Commit Or Quit!

For Wednesday January 2nd 2013

Between Us Only!

The (Indian) Wakeup Call!

Commit Or Quit!

I was really impressed by one of the demonstration slogans which just read –Commit or Quit! The other was – How would you feel if it was your own daughter PM? I was so sad to hear of the poor girl’s death. May those responsible get the death hang sentence once convicted!

India Rape Case 1

Yet still the Indian people can still outshine – and show us all by vivid live examples of their potentials and capabilities! All demonstrative impressive – and we all can still learn quite a lot from them – and in how to make your point – but go it the almost peaceful way it has gone so far!

India Rape Case 4

Of course there will be those cynics and sceptics that will say – what else is new? There are already so many rape cases happening everyday – and the statistics show a rise of 25% from previous records. Many reported cases have still not been sent to court – and few convictions for those already sent in! To add insult over injury, so many cases do not get reported because of the taboo on the subject – and it is sad and tragic that more than half of the country’s population can be treated this way – in one of the so-called largest democracy in the world!

India Rape Case 3

The answer has to be – if we call ourselves self-respecting human beings – of good decency and stock – that this a wakeup call – and better late than never!

The shocking part was learning that gang rape is so common a crime that it hardly gets reported in the newspapers! This so sad and tragic how half of the population are treated so unashamedly like this – in the so-called greatest democracy of the world. Mother India is crying!


Frankly what still amazes me is the capability and the capacity of us human beings – the so-called as the most intelligible species on the face of the earth – to do injustice, lack of ethics and principles – and whatever else that you want to add in – to one another!

India Rape Case 5

Above – Images – Just For Demonstration Purposes!

For me personally the worst offenders are those that discriminate against gender – race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, and creed – or the latest in-coming fashions nowadays – by what language you even speak – or write in! Yet the same people will pray to their Lord as if they have not discriminated or favoured someone! The even worst part is denying entry and qualification to one because of what that person is to you – and not based on true qualifications, competencies, skills and abilities! You just do not want that person to get entry to win something – so you; fix up’ the entry rules – and of course being an Advisor – no one is going to challenge you! You know that in advance – and you get doing what you really want to do at will!

I always say this. On our deaths some of us will find ourselves being sent from our graves to eternal hell fire and damnation – and we will vehemently protest our innocence to no avail. We had what is coming to us – by the way we treat others – and then people are surprised and shocked from has come out – letting the genie out of the bottle – or opening a can of worms! The worst part is we do not learn lessons from what we have seen already happening all around us.

Frankly only two things keep me going! It makes my mind busy in writing – and it is not the money or the recognition – but after the former is not to disappoint my followers, fans and readers by just quitting – and leaving the thing behind!

Last two days I got this recommendation from one of the fast rising star writer in Oman now. He just wrote (verbatim) –

 Dear All,

 No matter what and how people say about great writers. But one true I know always that great writers are like stars which never stop their shining even on sick minded people. Mr. Majid to me and to many others not less than a star. I can see him when all stars start disappearing. He is a truthful person and writes truth. All my prayers are with him. He is a great light in Oman and for our Oman.

 This kind of thing received now and then only keeps me going! And not to surrender – or give up! Thank you my brother!

In summary, there is an expression in Arabic that goes on like this – From the belly of evil came blessed tidings! What is happening now in India is a wakeup call – not only for India – but for the rest of us all!

Happy New Prosperous Safe Peaceful Year 2013!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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