New Book – Between Us Only! – Short Takes! – The Sequel – Two!

New Book – Between Us Only! – Short Takes! – The Sequel – Two!

 This is the author’s eighth book—and the fifth in the Between Us Only! Book series!

 The book contains all the articles that had appeared in the author’s two weekly columns in the Oman Daily Observer (English daily) for the past three years.

 For easy reference, the subjects and topics are arranged alphabetically.

 The book contains many well-received and acclaimed articles in his columns, containing varied articles and topics—and for different tastes and likes—covering almost everyone, from the student to the professor, from the office  clerk to the top guy CEO, and from the child or teenager to the grandparents!

 The columns are titled “Between Us Only!” and “At My Workplace!” Website

 This is what they all had said:

 • “You are truly one of the few peoples that one can easily connect with. It is always easier to be behind the scenes than it is to be in the frontline. Only few can be like you!” —Young Omani Lady Fan

• “I read your article, and I must say it was a great eye-opener for me.” —Omani HR Executive

• “Thank you greatly! You enrich us always with your articles and contributions. I also do appreciate your ideas and suggestions—highly remarkable and commendable always!” —Omani IT Head

• “The university expresses its many thanks for being in touch and is a huge pleasure and privilege and a great honor. You have a brilliant and star colossal range of achievements— and must be congratulated.” —UK University Professor

• “Great experiences and thoughts. We need more people like you in spreading such thoughts and standing on change.” —Omani Engineering Head

• “You have said it so beautifully, my dear, that my heart broke out for you. I cry in my heart for you. You are so great!” —From a Lady Omani Fan

• “What a brilliant article. I wish I had joined the book group sooner?” —British Book Fan

• “It was nice to see that you have compiled all your articles in your books to be reserved for future generations.” —Great Local Literary Person

• “You are among the few who are visionary and with realistic foresight. You have mentioned exactly what the mind-set of what many people think quietly all inside them.” —Senior IT Omani Consultant

• “People respect you as our number one columnist and for the wonderful pieces you have said over the number of years. It is our great pleasure, and we are proud to have such quality Omani columnists like yourself on our side.” —Senior Omani Journalist

• “You really talk deeply and with great understanding of human nature. You are lucky to be you! And every word you say is making great sense.” —Omani IT Head

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Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany