The Syrian Calamity!

For Sunday January 13th 2013

Between Us Only!

The Syrian Calamity!

Some years ago, my good Indian friend S and I had joined this Company at the same time – me on a temporary Human Resources Consultancy contract – whilst he joined full time in Operations. We both had our contracts signed at almost the same time in the Western CEO office.

Being a just new start office – we both shared the same office – though he was far more senior to me echelon grade levels! So he was teasing me that – in all good faith and intention it must be stressed here – that ‘he was welcoming me to the company – noting that he was far senior to me – and knew that I was ‘on a temporary’ contract! He had come with his ‘Pooja on’ that day – something the Indian Hindus put on as a ‘sacrificial type’ of ceremony!

Syria 1

 The Syrian Carnage!

So I teased him back! Yes I am on a temporary contract! Yes I am far junior! But you are an ‘invited guest’ to our country – and I being a local and being in HR – welcome you to Oman – and to the Company! That did it! He, sometime later told me ‘perhaps I should not have opened my mouth too soon – and put my foot into it! I just teased back – and that started our friendship – from that day after this event!

Explosion at Taftanaz airbase, Syria

Bombing your own people!

Ironically, being outspoken and making his views crystal clear – he did not last long – though I had cautioned and counseled him in good faith. Who am I to say such things – because 3 weeks later I had left the place within half an hour of resigning – despite the place being made out as a state of the art national prestigious project! But that is what our good Brits friends say – ‘that is how the cookie crumbles!’ – tongue in cheek metaphorically speaking!

Syria 3

It Is Always The Children and The Women! That suffer the most!

I guess until now you are wondering where this is all coming from – and where is it leading to in such a serious topic like today – and why the long introduction? Let me counter by saying that all that has to be said on the subject has already been said! Sadly also one who was able to pull off a peace agreement in an African country issue in ex UN General Secretary Kofi Annan failed despicably in sorting this one out – and even the new one Brahimi is not ‘doing too well’ either! Incidentally, I had covered this same subject in my last year article titled (No) Meeting of The Minds!

Syria 4

The Displaced and The Dispossesd!

So let me take my own time to come to my point – my own way. Besides, I get paid by the column – and not ‘the number of words’ in the column! You have to bear with me – because I am going to wander off – once again!

So sometime later, I met my good old friend S. He is the one who gave me the idea to write on the topic years back – Do Not Spit on Your Food! It was a good topic! So I tell S about a very bad nasty dream I had last night – and I do not know what it meant? It must mean something – if we go by the story of the Great Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) – peace be upon him!

The Dream – It was in the same office that we had worked before where I had the nightmare dream! This was well before the Arab Spring uprisings – and even thought off! I received 3 packages of gifts addressed to me. One of the gifts was in the upstairs floor – whilst the other two were on the ground floor. When I opened the parcels there was a large python in each gift box. I got really scared! Who in his right mind sends snakes as gifts – unless a mental sick weirdo person?

DCF 1.0

The Python (Mamba) – looks gentle, no?

As I looked at the python (mamba) – it looked so gentle, harmless and peaceful! Almost like you are looking at a pigeon – or a butterfly! Then suddenly – this small type of animal – like a weasel roach something – came charging at the snake! The snake swallowed the small animal whole – showing its true colours! I was screaming and shouting! My late father used to own a double barreled gun in Tanzania – so I was screaming to him – Give me the gun! Give me the gun! I want to shoot dead these pythons now!

Keep remembering this was a dream! A nasty nightmare too! Madam wife was scared stiff in my shouting and screaming! She has a simpler solution to most of my problems – ‘you have been over eating at night again – bound to get nightmares! She would sure make proud the East Africans that believe this to be so!

My late father was protesting to me. I do not have the gun! All he said to me was – Here take this big panga (very big knife used in Africa – if you saw the film Hotel Rwanda!) The panga was not sharp – it was also cracked! Why did my late father give this to me – now out of all times and places! He said to me – Hit the python hard on the head – and also in the centre. Screaming too loud I woke up! The dream – and the pythons – drifted away!

A few months back I was talking on the phone with an uncle relative in Zanzibar. He told me the same thing my friend S had told me! Three things will happen in time to come. Represented by the pythons – though two will be equally dangerous and harmful – the python on the top floor (north?) will be more harmful and devastating! You will want to end it – but you will be fighting something more powerful and evil – by a broken up not sharp cutting panga – exposing yourself to great dangers and harm! The same thing my friend S told me on checking with some people he knew interpreting and reading dreams in India?

Could this upper floor python be that Syria? Could the other two be what happened in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya? Libya was violent too. Why particularly Syria? I do not know these things – reading interpreting dreams – and what they mean! I do not have the capacities and capabilities like our Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) peace be upon him. But my friend S – and my uncle – think it must be! It has to be!

If there are out there people who can read and interpret dreams – I have some more dreams for you! But on a serious note in ending – one can hardly believe that this Syrian tragedy and calamity had all started with youngsters graffiti – and how the whole thing was bungled and messed up! To the extent no one cares anymore – in how the good beautiful country is being destroyed all around – and by the same people – and ‘friends’ – that should have talked to each other first and foremost to solve thir own problems – and had protected and preserved their country at least in the minimum. Arabia – Do Not Cry For Me!

May Allah God Always guide and direct us in the right ways and path – Amin Amen.

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany