Stop Imploring and Start Living!

Stop Imploring and Start Living!

Sat, 20 October 2012

OUTLOOK — By Mohammed Anwar Al Balushi —  The Oman Daily Observer – October 20th 2012.

The act of Imploring is the circumstance where nobody wishes to be at the tip. This circumstance emerges in many places. It emerges at workplaces, it emerges in the society, and it even emerges at public places. Even so, this act of ‘imploring’ has many colours and forms, as well. It has many reasons and pretexts. Some people beg for financial reasons and some others beg for higher positions at workplace. Different people beg for different things and rationales. It really masquerades one way or the other.

How would you define such kind of people? Do people still need to ‘beg’ in this age of knowledge, educations, information, various technologies, disciplines, systems, respects, and hard work? Do you have to beg someone to finish your work in any public institution? You need not do so as this is your right and their job to finish it. It is at all not a good idea or a definite demand to implore or force people into such kind of circumstances.

It has been noticed in many organisations that employers put their employees into the situations where the employees don’t have any other alternative except to beg for increment and promotion, as an example. Although the ‘employees’ are hard working and smart, sadly and unfortunately they do tend to implore. How come an employee who is working hard and meeting the objective and target of the organisation still has to beg for higher positions and for other benefits?

Is it because of the behaviour of some bosses who feel happy to see their employees are begging them for favours of various kinds? And after this they can show themselves as the most ‘powerful’ persons in the management. Once the employee gets a promotion the ‘boss’ anticipates him or her to prostrate themselves in front of them. Such culture should not be encouraged any more. People are not born to implore at any stage in of their life.

You should not accept for yourself a situation that requiores one to implore after having so many competencies and skills. If you fall into such a situation just remind yourself of the facts: Why did you go to school? Why do people go for further education and studies? Why do parents send their children to school? Why do students study hard and score excellent marks? Why have people been given the power to think and decide? And why have people been given the power to compare between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’?
All this is because of the fact that one has to have a respectful place and better living standard in the society.

You do not have to ‘beg’ for a job. If you are fit and capable you should get it. Do schools, colleges and universities teach the subject of ‘beg/implore’? If they do then: go for further research about it — and learn about what ‘imploring’ means?

What are the positive and negative impact of begging at the workplace and in the society? If they don’t teach this subject then: why you accept it for yourself?

One of the poets namely Murad Saher had once said that: “People should never run after a piece of bread by ignoring their dignity and recognition”. In fact people can’t survive without a piece of bread, but that bread should come from your hard work.
On the other hand people will lose their respect, dignity, and recognition in the society if they ‘beg’ and go for cheap bread. Once such situation comes in life then we can comprehend that person is dying every moment because he/she had already gone in for a compromise. They will be living in the circle of ‘slavery’ and depending on others for the rest of their lives. People should not work hard to beg but to achieve.

They must work hard to not to allow others to beg. Aubin Hil, the former CEO of National Bank of Oman, used to say that: “Never go for easy things, go for the right things” or “Do not go in for easy jobs but the right job”. Eventually, to beg is the easiest thing to do in ones life.

Profound people never implore. They find ways and means for working hard and for accomplishing their dreams. Nelson Mandela was forced to beg. He refused and preferred to go to prison rather than begging.
Al Hallaj ‘Mansour’ the poet who wrote poems on Sufism was asked to give up and beg. He refused and preferred death. Steve jobs was more than once asked to beg and give up. He refused too and continued his journey. Strong men make their destiny by himself.

No matter how far and intricate the journey is. No matter how many blocks and obstacles there are in his way. No matter how many times he falls down. He has to wake up because he needs to go with you or without you. No matter what he achieves and what he doesn’t not he never implores to anyone. That man can exist in you too. Let him come out.