those were NOT the reason I’ve chose her to be my life partner. She’s simply strong in my definition, which makes it hard for any man to find, you see having a strong women in life means she will be there for you no matter what, because if you fail, she fails as well. And if you succeed; well she succeeded as well.

Happy Faces (2)

Happy Faces At Work!

So in closing, I’m a strong believer in Women power, if we can do it, she can, if we failed in it, well maybe if we give her a chance, and she might succeed in it. I leave you with a quote from Margaret Thatcher, who we all know was called “The Iron Lady” she quoted “Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.”

And ooh the female co-worker I was talking about, she joined the marketing department here not knowing a single thing, to basically running the entire marketing department today, a true example. – Take care – Unquote

As a person who was in HR, I know of many real life cases of young Omani girls – University graduates with good degrees and in specialisation – staying at home – whilst the husband – yet poorly paid – is the only bread winner! When I asked one of the girls I fought hard to recruit – What are you doing now – and the engineering graduate too – she said to me weirdly and cutely – bringing babies into the world – and cooking for my good husband!

Frankly, I feel that the youngsters can still really surprise and amaze us – and it is not always the ‘rebelling, rioting, misguided and unconventional things’ that we are used to see – always! But even if they do – in an interview with one ‘rioting Turkish youngster’ – he was being asked why he was protesting the new rules – if he was not the drinking type? And he retorted that ‘it was just the principle and the ethics of the thing’ – and that people should be ‘left to decide their own lives as they best want it run’ – and the business of no one else – even the state for that matter!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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