Tutu’s Children!

For Wednesday January 23rd 2013

Between Us Only!

Tutu’s Children!

Leadership Development Programme

I was really traumatised and emotionalised to watch this programme in Al Jazeera Television – and I am really convinced that it is something that we can try in our part of the world – especially in the GCC – for our youth to make them better leaders and innovators in our society. The idea comes from the same origins and part and parcel of encouraging of SMEs!

Tutu Children 2

Bishop Desmond Tutu with Course Organisers

Tutu’s Children is a documentary in Al Jazeera Television of the living legend – South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s leadership scheme, following five accomplished young leaders as they are coached in the way of their patron to become a ‘moral task force’ for Africa – a network of 25 inspirational leaders, together mandated to tackle some of the continent’s most impenetrable problems

In the programme is set on the ideas and dreams of Desmond Tutu to lead an experiment to build a network of inspirational leaders to tackle Africa’s most stubborn problems. For this group of already impressive individuals – it is a life changing process – full of highs, lows and self-realization.

Tutu Children 3

Course Participant

For Desmond Tutu, it is another way of leaving a lasting legacy for the continent he loves – and as he bows out of public life. If this scheme is at all successful – it would ultimately bear an uplifting message for all – that the emergence of leaders need not be left to chance.

Who can one believe in to change the world for the better? From the economic turmoil in Europe – to the Arab Springs in the Arab world – to the presidential race in the USA – it seems that everywhere leadership is in crisis. No less so in Africa – where Archbishop Desmond Tutu is heading up an experiment to build a new network of inspirational leaders – who are together committed to tackling their countries’ most stubborn problems.

Tutu is a living legend for many. It is his personal wish and ambition to leave behind a more positive and enterprising destiny, legacy and future for Africa long after his death – and he wants this to be in his epitaph of what he had left behind! The Bishop has been a fierce advocate of peace and justice his whole life – unofficially leading millions without ever holding political office.

Tutu Children 4

The Class Room

With exclusive access, this series follows Tutu’s 25 person-strong class of 2012 – focusing in particular detail on the lives of five very different participants – as together they are coached to become a ‘moral task force’ for Africa.

In part two of the programme – sharing the Archbishop Tutu’s dream – the young leaders have an emotional meeting with Desmond Tutu and are warned of the pitfalls of leading in Africa.  Each of the 25 top African professionals who have arrived in Cape Town for a leadership retreat have their own idea of what the continent needs from their generation of leaders.

They have been inspired by heroic examples to serve society. But they are about to encounter heavy responsibilities and tough deep soul-searching on the road to great leadership qualities and for the future and destiny of Africa.

Tutu's Children: Behind the scenes

Bishop Tutu and Child!

You can watch both the two episodes in Al Jazeera Television. I urge those in the leadership to take some time and efforts to listen to the programmes – even if the programmes are in English! Frankly it is a good business idea for our entrepreneurs to think of opening something like Institute of Development Management – where such a programme can be run – and amalgamated with the Institute of Public Administration.

Certainly, we would and do need better competent, dynamic, pragmatic, committed and wise leaders in the society – to make our world a better place for us all! They can be leaders in all facets of life – from future Company Managers and Public Officials! Frankly I have high respects and esteem for those with Doctorates – but with sincere apologies here – some of the interfaces have been disappointing – to say the least! At least an experiment we can try to copy and emulate here!

Participants Marc van Olst – Private Investor South Africa – Zied Mhirsi – Media Entrepreneur – Tunisia – Swaady Martin Leke – CEO – Yaswara ** – Ivory Coast –  Lydie Hakizimana – Publishing Entrepreneur – Rwanda – Ndumiso Luthuli – Legal Advisor – South Africa – Amy Jadesimi – Lagos Nigeria Port Manager – Vincent Waiswa Bagiire – MP – Uganda – Mema Beye – Commercial Manager – South Africa – Julie Gichuru – East Africa – Chat Show Host – Tatenda Manjengwa – Financial Trader – South Africa – and Mark Miller – Private Banker – South Africa as some of the participants!

** Employs only female workers!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Posted at: www.majidall.com and at www.majidwrite.com

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