It Is Time To Quit – Now!

Majid Al SuleimanyTime To Quit Is Now!

Giving Up – Now!

  • ·        Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money – Jules Renard

I must admit that I am a sick person suffering from being an acute diabetic case and with eyes problems – cataract and glaucoma too. I also suffer from complications of so many other cases.

I had tried hard to send my books as gifts and compliments to Top VIPs and High Profile peoples – and hardly any thanks – with the exception of a few expatriate CEOs only.

Despite designing a Road Safety Website – and writing a book on Road Safety Novel Type based on true life stories for others to know and learn from – nothing much has changed in being recognised and in acceptance!

Despite two Arab Management books – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! And A Cry For Help! – even if you go to books worldwide you will find them being shown – at home nothing has changed much!

Only peoples’ concentrations are what I write in my columns – and why people would still prefer for the dirt to be pushed under the carpet – and me to shut up my mouth – not to open it – and speak!

So today – Saturday – December 8th 2012 – I am – finally – Giving Up!

We have all seen these Great Bands that had made to the top – and stayed there for quite awhile – and then they decided to disband! We have seen similar about dramas and soap operas – like Friends, Seinfield etc doing the same. Even stars like Oprah Winfrey etc.

The reason they give is the same. When you are on top – that is the time to quit – not earlier – not later! Quit whilst you have still made it – and quit where there is still some head room!

As fans that know me well I stumbled into writing more as a hobby and passion. I had never ever planned and or imagined to make a career in it. And a person who wants to make a career in writing should well know – do not depend on it for a living – otherwise you will starve to death. The story of Moawiyya Nur – the sad tragic Sudanese boy (journalist) who starved to death in trying to make a career in writing in downturn Cairo in the 1950s will well confirm and authencicate!

If I had been successful in my consultancy business and or in my career – it is most likely that I would not have gone into writing.

Today I have published 8 books – all the details are in my websites – and and

2 books are in Arab Management – 1 Road Safety – and 5 in my column writings The Oman Daily Observer – Between Us Only! – At My Workplace! And Society Speaks! (KOM).

Lately I have felt strong vibes and feelings to quit. I feel it in me to stop writing. Besides saying all that I had wanted to say – nobody cares or feels what I write or say. I am just banging my head against brick walls – getting it swollen and red – and bleeding too.

Nobody appreciates or recognises what I do – anyway! Wasted time, efforts and energies – and just wasted loyalties and feelings too.

I am also not happy how my columns are being treated. Sometimes I am told we did not receive it – though copied to my addresses (and others) confirm as received. I do not know which are my days anymore.

It was supposed to be every Sunday and Wednesdays – but now are so irregular that I am myself confused!

There is an East African saying that goes like this – one does not have to tell you to go if you are a guest – the telltale signals are enough for you to know it is time that you left! Leave yourself!

I really had tried… hard!

Wishing you all the very best – and with sincere and genuine apologies –

Citizen – Majid bin Said bin Nasser Al Suleimany

Suing The Husband!

Between Us Only!

Suing The Husband!

Kareena Heroine

Last two weeks back, I had sent out this to a group of my frequent Readers and Fans – asking for their opinion! – Quote – After Compliments,

 Today I got inadvertently involved in a situation case where a husband gave me his life story of how his wife sued him because He had smashed her car due to reckless driving. Though the car was a write off and if you see the pictures you cannot imagine he came out alive!

 True the man was dangerously driving but a wife would feel relieved and happy to see her husband and the father of her children come out alive! This had happened outside Oman. The man wrote to me because he reads my columns and websites. He was asking for my own opinions and views on the subject matter!

accident 2

 Incidentally the car was not insured and she had forbidden him to drive her car! But still….! You know in advanced countries you can sue the spouse but the spouse is not allowed to give witness against each other. Complicated and confusing?

Court Scene

 There is this saying… The true woman comes out when the husband is broke – he lost his job – and the true man when he suddenly becomes rich!

 What do you think? – Unquote

As expected most of the responses were based on the same sex support – the married women (and girls) supported the wife in her actions – and the usual men to men support. The drawn lines were visibly clear for all to see – which portrays more revealing dangerous, ominous, demonstrative and hazard divisionary lines for me at least. Only a few tried to look at both sides of the equation (coin)!

Nobody had mentioned the effects of all these on the children – that see their parents not talking to each other at home – and using the children to communicate. For example – Tell your father to go and buy cheese – there is no cheese in the house! And the answer  – Tell your mother I have no money – use the margarine instead! I do not know if they can see the film of themselves in such acts – how stupid they all look! Especially in front of the children – and more with the teenagers!

With the later there seems to be growing phobia and fear of getting married – seeing the dramas and melodramas being played out at the homes – that can easily fill in for live act drama series we see nowadays in the television channels – and us too not left behind in catching up! I do not know where all these are leading to – and what the outcomes and future going to be – except more pain and suffering only – to those in the house, in the streets, in the offices – and into the society too!

I know of a couple that had now separated for good – and one day the poor lady was looking at me playing with my grandchildren – and she said to me – I wished that now in hindsight we had really tried hard to stay together – to enjoy the advantages and the benefits of having grandchildren visit us in one house – instead of two houses – and at different times too! Oh – how I envy you – M! The most critical and confusing times come during Eid celebration times – for the children – and the grandchildren included!

Frankly, we say a lot of things not positive about The Westerners – but even if they may sue each other in courts – as they also do – but in many cases – they decide to keep the children out of the mess – and even keep them informed – and explain too why they are doing this – with the added proviso – As children it is expected – that you may not understand and appreciate this one now – but one day when you have grown up – and have your own children – hopefully you will understand and appreciate then! We can learn a few things from them too!

The problem in marriages nowadays with especially both couples working is Money. My money – this is not your money! Your money – this is my money! Yours and Mine! Mine and Yours. And then in addition to self-preservation, selfishness, one-minded, subjectiveness – consumerism enters in! The wife is ready to buy a new dress that costs so much – but will refuse to dish that amount to pay the husband’s car installments – even if she will still use the car – as many times she does too!

And what is the most shocking part is seeing the acts, show-offs and pretensions outside the home to outsiders – whilst everything is breaking up into tiny pieces and smithereens at home – plain and visible for all others to see – if not themselves only! And then when all these things are done just to impress – and not in reality – that is where the whole fiascos and melodramas lie!

I do not know what has happened to us nowadays – but when I was a young boy – we all lived in the same house – my mother, elder mother – and all the children together – and sometimes there were fights of the children of the same mother than across – and in rare cases between one of the wives to the husband than across the wives!

When we returned to Oman in the 1970s we all lived in one house – with our wives and children too included! Now even the children have their own homes – and if we meet the family as one all together – apart from Eid days – then we are very lucky! I just imagine the further disintegration of homes as the days go by – and sometimes if we soul search and deep self analyse – we can only feel that despite increasing money, materialism and consumerism – we have lost heavily – and the institution of marriage has received a beating that will never be able to recover from ever again! God help us – our kids and their kids – and our future generations, history, legacy and destiny only – Amin Amen!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany